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"The sword," I stated abruptly. "He has to get Excalibur!" Arthur had just been crowned king and I his queen, so I saw it fitting that the Once and Future King was to be united with his legendary sword. After all, how was I supposed to keep my mouth shut when I know he should have it now?

Merlin thought for a moment before smiling. "I think I finally know what you're talking about." We exchanged sly looks, which made Arthur a bit skeptical. I went giddy with pleasure. The legend of King Arthur was coming together quite nicely and I was enjoying every second of it! Who knew I would ever be a part of it? Me, as Guinevere, it's amazing!

"Well, I have no idea what either of you are talking about," Arthur commented. "I have a sword, Jen, yet you're always speaking of me with another."

I squeezed his hand tightly. "Don't worry, you shall soon find out," I said in an evil tone and he chuckled. Turning to Merlin, I asked, "So, where is it at? I'm dying to see it!" Both boys laughed… at me. I shook my head, but grinned softly. "What?" I asked innocently. "Can't a girl want to see a legendary artifact?"

The young warlock chuckled once more before starting to walk out of the castle. "It's this way," he called, arms held out. The people in the courtyard stared at him strangely, though he tried not to notice. Ever since Arthur became king, the no magic law was repealed and Merlin was free to openly show what good magic could accomplish. Unfortunately, it's taking the people longer than expected to adjust.

Arthur and I caught up to Merlin quickly, following him out of the castle walls, past the guards. "Where exactly are you taking us?" Arthur asked when we appeared to be lost in the middle of the forest. The Royal Advisor/Court Sorcerer answered with a simple, "You'll see" and continued walking. Feeling somewhat dorky, I scanned the forest around us for any signs of big stones… with a sword, though I was sure I was being foolish.

At long last, Merlin stopped leading us when we reached the edge of a lake. The Once and Future King and Queen of Camelot, (Yes, I am talking about myself in third person just so I could say 'Queen' and 'Camelot' together), stood back, watching Merlin with great curiosity. He held his hand out, calling magical words into the wind. Suddenly, the water in the middle of the lake boiled, and up came a sword, sparkling in the afternoon light. It rose up above the surface and floated towards Merlin who took it carefully in both hands. He turned back around to face us, as if presenting the sword, and walked right up to Arthur.

"My Lord," he bowed his head, still grinning all-knowingly.

"Wait," I said just as my husband was about to take the weapon. Giggling, I pointed to a big rock ten feet from where we were standing. "Could you possibly…?" I trailed off, feeling a bit childish to actually ask what was on my mind.

Thankfully, Merlin caught onto what I was trying to say. Dramatically, he strolled over to the stone and silently muttered a spell, causing his eyes to flash gold. He plunged the sharp object into the rock, but it did not crack.

And there it was; the sword in the stone.

"Why did you want him to do that?" Arthur asked, bewildered.

Smiling, I said, "Go pull it out, Arthur! I am determined to make Camelot like at least one part of the legend." I gestured for him to go over there, towards the sword. He obeyed, chuckling at my girly-ness. And just as he was about to attempt pulling the weapon out of the rock, he gestured for me to come closer to him. "What is it?" I asked.

"You try it first," he grinned. "You deserve to, Jennifer."

My heart skipped a beat as I touched the handle for the very first time. Gently, I yanked it up, but it did not budge as I knew it wouldn't. For the heck of it, I tried one more time before giving up. "Yep, whatever spell you did, Merlin, you did it right." Looking at the king, I removed my right foot from the rock. "Arthur," I gestured.

After putting one foot on the stone, he grasped the sword's hilt with both hands. He glanced at me, took a deep breath, and mustered up all his strength and tugged. Out came Excalibur, glistening brightly in Arthur's gloved hands. He held it in the sunlight, admiring its beautiful craftsmanship with wonder and amazement.

How we met Gwaine sure was a story to tell! Arthur was dragging poor Merlin on yet another torturous hunting trip. I decided to tag along so that the warlock wouldn't get too lonely and bored. We had been riding for more than half a day and who knows how far we were from Camelot.

"You know what we need after a hard day's hunt?" Arthur announced when we stopped on a hill with a small town below.

