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"Of course it will be the beginning of our own forever, but before we start it, how about we get you cleaned up?" Eric says, lifting his eyebrow and giving my ass cheek a lustful squeeze.

"Why Eric, I do declare…" I breathe out huskily, channeling my inner Scarlet, "I think you might be having some wholly inappropriate thoughts regarding little ole me."

"Trust me Sookie, nothing I'm thinking of is inappropriate for me to do to my wife," he leers, running his hand up the side of my dirt covered stomach, stopping just short of cupping my breast.

Hmmm… now that I'm a vampire, I won't ever have to worry about sagging breasts. Nice.

Very funny Lover, I heard that.

Damn, I forgot about that with everything else going on.

Eric's boisterous laughter rings across the now empty chamber, echoing off the walls and filling the gloomy room with his mirth.

"Um, Eric, where are we?" I ask him as I look around me, having never seen this room before. The floor is nothing more than packed dirt, except where I had just crawled out of, and its walls looked to be made of solid rock. And they were thick too, by the look of things. It was empty, besides the two of us. "And now that I think about it, where did Pam head off to? I thought I saw her here just a minute ago."

I can see the apprehension in his eyes as he tries to decide the best way to answer me. "Just tell me the truth, Eric. I don't want any lies from you now."

"We're in my dungeon," he states bluntly.

His dungeon, seriously? Well, I did ask for honesty.

"Your dungeon? You actually own a dungeon? I mean really, I know that's how it was done years ago, but here, now?" I am appalled, horrified… and strangely turned on as I turn in circles, taking note of all of the chains and torture devices in the room. I focus on a set of three chains secured to a wall, a set that is obviously used to bind both hands and collar the occupants. The handcuffs are fixed around normal waist level, while the collar is affixed near the floor, making movement from a kneeling position nearly impossible. Suddenly the room is filled with the scent of my arousal, which I can feel trickling down my naked thighs. I watch as Eric's nostrils flare minutely, inhaling my changing scent.

"Oh Sookie, you are a dirty, dirty little vampire, aren't you?"

"Oh Yes Eric, I think I might just be… do you think you might be able to help me?" I simper, swaying my hips more than usual as I make my way to the chains.

Quicker than I can see, even with my newly enhanced vision, Eric speeds over to me and pushes me up against the wall. Using nothing more than his muscular knee and thigh, he separates my legs until they are shoulders width apart. "Stay," he growls just behind my ears, and I can feel just how slippery my pussy is becoming. He reaches over and grasps my wrists, wrapping them in something soft before he snaps the silver cuffs around them. I feel him grind his ever-ready erection into my lower back, though it is still sadly encased inside his ass hugging jeans, and my nipples rub against the rough surface of the uneven rock wall. I cry out, more in arousal than in pain, as my nipples harden even more and increase the amount of friction. He then reaches up and caresses my check and my jaw, and I notice that he is wearing a pair of leather gloves. I give a yank with my arms, and am surprised to feel that they feel very weak, hardly able to move.

"That's right Sookie; you must remember that even the tiniest amount of silver can be used to harm a vampire. I have wrapped your wrists with a thick silk brocade to make sure that the silver does not burn your skin, but you will still feel its power over our kind. But don't worry, Lover; you will enjoy what will happen to you in this dungeon tonight. I will pleasantly torture and tease your body until you scream my name over and over again. By the time we are finished in here, I will need to carry you out." I look up into his eyes and notice that they have darkened to almost midnight in color, hooded with passion and something else more than a little sinister.

As he is saying this, he places one hand between my shoulder blades and presses gently. "Bend from the waist Sookie," he commands quietly and I obey, scooting backwards just a bit to do as I have been told. I know that if I was still human, I would be blushing everywhere, but damn, if this isn't the hottest thing we've ever done. He reaches in front of me and picks up the collar off the floor, wraps more of the fabric around my throat, and snaps it in place. Now there is now way that I could stand up straight, even if I wanted to.

"Oh Sookie," he growls from deep within his chest, "I want you so bad right now, but first I need to help you clean up. You're so… dirty. Stay just like that, and I'll be back in a minute." And with that, he zips out of the room.

