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When Edward and I arrived at school it was drizzling. Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett were waiting by Rosalie's car for us. Jasper was holding the twins and Rosalie was holding Ruby protectively making sure she didn't get wet in the rain.

Rosalie seemed to be enjoying the project, the rest of us were not. I decided that today Edward should be responsible for Anthony as I carried him around yesterday.

I leaned in close to Edward, trying to look as sweet as possible so I would get my way.

"Edward" I whispered trying to sound sexy,

"Yes Bella" he said seductively. He sounded so good saying my name I lost my breath and forgot what I was saying.

It took me a moment to regain focus.

"Bella, are you okay" asked Edward

"Sure, why wouldn't I be" I snapped back, I was embarrassed that Edward could cause me to react like that just by saying my name.

"Well your face just went blank and you dropped Anthony, what were you thinking" he sounded cross, sure enough Anthony was now in Edwards hands and his bottom was soggy.

"Sorry Edward, it was an accident, it's just, well, you dazzled me" I could feel my face turning red. Emmett's booming laughter made everyone in the parking lot turn to see what had happened. I hide my bright red face in Edwards's chest.

"Come on Bella. Lets try and get Anthony dry so he doesn't start leaking" Edward led me towards the school buildings.

When we got to the toilets Edward hesitated between the two doors.

"Edward I will do it, it was my fault anyway"

I took Anthony and tried drying him with toilet paper, it didn't work the bottom of the bag was wet and the sugar was already turning mushy so I tried the hand dryer. It seemed to work a little so I aimed the second hand dryer on him too. It was all going well until I smelt burning sugar, before I could react the smoke alarms were going off. I grabbed Anthony who thank goodness wasn't on fire but he was smoking and ran out of the bathroom straight into Mrs Link.

"Principal's office now" she ordered

I went without trying to argue. I passed Anthony to Edward who followed me silently.

When I got there I knocked on the door and was told to go in, Edward waited outside. Mr Avery looked surprised to see me.

"Isabella, can you come back later I am very busy right now, A student has set off the fire alarms in the girls bathroom" Mr Avery told me. I didn't bother telling him that I preferred being called Bella

I could feel my cheeks heating up.

"Sir, it was me" I squeaked before he could push me out the door

"Oh what were you doing?" he asked, he looked angry.

"I dropped Anthony in a puddle and I was just trying to dry him, I tried using toilet paper but that didn't work so I used the hand dryers and they were doing a good job until the smoke alarms went off"

"Who is Anthony?" Mr Avery asked not looking convinced

"Anthony is the bag of sugar Mr Banner gave us for our biology assignments" I told him.

"Oh right, well where is Anthony now?"

"With Edward outside"

"Well go get him so I can see that you were telling the truth, bring Edward in too, I would like to speak to him too"

Edward was pacing in the hallway outside Mr Avery's office.

Of course he heard the whole conversation so I didn't have to tell him that Mr Avery wanted to see him.

Edward passed Anthony to Mr Avery to examine. A blob of soggy sugar and charred paper landed on his lap.

He handed Anthony back to Edward.

"Alright I believe your story but Isabella please try to be more careful in the future and Edward please watch out for her"

We both nodded and went to our first class, we missed about half the lesson but I wasn't worried it's not like I would have been listening anyway!

By lunch Edward had Anthony pretty dry. As we joined the Cullen's at our regular table they were all laughing at me.

"Edward change that girl now she is definitely not fit to be a mother" Alice told Edward

"Yes I agree, I told you I don't want to have babies, now will you believe me?" I pleaded

"A real baby would be different though" he tried to reason

"Oh my gosh imagine what would happen if she had a live baby" Emmett gasped in mock horror.

Edward chuckled, I'm sure everyone's thoughts were making me look really bad.

After lunch Edward tried to hand me Anthony.

"No you keep Ant today, I had him yesterday and last night so you can keep him tonight and we will trade back tomorrow" I threw in the new nickname I had been thinking about to see how Edward would react. Anthony was such a mouth-full, I shouldn't have been so stubborn about the nickname Tony but it's too late to take it back.

"Ant?" Edward questioned

"Is that alright with you?" I asked

"Of course it is Bella"

"Bella, Please get out your books" A female voice interrupted our conversation. I looked towards the voice, it was a teacher, I looked around the room everyone had already started doing work. I didn't know which class we were in or even the teacher's name. The last thing I remembered besides talking to Edward was sitting in the cafeteria. How could I zone out for that long? The answer was sitting right beside me. Edward. When he is around me I don't notice anything. Tomorrow I shall try my best to be a better student.

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