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The sun barely made it through the windows early April 1st. It was only 6 am, but House and Cuddy had long been up. Giggles could be heard from under their blanket as Cuddy hovered over House and kissed his neck, cheek and jaw as she made her way up to his lips. House threw the blanket off from over their heads and sat up, leaning against the headboard, as Cuddy stayed straddled on him and they kissed deeply after their, now, daily morning delight.

"Get off," House groaned softly as he continued to respond to Cuddy's light kisses around his mouth. "I need to get ready to go to work," He told her and instantly the kisses stopped. He opened his eyes and saw his girlfriend looking at him in disbelief as she visibly panted trying to catch the breath she lost the second she woke up. House smiled slyly, "April fools."

Cuddy narrowed her eyes in mock anger as she growled and pounced on House causing him to slide onto his back. She sat down right below his stomach made sure she was properly straddled to him. She held him down by the shoulders and continued to glare. She then moved down until their faces were mere centimeters apart and they could feel the other breathing on their swollen lips.

"Don't ever joke about that again," Her voice was still hoarse, another result from their early morning routine, and she spoke threateningly. She saw House was not affected by her hallow threat but she continued to stare him down for another moment before giving him a deep, forceful kiss. Then, once she felt his arms wrap back around her waist, from the corner of her eye she glanced at the time and quickly hopped off him and made her way to the bathroom. "Well I have to get ready for work now."

House stayed on his back for a few minutes before quickly getting up and limping into the bathroom. He saw that Cuddy was already in the shower washing up, she was seriously about leaving early that morning. He threw his cane onto the bed and held onto the sink as he limped towards the steam covered shower. He quickly opened the door and pinned his lover against the wall.

"You truly are an insufferable, risqué, teasing minx," He told her and saw her quick look of surprise turn into a smirk and she chuckled. "You're going to pay," He told her before he quickly began to attack her neck as the hot bathroom quickly began to turn into a foggy abyss of steam.

The couple continued to kiss with pecks as Cuddy, now dressed in risqué clothes, for work. She put her hands in between them in a weak effort to push him off lightly, but his grip around her waist only grew stronger as he pushed her against the door. She closed her eyes as she felt his sensuous lips on her own. But it was already 7:30 and she had to get to work. Quickly, she got in between them and got him off long enough to open the door.

"Sorry, sweetie, but I really need to go," She waved goodbye to Marina, who was probably the only person who knew of their relationship, before giving House a chaste on the kiss and running out of their home before he could get his greedy, lustful hands on her again. She didn't know how much longer she could resist him if he came onto her again.

House and Cuddy walked out of her personal bathroom after a quick office quickie, she had no idea what was wrong with her. She suddenly just could not keep her hands off of House, her hormones were going crazy. House suggested it was her body telling her she was going through the change and she nearly killed him.

"Doesn't make you any less sexy," House spoke as he stood behind her, his hands on her waist knowing very well her door was locked and blinds were closed. "If anything they make you hotter." He whispered into her ear and kissed her mindfully behind her ears, she loved when he did that, it just tickled her so much.

"Drop the subject or Little House will drop and never rise again," Cuddy said as she leaned into House's kisses. Why did he have to know what turned her on so well? She heard footsteps outside her door and quickly pushed House away. "I don't want to hear your stupid excuses House! Go and do Clinic duty or you're fired and trust me the board has been dying for a reason to kick your ass out of here."

"They'd fire you before they'd fire me," They heard the knock. "Now if you don't mind I have actual patient's lives to save, not your idiots with runny noses." He yelled in mock anger as they exchanged a quick kiss and a mouthed a 'see you later' and a wink.

"If you aren't in the Clinic in thirty minutes House, I swear to god," She yelled and simply winked back in response. "Now get your ass out of my office and if you break in here again and try to forge my signature I will turn your ass into the cops." She opened the door letting House out and acted surprise to see a doctor standing there in shock and fear of his boss.

House limped out and smirked when he heard Cuddy giving a false apology to the employee unlucky enough to hear their fake fight. He finally found the benefits of dating the boss and it certainly wasn't any professional benefits. April fool's Day was going to be more fun then he thought.

After several meetings, Cuddy sat down at her desk to relax. For some strange reason, she's been feeling nauseous and made an appointment with one of the doctors for later. She closed her eyes for a moment and felt completely tranquil. She put her feet up on her now paper cleared desk and laid back. Suddenly, there was a tickle at the back of her ankle, great another paper. Quickly, she sat up straight and saw that it was nothing but a mere note. She unfolded it and her eyes grew wide in disbelief.

I couldn't help but notice how hot you look today, if you're interested come and see me in my office; still smoking, Wilson.

