Girl's POV

I was surrounded... the sent of blood was intoxicating... I felt as is the air around me was solid. I had enough money to catch the next flight out of Cally. I don't know where, but I had to leave and fast... I took out my gun and shot the creatures blocking my way out.

They all fell to the ground. In this time I grabbed a bag and threw in my, lap top, my sketch books, external hard drive, I-pod, and all of my hand made clothes, along with all of my manga. I grabbed my motor bike and drove as fast as I could out of Cally.

From where I lived I drove to Los Vegas and met up with a friend who owned a plan. I asked him to give me and my bike a flight to the east coast, he said it would cost me, I gave him all, forty. He counted the money and said he could get me a flight. So I took my duffel and parked my self in the back of the plane.

Around 2 am we launched, and I was off to the east coast... hopefully the Fellowship of the sun hadn't caught me yet...

Sookie POV

I woke up around noon. As usual I woke up showered and cooked my self some breakfast. My brother Jason, had spent the night at my house, not wanting to leave me alone so soon after the fairy war. I had lost two more family member's that day...

I shook my had. This wasn't the time to be depressed. I continued with my brunch I guess you could say and then cleaned up my house till around four. From there I got ready for work and left for Marionettes. Its the bar in Bon Temps that my boss, Sam Marionette owns. It was not a super busy night, but it wasn't empty ether.

The night was slow and so Sam maned the bar. He liked to do this on slow nights. He also was a bit jumpy to night. It was the full moon and he was a Shifter. He could changed into different animals, but her preferred changing into a collie. So around 1:30 am, Sam closed the bar and so I left work. I was driving down the main road, when I saw a group of people surrounding a girl on a motorcycle. From her brain pattern, she was scared, she fired shots into the air and screamed. "Leave me alone! I didn't do anything wrong!"

I put on the gas and honked my horn as I drove towards her. The people scattered. I rolled down the window. "Follow me! " I yelled to her and she restarted her bike and followed me home. When I got there, my roommate Amelia, she's a witch, was out on my front porch ready to weave some spells.

"I heard the gun shots. Are your okay Sookie?" She asked really fast. I sighed, but then the girl was still on her bike and seemed to know what Amelia was about to do. "Amelia, please put down your hands, your scaring the person I just saved..." My room mate blushed and quickly lowered her hands.

Girl POV

I followed the kind southern woman to her home and saw a witch on the door step ready to throw a spell at me. The blond talked with the witch and the woman's hands were quickly at her sides. I relaxed and asked. "Um, can I park my bike behind your house?" The blond replied. "Of course. Just come in through the back door when your done." I gave a nod and did it.

There was a vampire near buy... I felt it and wanted to get inside asap. So I parked and sat my saddle bags on the porch, I didn't know if I would be staying here or not. When I walked in, The blond was talking with the witch and the witch didn't seem to keen on having me here. They saw me and the blond glared at the witch, with chestnut hair and bright blue eyes.

The blond walked up and said. "I'm Sookie Stackhouse and this is my roommate, Amelia Broadway." Amelia gave a forced smile. "Nice to meet you." I shook hands with Sookie first and introduced my self. "Peyton E. Temps. Nice to meet the both of you." I had on my sun glasses and it hid my eyes from them.

Sookie asked. "Don't you have a hard time seeing with those on at night?" I gave an uneasy smile. "Kind of..." I didn't want to take them off and startle them, I didn't know if the were sun members or not. He I felt something brush against my mind. I blinked and raised and ebony eye brow above my glasses at the two women.

Sookie blushed and I gathered it was her who, was 'peeking' in my head. Gave a gentle smile. "It's fine. My fa- I mean a friend of mine had been teaching me how to protect my mind." Sookie seemed to have bought it. But I wasn't so sure about Amelia though...

Sookie motioned for me to sit on the couch and so I did. I fidgeted and said. "Um... please don't to be afraid." Sookie gave me a confused look. "What do you mean?" I closed my eyes and took off my sunglasses. Then opened them back up.

Sookie POV

The girl before me was quite beautiful. She had pale skin and long ebony hair. Peyton wasn't a tall girl, but she was a few inches taller then my self. Her bust was at least the same as mine maybe a little bigger. She looked to be in her late teens and wore the ever popular goth style. Peyton's style was more centered on protection and the color red.

Her eyes were the same color... Crimson eyes and ebony hair. She looked a vampire in training. But her mind wasn't dead, so she was human... of sorts. I was about to ask her why those people were after her, when someone knocked on the door.

I sighed. "Be right back." The two girls gave a nod and I left for the door. I opened the door and to me immense surprise. Eric Northman was on my door step. He's the sheriff of section five in the Louisiana vampire kingdom. He was tall, blond and a blue eyed viking vampire. I had rolled about in the hey once or twice with him, but when ever he's around, he brings trouble... for me any ways.

"I went to Marionette's to talk to you, but it had closed early. I heard gun shots and came this way." He paused and did I so I could gather all this up. He then asked. "May I come in?" I contemplated this for a moment and sighed. "Yes you may. I have company right now, please don't scare her."

We walked into the living room and Peyton's eyes grew huge and Eric took a double take. Peyton scrambled over the couch and head for the back door. Eric beat her there. The girl's eye became wild like. He put her in a bear hug and told her to calm down. She didn't. I could hear her mind clear as day now.

'No, no, no, no, no! I have to go! If he finds out I'm dead!' Pink like tears began to fall down her face. 'Daddy! Wheres daddy?! Stupid Vatican! I want to go home!' I had heard enough. "Eric. Let her go." He looked at me with surprise. I repeated myself. He let go and the girl fled and hid behind me. She was full blown sobbing on my back now. "Eric, why are you here? And be quick about it."

He snapped from his stupor and said. "She's the reason." I blinked. "Huh?" Peyton stiffened. She peeked out from behind me. Eric looked strait at her, when she asked. "By who?" He replied. "The king of Nevada." I looked at he and the sadness in her eyes was heart wrenching. I noticed even Eric was trying not to look at her.

Amelia had left long ago so I sat Peyton down and asked. "Why are those people after you Peyton?"

Peyton POV

I sat down and sighed. I took out my red hanky and wiped my bloody tears away. I took a deep breath and began to explain. "I lived in London, England with my parents. But we were attacked by the Vatican and some how transported me to California. I wondered around for a while and soon settled into a town call Mt. Shasta. I lived peaceful and quite for a while, but about a week ago The Fellowship of the Sun began to threaten me.'

'Then just last night they some how got vampires to come after me. I fought and shot them with silver bullets so they wouldn't follow me. I drove my bike to Los Vegas and had a friend fly me to the capital. From there I drove here. I was ambushed by the Fellowship again earlier tonight. I shot fires in the air to warn them, but they didn't back away."

Eric glared at me. "You told us how you got here, but you lacked to give me your name and why you are being seeked out." I looked away. I knew he was old, maybe even as old as my father. I gave him my name. "I'm Peyton E. ..." I didn't know if I should go by my mothers last name, so I went by dad's. "Temps." I waited to see if he had any reaction to it. If he had, he masked it. I took a deep breath and added. "The reason why vampires are working with the fellowship to kill me, is because I'm a dhampire..."

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