At school Edward gave me Ant to hold today because of the deal I made with him yesterday. I couldn't really understand the point of this assignment.

At lunch I asked the Cullen's about it.

"I find this assignment pointless, what do you guys think?" I asked

I'm sure I heard a little growl from Edward but I dismissed it and turned to Emmett.

"Really it doesn't worry me, Rosalie doesn't let me touch our child anyway, if the whole point of it is to turn teens off sex and babies it hasn't worked for me as it hasn't changed my life at all" he told me

"Fine, have her" Rosalie told Emmett as she passed him the bag of flour. I knew that was the only answer I would get from Rosalie as she stared at Emmett making sure he didn't damage her child.

"I have never wanted children, well I don't remember wanting them" said Alice "so this assignment is just a bothersome because eggs don't really go with Gucci"

"What are the feelings you are getting?" I asked Jasper

"Most people are frustrated but there are a few getting a little clucky" he told us. I didn't bother asking Edward what people were thinking, he was in a bad mood because I wasn't taking this assignment seriously.

On our way to class I was too busy staring at Edward and I walked into a wall. A huge egg formed almost instantly.

"You know, we could use this as an excuse to ditch" I told Edward trying to sound alluring

"Bella, don't you care about your education" Edward scoffed

"Everyone will stare at the huge planet forming on my head so that will make me even more uncoordinated plus I have a head-ache" I lied

"Well if you have a head-ache I will see what I can do" It didn't even take him two minutes to dazzle the school nurse and we were free to go.

As we left the school parking lot he asked me "Your house or mine"

"Neither" I told him "My head is feeling a lot better let's got to our meadow"

"Bella" he groaned, I waited for him to give in


We were lying in the meadow in no time at all. I loved seeing Edward sparkle especially when he planted kisses all over my body.

"Edward change me now" I couldn't believe when that escaped from my mouth

He just chuckled, at least he didn't stay no!

Then I felt a burning sensation on my foot, I couldn't believe he had actually bitten me, I had tears in my eyes as I felt his poison slowly moving up my leg. I closed my eyes and thrashed around

"Oh Edward, thank you" I gasped "But the foot really? You couldn't think of anywhere else?" I was beginning to worry that I didn't know enough about Edward, I was only now learning that Edward had a foot fetish and now I am stuck with him eternally, what else am I going to find out.

"Bella" Edward started to say before I cut him off

"Oh Edward it burns"

"Bella" Edward said roughly

I stopped thrashing around and looked at him

"Bella, it was a bee, you got stung by a bee" he said very slowly

I sat up and looked at my slightly swollen foot, I felt my face turning red. I was so embarrassed.

"Let's go" Edward said

"Do you think Alice saw that?" I asked sheepishly


"Do you think she told everyone?"


"Okay then can we go to my place" Edward didn't answer me but he had a smug expression plastered on his face.

When we got to my house, we went up to my room.

There was a box sitting on my bed. I looked at Edward warily.

He grinned and nodded, telling me to open it.

I cautiously took off the lid. Inside was a stuffed toy, it was a bee. I rolled my eyes and threw it at Edward. I was sure I could faintly hear Emmett's laughter somewhere in the distance. I was dreading going to school tomorrow.

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