"Sleep?" "A shower?" Merlin and I offered at the same time?

Not paying too much attention, he answered, "A nice cold tankard of mead!"

Merlin and I exchanged looks. "Mead," we mumbled together.

All three of us rode down to the village, tying up our horses in front of the tavern. "No better place to measure the mood of your people than the local tavern!" he exclaimed, looking at me and winked. I rolled my eyes, but figured he was right.

"This is one of those moments where I tell you something isn't a good idea and you ignore me, isn't it?" Merlin asked, and I patted him on the back.

"You're learning, Merlin. Slowly, but you're learning," Arthur retorted. "Now, remember, in here you're not our advisor, we're just simple peasants like everyone else."

"He's got the simple part right," Merlin whispered to me.

Arthur looked back at us. "What?"

"He said the sun is very bright," I lied and he silently thanked me.

"Yeah. Yeah, it is," Arthur said, looking up. We entered the structure and sat down. I half expected to pick up a menu, but then shook off the feeling when the boys simply sat there unmoved; I leaned back in my wooden chair. A pudgy waitress came up to the table.

"Afternoon," she sighed. "What'll it be?"

I glanced around the tavern at all the men drinking, noticing I was the only girl, but I didn't mind. It was kind of cool, actually. Arthur, Merlin, and the waitress exchanged some words; however I didn't hear their conversation. My mind was somewhere else. There, on the other side of the room was a man about Arthur's age, holding onto his jug like his life depended on it. He had dark brown hair and scruff on his handsome face. He seemed a bit familiar, though I've never seen him before, and I had an urge to go talk to him.

Suddenly, a brute looking man stormed in through the door. He went right up to the waitress who was now at the bar, and growled something to the poor woman. She tossed some coins on the table, telling him something and looking slightly scared. And before I knew it, Arthur was up there confronting the man, the handsome man I noticed joined the conversation, Merlin laughed, "I'd like to see you try!" and a fight broke out.

Merlin jumped up, joining in on the fight – magically – and jumped behind the counter. I followed him, not able to find Arthur. His eyes went gold, flinging plate after plate at the goons. I laughed and that man came up to us. "Pass the jug, huh?" He takes a mighty swig and punches the man next to him. "So what do they call you two?"



He nods. "Gwaine. Pleasure to meet you," A man raced up to him, but this Gwaine smashed the jug of ale against the attacker's head. "Such a waste, huh?"

Finally, I spot Arthur. He's fighting the brute looking man who had stormed in here. When the guy drew a knife, I panicked, but Gwaine ran up, saving Arthur but getting stabbed in the thigh himself. "Whoa," I whisper as we run over to Gwaine's side.

Merlin turns to me. "What?"

I nodded towards the fallen man. "Gwaine; he's a Knight of Camelot."

"You're joking?" Arthur asks, hearing my words. I shook my head, eyes wide as I look Gwaine over with my eyes.

A month or two later, to my surprise and dislike, Lancelot returned and Arthur welcomed him back with open arms – literally.

"Lancelot," Arthur had exclaimed, pulling his old friend into a hug. I stayed a few paces behind the reunion, feeling a bit uncomfortable. Gwaine introduced himself and Merlin rejoiced at his return. My eyes rolled, though I knew I had no reason to hate him. It's not like I'm going to fall in love with him or anything. "Who's this?" he asked, noticing a rather large man standing by him. His chainmail was ripped at the shoulders, revealing his muscular arms.

"Oh, this is Percival. He's been traveling with me," Lancelot said, gesturing towards the man. Percival stepped forward and bowed his head at Arthur and me. I went giddy. I knew Percival! Wow, the Round Table was forming fast!

"What brings you here?" Merlin asks Lancelot joyously as Arthur whispers to me, "Why are you laughing?"

"Percival and Lancelot; they're your Knights of the Round Table!" I whisper back, unable to control my excitement. The king looks up, glancing at Percival and nods, impressed. We both then rejoined the conversation taking place.

"…heard that Arthur had become king, and I thought that I would able to come back to Camelot." He looks at my husband, almost asking.

