Harry Potter

luna lovegood

Herminoe Granger-Longbottom

Neville Longbottom

Ron Weasley

Dobby the House Elf

Winky the House Elf

Martin Burnadopolous

Chapter 1

Time frame: Six weeks after The Battle for Hogwarts:

He just lay in his room at The Leaky Cauldron and staring at the ceiling, watching the old fan slowly turning, with no thoughts flowing through his brain, no awareness, just a mental emptiness.

The bloody war was over, ol Tom was done, finnished, finito, dead. Harry just couldn't give nor did he give a dam. To say that Harry was tired, was like saying the universe was big, he was physically, mentally, emotionally and magically burnt out.

All he'd ever wanted was just be a normal bloke, no fame, no glory, just plain ol Harry Potter. But that seemd to be something that he would never have. With the killing ol Voldimort came the fame, adulation that he never wanted.

Harry just felt nothing, he'd tried to feel something but couldn't, not love for his girlfriend Ginny, her family or his best friends Ron and Hermione, he was just emotionally shutdown.

When all the funerals and speeches were done, Harry walked away, didn't say anything to anyone, and just went away to try to figure out what he was going to do next.

When he'd rented his room at the Leaky Cauldron, he'd instructed the Inn keeper not to tell anyone he was there and paid him an extra 100 Galleons to ensure his silence. Harry put special wards up around his room. If someone tried to find him, all it would show would be an empty room.

Harry asked Dobby bring food and Fire Whiskey to his room with instructions he was not to tell anyone where he was, no one period, Harry just needed to be alone with his nothingness for awhile. Every night Harry was visited by the dead, all of them, they advance toward him, telling his it was his fault and demanding he join them. Harry would always wake up screaming for mercy and telling them he was sorry.

As the weeks turned to months, Harry sank further and further into his personal hell and after awhile stopped eating and drinking. He just started to give up. Dobby saw this happening and tried to figure out how he could help his master without going against his orders. Finally he found a loophole in his orders, Harry had told not to tell anyone where he was, he never told not to bring anyone to his room.

With that problem solved, he had to figure out whom to bring there, he thought of all of Harrys friends: Ginny & Ron? No, they and her family were too deep in their grief over the death of Fred. Hermione? No, she was out of the country trying to locate her parents and thereby restore their memorys. Neville ? No, he was rebuilding his life with Hanna Abbot, That left just one other person, Luna Lovegood. When Dobby decided on Luna, he waited till Harrry went to sleep and them popped over to the Lovegood residence.

Luna had been making supper herself when Doby popped into her kitchen, she let out a startled squeak and spun around with her wand in her hand. Doby held out both hands and quickly disarmed her before a hex was thrown at him.

Dobby told her he meant no harm and handed back her wand, when he explained the situation to her, she asked him to take her to Harry, Luna took Dobbies hand and with a soft "pop" they were gone.

Harry while again begging the dead to leave him alone, heard soft voice calling his name and begging him to wake up, he tried to locate the voice but couldn't.

When the voice stopped asking him to wake up, Harry suddenly felt shock of ice cold water being thrown into his face, he jerked upright sputtering and went into battle mode, rolled out of bed onto the floor, yanked out his wand and started firing off hexes and curses toward the unseen enemy. Luna dived for the floor and yelled "ACHIO WAND!" Harrys wand flew out of his hand and landed on the floor at her feet. Luna yelled "HARRY, STOP!"

Harry only heard the word stop and did just that, he stopped. Harry looked in the direction of the voice and as he didn't have his glasses on, only saw a blurry outline of a person in front of him. Luna slowly approached him and gave him his glasses, when he put them on and saw who was standing in front of him, he asked her what she was doing there & how she'd found him.

Luna told him what Dobby had done and why, Harry just grunted and then told her he was fine and she could leave. Luna told him he wasn't fine and she wasn't going to leave him alone. Harry looked at her and then shrugged and muttered "whatever." Harry then did a drying spell on himself and the bed and promptly laid back down again and started staring at the ceiling again.

Luna sighed and again using her wand, dosed Harry with ice water and this time added ice cubes to the mix, Harry bellowed and again fell on the floor. This time Harry was really choked, he rounded on her and started yelling at her to get the hell out of his room and to leave him alone.

Luna just looked at him and said "no" in a very quiet but determined voice and sat down on a chair and waited for his rant to end. Harry yelled and hollered at her but it had no effect on her at all, finally he ran out of steam, sat down, looked dully at the floor and asked her what she wanted.

Luna, after a second, said "I want Harry Potter to come back," then asked "Where is he?"

Harry shrugged, turned away from her and in a monotone voice stated "he's dead."

Luna looked at him closely and then asked him "where is he buried and who the heck are you?"

Harry turned around, slowly looked up at her and gave a little smirk and whispered "smart ass."

Luna grinned and said "Hi Harry, long time no see."

A few hours later, Harry finally opened up to her and told her what he was feeling or rather what he wasn't feeling. Luna just listened without commenting until she was sure he was done then asked him "so what now?" Harry looked at her, shrugged again and said "no idea."

Luna said well I know what you're going to do right now, you're coming with me home to my place and I'm going to feed you a nice supper of shepards pie, a nice garden salad and a bottle of a nice fruit wine for after, understood?"