"Eric!" I scream out, knowing that he can hear me, "you can't leave me down here like this! I'm your wife!" I hear his deep chuckle sounding somewhere above me just as I hear the sound of water rushing through pipes.

The ticking of a clock somewhere in the house, resonating just above me; I concentrate on that, counting each tick to see how long he leaves me down here alone. I look over my shoulder and I'm struck by my position. My hands are chained to the wall, my palms grasping the rough rocks, while my ass is sticking out. I can feel my juices beginning to trickle down my thighs and the sensation only serves to make me wetter while I wait for my husband to return to me.

Less than three minutes pass when I hear Eric coming back down the stairs once more.

"Good girl, you stayed in your position." He steps behind me and runs his now naked fingers over the globes of my ass. I moan and shift my hips to follow his movement, causing a delicious amount of friction between my swollen pussy lips. Without any warning, I feel a sharp slap across my right ass cheek.

"Ow, what the fuck was that for?" I yell over my shoulder at him. He brings his hand down quickly again, on the other cheek this time.

"The first one was for moving after I told you to stay, and the second was for talking back to me."

"I'm not one of those crazy bitches who likes to get hit, Eric, you aren't the boss of me." Oops, wrong thing to say.


The sound echoes off of the walls.

"Down here, I am the boss," he says calmly, gently rubbing my sore ass, the palm of his hand soothing the pain, and I can feel the stirrings of an all consuming fire building inside my core. "When we are down here, you will follow every command I give you, I will be your master in this room. I will not ask you to submit to me like this anywhere else, but this dungeon is mine, is that clear?"

"Yes," I answer him.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good girl. Now…" he starts to say something as his fingers make their way down towards my center. I feel him slip first one, then two fingers into my slit, sliding them past my opening and up to circle my clit. "My my Sookie, I would have to say that I think you like this little game. You are literally dripping with your excitement."

"Mmm-hmmm," I groan out, enraptured by every stroke of his magical fingers.

"I'll let that one slide, since you don't know all of the rules down here yet. Would you like me to teach them to you Sookie? Do you want to play in my dungeon with me?" I nod my agreement, because let's face it, this is FUCKING HOT!

"Use your words Sookie, I won't allow any nonverbal communication down here. I want to hear your voice." He punctuates each pause in his speech by shoving his fingers into my aching pussy. "You may speak to me now. Do you want me to teach you all of the rules for the dungeon."

"God Yes!" I scream out, focusing more on his fingers pumping in and out of me than on any words coming out of my mouth.


"Try again." His patient voice sounds as if he's trying to teach a child to tie their shoes, not finger fuck me to death. My mind races, searching for the right answer, finally finding it.

"Yes Master," I pant, feeling my climax building.

"Good Girl, now cum for me." His fingers curve slightly, hitting my sweet spot over and over until I scream his name incoherently. I feel my knees giving out as he removes his hand from between my legs. Suddenly there is a support of some sort under my stomach, holding my hips up for me. I allow my body to sag over it and reenergize. It is while I am concentrating on the rise and fall of my chest, wondering why I feel the need to breathe now that it is unnecessary, that I feel the water dripping over my back. Warm water, rapidly cooling as it traverses my curves, turning almost frigid as it accumulates and drips off my still distended nipples. I moan at the sensation, arching my back to change the flow of the droplets.


Shit, I think my ass might actually be on fire! He's definitely not holding back on me. It makes me wonder if some of this is repressed anger from before we bonded and all the trouble I caused him back then.

Slap! Slap!

"I believe I told you not to move, didn't I? I also believe that I made myself clear about nonverbal communication down here was not acceptable."

"Yes Master, I'm sorry."

"You're forgiven. Now, keep still," he orders. "You can do that, can't you?" he says sarcastically, and I can just imagine the cocky sneer on his face.

"I think so, Master," I reply in what I hope is my 'sexy' voice.

"Good girl," he growls back. God, I'm already dripping again!

I feel the warmth of the sponge across my shoulders as he gently drags it across my skin. He removes it and I hear a small splashing sound before I feel the sponge again on my lower back this time. I can't help but moan as Eric scrubs the dirt from my body. Another splash and he starts in on my legs, moving up my right ankle and swirling the sponge up and stopping at the dip behind my knee. Another splash and he rubs it up the back of my thigh, wrapping around to cleanse the front as well, but never touching where I want him to. Another splash and he starts in on my left leg, following the same pattern and once again avoiding my most sensitive bits. I want to groan, but I really don't want him to spank me again. That shit hurts, even if it does turn me on.