Arthur laughs, playfully slapping him on the back gently. "Of course, in fact, you'll be knighted tomorrow morning! Percival will, as well. Surely he's good with a sword."

"Wow," Merlin chuckles. "What a welcome home present."

Gwaine smiles. "So being Court Sorcerer isn't so great?" he teased. I had to laugh along with that one, for Merlin had been boasting about that for months now!

"Court Sorcerer?" Lancelot asked, and I figured it's my turn to say something.

"Yes, he's very fond of that position, aren't you, Merlin?" I smile.

The ex-knight bows his head. "My Lady," he says uncertainly.

I smile at him. "Hi, Lancelot, and queen or not, please call me Jen!" May as well be nice to him! He was here to stay, this much I knew. I had accidentally – well, almost accidentally – called myself Gwen, but refrained from the urge to show off. After all, this bunch wouldn't get my inside joke. When I told Sarah on her last visit, she about jumped out of her skin.

The next morning, just as Arthur had promised, Lancelot and Percival were knighted. Gwaine showed Percival around Camelot, mostly around the tavern. Lancelot went to go see Gwen and she was overjoyed to see him, having met before. That gave me an idea…

I was walking in the castle hallways one fine morning before Arthur had gotten up. (In case you were wondering, Merlin was no longer a servant to Arthur, yet he still comes into our chambers out of force of habit.) When I was about to turn the corner, Lancelot bumped into me.

"Jen, I'm sorry," he said quickly, but I brushed it off with a wave of my hand.

"Please, don't worry about it." I smiled at the knight. "Have you seen Gwen recently?" I asked.

He shook his head. "Not for a while."

"You should," I encouraged. "She gets a bit lonely now that Morgana is gone." (Oops, did I forget to mention that Morgana left? Well, she turned evil about six months after Arthur and I got married. Thanks, Mordred! Remind me to send you a sarcastic 'Thank You' card! Grrr!)

I could have sworn I saw a tiny smile on Lance's lips. "I will be sure to do that, My Lady," he answered and walked off in the opposite direction towards Gwen's house. I smiled at my success! This way, Guinevere could be with Arthur and with Lancelot, like in the legend, but no cheating involved! I wondered for a moment if the names in the story got mixed up, seeing as my name is also Guinevere…?

After Gwen's brother, Elyan, came to Camelot, Arthur asked Merlin a key question; "Can you make me a table?" and I literally jumped up and down, clapping my hands with excitement. Come on, don't tell me you wouldn't do the same thing? Okay, maybe you wouldn't, but I did!

That very day, we set off for the caves outside the city. It really wasn't that bad of a ride. Of course, I asked Sir Leon, Sir Lancelot, Sir Percival, Sir Elyan, and That's Sir Gwaine to you, to come along on the journey. They rode behind us, Leon eyeing Merlin curiously as the warlock rode beside Arthur and me. He was the most shocked out of all of the knights about his magic because he had known Merlin the longest of all of them. To be honest, if I hadn't known his name was Merlin, I wouldn't have believed that he had magic, just like everyone in Camelot thought. Poor Leon had been talking to me nonstop about it, which is when I broke and just told him I was from 2011. "That explains so much, My Lady," he had said to me.

At last, we arrived at the caves. Merlin jumped off his horse and we all did the same. He walked up to a huge, fallen boulder. He placed his hand on the side of the stone, muttering under his breath. A light began to emit from his palm, and it appeared to be melting and molding the rock. Before our eyes, it morphed like play dough into a two inch thick, twelve foot long, round stone table.

I bit my lip as the table grew a stand and set itself down on the ground. "Great," Arthur said, folding his arms. "Now, how do we get it back to Camelot?" Merlin's triumphant smile dropped immediately. Gwaine chuckled, coming to stand next to me.

"You need to have more faith in me, Arthur," Merlin shot back.

"Careful, Merlin," Gwaine stepped in. "Don't rile the king!"

"Oh, that's only too easy," I teased, crossing my arms across my chest. Gwaine roared in laughter.

The warlock chuckled. "I can only imagine!"

"Merlin?" Arthur asked.

"Shut up?"

"You got it!"

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