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Hinata woke up again, hearing the baby cry. Hinata was about to get up, when she heard it stop. Itachi opened an eye, and watched as Hinata got up, and walked to the room the baby was in. A young girl around 5 was holding the baby, and feeding it. The girl had long black hair back in a ponytail, her eyes were red but had the white pupiless area. The girl wore a grey sweatshirt, black pants, and white socks. The baby was wearing a blue full one piece outfit with light blue flower petal designs going up the legs. Hinata gave a small smile at her 2 daughters, seeing them together. The baby turned her head and looked at Hinata with her white pupiless eyes that had a hint of red behind the white. Hinatas smile grew. "Mother." The 5 year old greeted. "Good Morning." Hinata said, and walked over to check the temperature of the bottle. "Not to worry, dad showed me what to do and how long to warm it so I could feed my little sister." The 5 year old said quietly. 'Clever Itachi.' Hinata thought to herself, and nodded in reply to her oldest daughter.

Konna ni omotte iru Jikan wa tomatte kurenai

Karappo no kokoro wa anata no kimochi wo mada mitsukerarenai

Hinata sleepily walked back to her room, and snuggled up to Itachi who again opened his eye. Itachi noticed it was Hinata snuggling up to him, and closed his eye again. 'Sometimes our daughter likes to climb into our bed.' Itachi thought to himself, and drapped an arm over Hinata who seemed to be more than content where she was. "How are they?" Itachi asked quietly, not even opening his eyes. "Good, seems you taught our oldest well with the bottle." Hinata said, glancing back at Itachi. "Aa." Itachi answered, opening an eye a little ways. 'Our oldest huh? She acts a lot like I did at her age.' Itachi thought to himself.

Onaji e wo nido to egaku koto wa dekinai no ni

Atashi no kanjou wa tada kurikaeshite bakari

*Flashback* Hinata looked surprised when her contractions started with her first child, though she didn't know how contractions felt or what they were at the time. Itachi strangely enough knew what they were like, due to seeing his mother have them before she had Sasuke. Almost 24 hours later, and an hour of pushing their first daughter was born. Hinata was handed her daughter, and fell asleep. The nurses took their daughter, and handed her to Itachi. Itachi was smiling from under his shadowy hair, watching his newborn daughter sleep. *Flashback* "Am I really going to have a sister?" Their oldest asked Hinata, placing a hand on Hinatas stomach. "Yes." Hinata said with a smile. "What are you going to name her?" The oldest asked, and Hinata leaned forward whispering the name to their oldest daughter. *Flashback* After her sister was born, the oldest daughter was more than happy to sit down holding her baby sister. Itachi gave a small smile remembering when his first was born and how he got to hold her, then an old past memory of sneaking into Sasukes room and holding him as a baby many times. *Flashback* "Were here little one." Hinata whispered to her baby, as they came back to where they lived now (The old Akatsuki place).

"Ai no uta" wo kikasete yo sono yokogao mitsumeta

Anata no koto shiritai yo mou deatte shimatta no

*Flashback* Hinata walked in the bedroom, and noticed her oldest and youngest cuddled up together on a bunch of blankets on the floor. 'Too cute.' Hinata thought to herself, and walked away leaving them to sleep. *Flashback* "Dad how long do I warm up a bottle to feed my sister?" The oldest asked Itachi. Itachi wrote down directions so it would be impossible to not know what you were doing, then handed the piece of paper to his daughter and headed back to bed. "Thank you." His oldest said kind of quietly, and went to make a bottle up for her little sister. *Flashback* Itachi was more than happy Hinata had survived the battle, and the sword would in her stomach had healed not effecting their child at all. Itachi watched as Hinata slept, and as soon as he fell asleep Sasuke walked in. Sasuke decided he would stay awake and keep watch since his brother haden't slept in days due to being worried about Hinata and their unborn child. 'And to think he had the nerve to tease me calling me "Uncle Sasuke." ' Sasuke thought to himself, with half of an amused smirk. 'Guess I'll get used to it.' Sasuke thought to himself. *Flashback* "Itachi, I decided to go back to the Leaf Village." Sasuke said, once Itachis and Hinatas oldest daughter was around 3. Itachi nodded. "Just be carefull." Itachi said quietly. Sasuke nodded, and walked twords the door. "I will be back." Sasuke said quietly, and left. 'I know you will.' Itachi thought to himself.

