It was just a seriously normal day, like any other, well until Ronald made me angry and something happened, I don't know what though, all I really knew about it was there was a sudden burst of strong wind and Ron was half-way across the room from where he was at first.

I got scared and ran straight out of the Gryffindor tower and out of the castle, into the forbidden forest to just hide for a while. I was completely freaked out and I rested my hands on the bare soil when I sat down. But after about ten seconds I felt something brushing the underside of my hands, I looked down to see that….well, it was the soil, I knew it had been bare of anything before but then as I looked down I saw all around me was covered in lush grass that looked just, well really green and healthy.

I knew something had happened then because I had never ever done this before even as a witch, gosh, I wasn't even sure that Dumbledore could do anything like that, which I bet he could at the time.

I got up and walked calmly back to the castle a fake smile plastered on my face, I just chose to ignore the flowers sprouting from the ground and the obnoxious wind and the over powerful heat, not to mention the feeling of wet on my skin, I knew somebody was playing a practical joke on me.

I mean I am so not stupid and I knew if Fred and George were up to something, no matter what, but this wasn't their sort of prank, that was the type of thing Draco Malfoy would try to pull.

Then while my emotions were still outta whack a huge fire started near the forbidden forest.

Two weeks later.

I'd ended up being called to Dumbledore's office because he needed to talk to me about something, most likely the fires, huge winds, earthquakes, and other things including water that I had figured out could no way have been any type of practical joke, it was me who had done it and I needed to face up to what I had been causing.

I got to the statue that led up to Dumbledore's office, but as I approached a man in a wheel chair rolled from the stair case with Dumbledore not too far behind.

"Ah, Miss. Granger, I have some news for you. But first off you'll be leaving with Professor Xavier."

I all but screamed the castle down.