Harrry stomach let out a loud rumble of anticipation and he smiled and said "yes mam." Luna grabbed Harry and disapparated back her place.

Luna told Harry to go take a shower while she prepared the meal, Doby took his clothing and had it washed and pressed by the time he was done. Harry came back downstairs looking and feeling a hundred percent better. When they had finnished the meal and retired to her living room with their wine, Luna asked him what he was going to do with his life.

Harry sat there for a long time in thought, finally looked at her and said "I have no idea", I was basically raised up to be a weapon to be used to kill Tom and now that I have done that I don't know what else I am good for. I feel now that the war is over and that I served my purpose I'm now a just a public relations tool and that after that, I'll just be a useless relic of a war everyone just wants to forget. Luna all I want to do is just go away and leave all this behind me, I just want to go somewhere where no one knows me, where I can be just Harry. He looked at her and asked, "does that makes sense to you?"

Luna looked at him for a long time, then said "Yes I think I do understand what you're saying and I agree, you should go away for awhile and find out who you really are."

Harry stayed up all night talking to Luna, exchanging "war stories", Harry found that talking to her made him him actually start feeling something, he wasn't sure what it was, but he didn't feel that overpowering numbness anymore.

When the topic of Ginny was brought up, Harry told Luna "I think ours was a wartime romance. It probably can't survive now that the war is over. It might be better if she found someone else. I've got nothing to offer her, anymore. I'm too...empty inside now, to be in any kind of realtionship.

It's not fair to her or any girl, for me to be in a relationship untill I can feel again. If I ever even can.

Harry asked Luna what she was going to do, she aid that finish her education then continue her fathers research into little known magical creatures around the world, she said that to fund her education she would sell off the Quibbler as it no longer held any interest for her, that she'd stayed on for her fathers sake.

Harry told her that she didn't need to sell off the Quibbler unless she really wanted to. Luna thought for a moment, looked off in the distance and whispered "yes I do, the Quibbler was part of what my father was, in fact after my mother died, it became him."

In a stronger tone she stated,"there were times I hated that newspaper because it seemed to take him away from me when I needed him the most. All the times I wanted to talk to him, he was either at the paper or off investigating some story and that's why I ended up pretty much by myself."

"I have to get rid of it so I can move on with my life. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?"

The next morning Harry, after telling Luna he'd be back later, attended to Gringots bank and spoke to Griphook about his vaults and property. Harry told him to transfer the amount of six million galleons to be deposited into the Weasleys family account and to have an acccount also set up for Luna with an amount of one million galleons and an account for Herminoe Granger with an amount of one million in it.

Harry told Griphook that he was leaving the wizarding world for awhile and wanted a muggle credit card that could access his Gringots accounts.

Harry also donated number 12 Grimmauld Place and one of the smaller estates he owned to the ministry of child and family services to be used to house children who were found to be in abusive family relationships as he'd been with the Dursleys or those who were war orphans. Harry also et up an account for the war orphans so that they could attend Hogwarts free of charge.

Harry then returned to Luna's house, and called out for Dobby and Winky. Both house elves popped into view asking what they could do for the great and kind Harry Potter. Harry grinned at the hyperactive elves bouncing up and down; he asked them to calm down, then told him what he was planning to do and asked them if they would be willing to look after number 12 Grimmauld Place for him.

They were very sad to learn that he was going away but told him that they would be glad to do what he wished them to do. Harry said that he also wanted to them to keep an eye on his friends for him and that if any of them needed to make contact with him, that Dobby was to come to him straight away.

Harry then wrote letters to Mr and Mrs Weasley thanking them for all that they had done for him through the years, for giving him the love of a family that he'd always wanted and that he was going to miss Molly's home cooked meals and Arthur's good counsel.

Harry also wrote separate letters to Ron and Ginny, in Ron's he thanked him for the being the best brother he could ever have wanted and to take care of Hermione and to make her happy.

The letter to Ginny was the hardest:

Dear Ginny.

Hey kiddo, how are you holding up? I'm so sorry I haven't written you before now but like you, I'm trying to wake up from the nightmare.

Gin, there is no easy way to say this and I wish I didn't have to, but I'm leaving. I have to get out of here, away from the pain, away from all the sadness and most of all, away from the memories. Gin, I keep seeing them, Fred, Colin, Tonks, Reemus, Dumbledore, Snape, all of them, every freaken night they come to me and I just can't take it anymore.

I know this sounds like I'm running away from everything and you're right, I am. I have to get as far away as I can, then maybe I can find some peace for my soul.

I know we were going to wait until the war was over to begin our life together, but with the way things are now, it isn't going to happen. I don't have anything left to give, I'm dead inside Gin, dead, I don't feel, it's like I'm empty of everything, love, hope, sadness you know things are bad if a person can't even feel that. You deserve better than that, so I'm releasing you from me, go find some guy who is whole and alive and find a life with him.

Please don't try to find me, just move on with your life as I will.

Always know that you have a special piece of my heart and always will.

Take care


Harry asked Luna if she would have the letters delivered after he'd left, after she said she would personally deliver them he took her in his arms and gave her a heartfelt hug and kiss on her cheek. Harry then walked to the edge of the Lovegood wards, turned, waved to her and disappreated away.

For a long time Luna stood looking at the spot where he'd been standing, then with a sad smile she whispered "good luck Harry."