Donna ni sabishikute mo mata aeru ki ga shite iru kara

Riyuu nante iranai hiki kaesenai koto wo shitte iru

*Flashback* Itachi walked into the bedroom he heard a scream from. Itachi found his daughter who was around 4 at the time staring blankly at the wall. Itachis daughter turned her head, and looked at Itachi sadly. Itachi walked over to her and held her. "Papa, I had a bad dream... so much blood everywhere it wouldn't go away... you and momma were dead and I couldn't do anything to help... so much blood... why did their have to be so much blood?" His oldest said in a whisper. 'Could be a warning of things to come, I know when I was her age I had those kinds of dreams... then look what I became.' Itachi thought to himself. "Get some sleep, it was just a dream it doesn't mean anything." Itachi said as he began to walk away. Itachi sighed and looked back. "On second thought come with me, you can sleep with us tonight." Itachi said, taking his daughters hand and leading her down the hall. *Flashback* "Did you know I was born when there was a horrible storm out in the middle of the night?" Their oldest daughter asked their youngest daughter. "You were born in the morning, and in warm weather too." Their oldest daughter said, still talking to her little sister.

Kono mama ja wasuremono ni natte shimau desho?

Atashi no kanjou wa namida no oku kagayaita

*Flashback* Their oldest daughter was crawling around until she found the table. Itachis and Hinatas daughter managed to pull herself up and stand up on her own for the first time. Hinata was asleep, and Itachi was looking out the window, lost in thought. "Pa...pa." She managed to say, watching him. Itachi whipped around with wide eyes. Itachi smiled a little. 'That's my daughter.' Itachi thought to himself, and walked over to her. *Flashback* It wasn't even Hinata who talked Sasuke and Itachi out of thinking carving pumpkins was a dumb idea. Itachis 3 year old daughter had her uncle and father wrapped around her finger. "Please? It'll be fun!" She said with a huge, goofy smile. Itachi smirked, and Sasuke chuckled both of them deciding one pumpkin couldn't hurt. *Flashback* At the age of 4 their first born daughter was missing, Itachi became anxious. Hinata was frantically searching everywhere. Itachi had found their daughter under her bed, sleeping. 'Thought so, I used to do that too.' Itachi thought to himself, and pulled her out from under the bed. Hinata came in and smiled in relief. *Flashback* "Papa can you teach me what to do? How to make my eyes work like yours?" Their first born at the age of 3 1/2 asked. "When you're older." Itachi said with a chuckle at how eager his daughter was to learn.

"Ai no uta" wo kikasete yo sono yokogao sono saki ni

Anata ga ima mitsumeteru hito ga iru to wakatte mo

*Flashback* "What is that nasty smelling stuff?" a 3 year old version of their first born asked. "Sake." Hinata said, and continued drinking what was in her small cup. "When your older." Itachi said from behind. Their oldest rolled her eyes, and walked out of the room. Itachi faintly smirked, knowing she was thinking 'I'm too little for anything!' *Flashback* Hinata and her 4 year old daughter made snow angels, then snow people. Their daughter had put the carrot noses in place, while Itachi was convinced by Hinata to place the coal in the snow people for eyes, mouths and buttons. 'How do I let myself get talked into this?' Itachi thought to himself, then smiled a little at hearing his daughters laughter as she chased snowflakes around. *End Flashbacks*

Tsubasa wo kudasai to shinjite utau you ni atashi datte chikau yo

Kako no zenbu uke ireru tte kimeta

Itachi smiled, and moved some hair out of Hinatas face, watching her sleep peacefully. "I love you little sunshine." Itachi said quietly, and held her close to him. Hinata smiled hearing Itachi say that to her. "I love you too." Hinata said, not caring if he now knew she was awake still or not.

"Ai no uta" wo kuchizusamu sono egao ni furetai

Anata ga ima mitsumeteru hito ga iru to wakatte mo

*Flash Forward 10 Years* The oldest was leaning against a tree, her fathers sword in hand. The oldest opened her cold eyes, and pulled the sword from it's sheath. 'I am going to kill those bastards... the ones who took our family from us...' She thought to herself, glancing over at her sleeping sister. 'We were happy once but that hasn't been for 5 years now.' She thought and walked over to her little sister, gently waking her up. "Time for us to go." The oldest said. "Kay." The youngest said, and stood up following behind her sister in the snow. 'I will follow you to the ends of the earth big sister.' The youngest thought to herself with a small smile on her face.

"Ai no uta" wa owaranai mou deatte shimatta no

...Owaranai ...Love & Truth

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