Last scene of episode 16

What a fantastic episode with so many facets to explore...generally a Dean girl I find myself lately drawn to write about, what went through his head in the last scene?

My Brother's Keeper

'We'll find another way…we can still stop all this, Dean'


'I don't know, but we'll find it…you and me, we'll find it'

Sam watches as Dean gathers his duffel bag and painfully avoiding his brother, heads towards the door. There he stands for a few seconds, his left hand holding his bag, his right hand hovering over the bin at the door, finally relaxing his fist before he opens the door and walks out into the day. Rejected the amulet falls into the bin with a soft clink.

Dull pain in his chest makes Sam aware that he has been holding his breath far too long and he lets the air escape with a strangled sigh. His eyes stay fixed on the bin while he clamps down hard on his frustration.

The words Joshua spoke echo in his soul…Dean was loosing faith in him and it hurt so much. Dean's love and faith was Sam's salvation. He was sure that God had looked upon him with forgiveness because of his brother's love for him. Their brief visit to heaven though reminded Dean how different they perceive their lives and he hates that his slice of heaven offends his brother, tearing up wounds in which Zachariah rubs salt with the mind screwing performance of their mother Mary. Again, Sam realizes how much he admires Dean. Forever beaten down by adversity but relentlessly Dean surfaces to fight another day and continue to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. Dean may hold doubts but Sam believes that his brother has a strength that hasn't even been touched as yet.

And so he swallows his frustration, his hurt and anger because that is the easy path, a path he has walked before. Let Dean doubt him but he will not retaliate. He will do penance for his previous sins, mustering up all the humility he can find and standing with his brother no matter what. He accepts this challenge willingly as not all is lost. God knows and He is on earth.

Sam smiles with hope in his heart 'Back off' does not equal 'I don't care'

He will have enough faith for the both of them.

The horn blaring from the Impala startles Sam into movement. He takes a deep breath before shouldering his duffel bag and approaches the door where with a quick movement he retrieves the amulet and stuffs it into his pocket.

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.
1 Corinthians 16:13

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