I feel his denim clad crotch lean into my backside as he dips the sponge into the water once more. This time he leans over me from behind and wraps his arm around me to wash my stomach and chest. Figuring that he will ignore my breasts just like he did my pussy, I can't help but to suck in a ragged breath when he uses the edge of the sponge to tease my already hardened nipples. Around and around he twirls the sponge on my right nipple as he brings his free hand to my left breast, kneading the firmness of my hanging mound. I try to remain motionless as he grinds into my sensitive flesh from behind while he attends to cleaning me. When he finally stands up, I groan at the loss of his body against mine.

"I think you did exceptionally well there Lover, aside from a few unintentional twitches, you were able to stay still as I commanded. I think you deserve a reward." I hear the soft swooshing sound of his shirt sliding over his body before hitting the floor, and the rapid descending of his zipper I closely followed by the rougher sound of his jeans falling down his legs. "Do you want me to fuck you, Lover?"

"Yes, Oh God Eric, Yes, please!" I beg him as he trails his hand across my ass cheeks one more time.

Without preamble, he slams into me from behind. The flesh of my stomach rubs roughly against whatever it is that he slid underneath me for support, not enough to hurt me, but enough to add yet another sensation into the mix. The feeling of his balls slapping rhythmically against my clit is almost enough to send me over the edge, but every time he feels my walls start to clench around his cock, he pulls out and spanks my ass.

"Eric, please!" I scream out, every single sense on overload right now. My body feels like its burning; the nerve endings are firing at random, causing my muscles to twitch.

"I told you that I am Master down here, I will be the one to decide when and if you'll cum, not you," he says from behind me, right before he slams his amazing hardness into me once again.

The sounds he makes as he pushes himself closer to climax while holding me off are more than erotic. I listen as he grunts and groans with every push and withdrawal of his cock from my drenched pussy. I am almost enthralled by the messy sounds of our slightly violent fucking, but nothing, and I mean nothing beats the sound of his balls slapping me with every thrust my husband makes.

Suddenly Eric reaches up and grabs my hair, forcing my head up and back and it makes me dip my back to accommodate this new position. Doing so means that his cock is now thrusting right into my g-spot, rubbing head ridge with the tip of his cock, and I can't hold off any longer.

"That's right, Lover, cum for me now!" he bellows into the already passion heavy air.

I feel my body breaking apart, shattering into a million little pieces and flinging themselves out into space, only to be brought back together into a completely limb and decidedly noodle like shell of a body.

Eric slams into me one last time before he spills into me, roaring his conquest into the ceiling above us, before his body crashes over my naked back. We lay here like this for a few minutes, each of us silently gathering up the required strength to move once more. Finally Eric stands up and removes his softening cock from inside me. The sensation sends a climatic aftershock, causing me to shiver with delight. I hear Eric chuckling as he reaches up and unlocks the collar around my neck.

"Did you enjoy that, lovely wife of mine?"

"Oh my God, Eric, yes! What the hell was that? And more importantly, can we do it again, soon?" I say breathlessly.

He picks up my left wrist, unfastens the cuff and kisses my wrist before repeating the motion on my right wrist. Once I am free, Eric helps me to stand upright, though he can tell that my legs are still more than a little weak.

"Are you hungry Sookie?" he asks politely once he has gathered me in his arms, carrying me up the stairs.

"Well, I wasn't until you just mentioned it, but now my throat is burning."

"Then let's get some blood into you and then I will take you upstairs," he says as he walks to the fridge and grabs a couple of bottles of True Blood. He holds them in one hand while still carrying me towards his bedroom suite. "Mrs. Northman, you need a shower. You are such a dirty girl!"

With a wink and a smirk from him, I know that I will be getting a lot dirtier tonight before I even have a chance to get clean. But let's be honest here, who wouldn't want to get all dirty with my husband, Eric Northman, Sheriff of Louisiana's Area 5?


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