Recipe for disaster

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A/N My brother decided to have a midnight BBQ tonight so I am locked in my room, I came up with this while I was trying to sleep. I hope you like it. I am tired so I hope it makes sense.


I was sitting in my usual seat in Biology next to my usual lab partner and boyfriend Edward Cullen. Class had barely started when I let my mind wander. I wasn't really interested in what was happening in class and having a lab partner that has repeated high school over and over has its advantages. I decided to amuse myself by trying to find one flaw on Edwards perfect face, I didn't expect to find a flaw but I still rolled my eyes when I couldn't find one single thing, I silently cursed the huge pimple that had appeared on my forehead over night as it was just another reminder that I would never look like I belong with Edward, well not until he decided to change me, hopefully he would agree to change me before I started getting wrinkles.

As class ended Edward caught me staring, I felt my cheeks turn a slight shade of pink from being caught, I am thankful he can't hear my thoughts. Edward smiled at me looking more perfect than before, if that is even possible. I smiled back at him as he led me out the door and to his car.

He was still smiling when we got to the car, I quickly wiped my face in case I had some left over lunch stuck to it. I couldn't find anything, I was getting paranoid.

"Edward, what are you smiling at?" I snapped

"What were you thinking about in class today?" he asked

"Hey, don't change the subject I asked first" I really didn't want to admit what I had been thinking about.

"Well, whatever you were thinking about must have been very interesting because you didn't hear a word that was said in class did you"

"Oh it was very interesting, but anyway I was listening" I lied

"No you weren't, Bella you are a terrible liar why are you being so difficult, if you were listening what was the lesson about" ok he got me on that one

"I was listening, I just need a moment I'm still gathering my thoughts" I was bluffing, I knew he was right and I was wrong but I didn't want to admit it, he was always right about everything so sometimes I felt the need to be difficult rather than swoon at his perfectness.

"Alright Bella, I trust you, so will you be my partner for the assignment we are getting tomorrow" Oh we're getting an assignment, that's why he asked he must have been worried when I didn't ask him to be my partner

"Oh Edward, was all this because I didn't ask you straight away to be my partner, I just assumed that we would be partners because we always are" ha now it sounds like I was listening.

Edward stopped the car, I was about to ask why he had stopped until I looked out the window and realised we were already at home.

"I will see you later tonight, I am going to go hunting with Alice and Jasper" he said

"Alright, see you soon" I tried to hide the disappointment in my voice, I knew he had to hunt but I still would miss him even if it was only for a few hours.

When I finished my homework I looked at the clock, Edward wouldn't be back for hours. I decided to make a special dinner for Charlie. I would take as long as possible cooking and hopefully distract myself enough not to notice Edward's absence.

I decided on cooking chicken Parmigiana because the cheese on top would melt and turn a beautiful golden brown just like Edward's eyes. It didn't take long enough to make and then I had to wait for them to cook which left me with more time to dwell in Edwards absence, I started daydreaming , I imagined what the chicken would look like when it was cooked, would it even remotely compare to the perfect golden brown of Edwards eyes? It wasn't until Charlie spoke to me that I snapped out of my daydreaming.

"How long until dinners ready Bella?" he asked

"um not long now" I replied as I realised that I had forgotten all about the chicken in the oven.

I opened the oven and a small waft of smoke escaped. Great I burnt the dinner. I examined the chicken to see if there was any saving it, it wasn't too bad the cheese on the top was charred but the rest was fine, I put it on our plates and put the tomato sauce bottle on the table.

I apologised to Charlie as we sat down, he didn't mind he just smothered his with the tomato sauce. It wasn't until I was half way through the meal that I realised that my chicken was black, just like Edwards's eyes were when he was thirsty. The chicken was perfect as Edward was out hunting. I chocked on my mouthful of chicken as I went into a fit of laughter. Charlie just stared at me silently as I tried to calm myself down.

"You go and lie down, I will wash up tonight" said Charlie when we finished our burnt chicken, he must be worried about me.

I went to my room and waited for Edward to return. I thought about sleeping while I waited but I got worried that Edward wouldn't wake me and then I would have to wait until the morning to see him, I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep anyway, so I tidied my room until I found myself pacing from the window to the door so i got ready for bed as slowly as possible, I made sure I brushed each individual tooth, I even moisturised which is something I never do. I lay down in my bed trying to think of something other than Edward. My mind went blank, what else could I think of besides Edward, nothing else was worth thinking about.

Tick, tick, tick, tick I could hear the seconds hand on my watch, it was driving me insane. I tried putting my hand under my pillow but I could still hear the ticking only now it was slightly muffled. I had had enough I took off my watch and threw it across the room, I watched with amazement as it flew straight out the open window. I knew that was a bit extreme, I hadn't been trying to do that but now that I had the relief flooded me, no more ticking.

My room now felt strangely quiet, it was too quiet, how I longed for the ticking to return. I closed my eyes as tried to imagine I still had my watch on, I was sure I could hear it, I must be going insane but I can hear it, the ticking as constant as a heartbeat. I opened my eyes to see Edward standing in my room holding my watch.

I jumped out of bed and grabbed my watch whispering a quiet sorry to it, as I put it back on.

"Did you two have a fight?" asked Edward, Dam that vampire hearing

I nodded.

Now that Edward was back I realised how tired I was, I feel asleep within moments of saying goodnight.