Her eyes scanned the paper several times. Was Wilson really getting a schoolboy crush on her? But she was dating House – though no one really no but Marina and them. Wilson wouldn't really hit on her, not knowing that House had feelings for her. Maybe she had him pegged as a good friend when really he was a bastard. Nonetheless, she had to go find out so she quickly stood up and made her way to the elevator.

Uncaringly, she interrupted his session with a patient, but immediately stopped in her tracks. Wilson looked at her in confusion before continuing his conversation with a bit of hesitation. She waited patiently in the back of the room, but made it very clear to Wilson that she needed him to finish up. He quickly dismissed his patient with a smile before turning to Cuddy curiously with a cocked brow.

"Did you write this?" She asked him hastily shoving the note in his face. She looked a bit nervous, Wilson was one of her best friends and she'd feel foolish if the nice, sweet, sensitive man she thought he was turned out to be an evil, girl stealing jerk – it couldn't be possible.

Wilson blushed and his mouth fell open. "Yes," He admitted and Cuddy groaned but he quickly added, "How in the world did you find it?" That caused Cuddy to look at him in confusion once more. "I mean, I showed it to House but—"

Cuddy quickly noticed a new pin on Wilson's jacket. She cocked her brow and pointed to it mouthing "House". Wilson looked down at the American Flag pin and nodded bewildered as he eyed her curiously. An angry, vengeful and clever smile suddenly appeared on Cuddy's face as she took the pin off of Wilson and leaving without a hint.

"Oh well Wilson," Cuddy lowered her voice seductively as she spoke into the pin. "I guess it's time I admit that I've always had a crush on you and have had a few, spicy fantasies about you. When I told you it was about House, it was always about you. I mean you are just so damn sexy." She continued to speak as she made her way to House's office. Then she crept in cryptically before going on. "We just need to get that pin off so House doesn't hear anymore," She spoke in her normal, angry tone as she looked at an astonished House, who quickly turned her way and smirked.

"April fools," House smiled innocent. "You don't really have fantasies about Wilson right, because if you were willing to do a few things I wouldn't mind—" He was cut off when his girlfriend tossed him the American Flag pin that he had hidden the microphone in, he knew that was a little too obvious but he didn't mind getting caught.

"I'm gonna get you back," She warned with a smile as she pointed to him and slowly walked backwards. "Before today ends I will get you." She glared and suddenly her watch went off and with one last stare Cuddy left, it was time for her appointment.

That night, as they lay in bed exhausted, Cuddy smiled as they both stared up at the ceiling. Today had been their most active day and Cuddy had yet to get back at House for the Wilson fiasco. She smiled as she hopped back on House's abdomen and kissed his chest up to his waiting lips. She gave him a soft, chaste kiss before her phone rang and she quickly got off to answer, completely ignoring his protest.

"Hello?" She answered shushing him by motioning that it was someone from PPTH. "Ah, yes, I'm receiving the fax now." She spoke to the doctor she saw that afternoon. "Alright, well calm down, I'm reading it now." Cuddy chuckled at the enthusiasm she was hearing. She read the fax and her mouth dropped open. "Yeah I just read it, it is great news. Thanks so much." She smiled as she hung up and held the phone close to her heart.

She read over the fax again before walking back into the bedroom where her wonderful boyfriend waited for her, in a sexy pose. She gave him a small smile before sitting on the bed and it didn't take House long to look at her curiously as she continued to do nothing but smile at him.

"Okay, what I do this time?" He asked cautiously not wanting to get injured in anyway shape or form. He knew that lately, his girl has been very patient and he was too afraid to make her burst in case she decides to punish him extremely.

"House, what do you think about another addition to this thing we have," She asked unsure of what they really had. She didn't want to scare him away but she didn't want him to think it was just a fling to her because it was far from that, especially for her.

House looked at Cuddy in surprise with wide eyes. He was speechless, for once in his life, and couldn't seem to find the right words to say. Cuddy bit her lip at his silence thinking that he wasn't okay with the idea. Quickly she looked away, hiding the disappointment in her eyes and forced out a soft chuckle.

"April fool's," She said softly and quickly retreated under the covers. "Well, there, I got you back," She laughed nervously and heard House chuckle back and believed that he accepted her quick cover up. "Well goodnight," She quickly greeted before turning her back to him.

"Goodnight," House said softly and lay down turning his back to hers, he was glad she had admitted her prank early. It had saved him the embarrassment of telling her how he really felt about having a baby, but it had disappointed him too and his gut twists.

Both unaware of what the other thought lay awake for several hours. House couldn't get the thought of the baby out of his head and Cuddy was trying to get over her disappointment from House's reaction. She really thought he had taken a liking to Rachel and meant he wouldn't mind kids. But she couldn't be right all the time. So as the night progressed, Cuddy clung onto the paper and House formed a plot in his head, and the two stayed silent. If only they just knew.

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