Rose was walking around Kohana to find a place to relax and listen to her song in peace. Rose passed many people and shop's and finally walked to a calm tranquil place that had the most amazing clear blue lake ever! Rose smile and sat down near a tree and leaned on it and got her I-pod and pressed play. Rose smiled while listening to the song. Little did she know Itachi was there also but sitting on a branch on a tree that was above her. Rose smiled when her favorite part of the song-which was the chorus-. Rose got up and put the I-pod on her pocket and still had the headphones on but she walked away from the tree. Itachi open his eyes and saw Rose singing softly then started to sing loudly. Rose shook her hips to side to side while singing "Cause I just set them up, just set them up, just set them up to knock them down 'Cause I just set them up, just set them up, just set them up to knock them down ! I think I should know…. How to make love to something innocent without leaving my fingerprints out… Now L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce… How do I say I'm sorry 'cause the word is never gonna come out Now
L-O-V-E's just another word I never learned to pronounce!" .Itachi raised a brow and a small smirk grew on his face. Itachi was amused to find Rose true side. Rose sang while shaking her hips and dancing and doing spins and lots of crazy stuff when her song finished she paused it and took off her headphones. Rose put it away and was walking off to the training ground never knowing that Itachi found out her secret. When Rose got to the training ground she saw Itachi. "What are you doing here Itachi I thought I told you that I didn't want to spare with you" Said Rose going up to him. Itachi turn around and faced her. Rose stopped right on her tracks seeing Itachi smirking. "I-Itachi a-are y-you o-ok" ask Rose panicking in the inside. Itachi was amused with Rose reaction but didn't show it in his expression he just kept his smirk. "Yes I'm fine" answered Itachi. Rose sighed in relief but froze when Itachi uttered a sentence telling her that he found out her secret of her true side. "I just never had the time to teach myself to pronounce the L-O-V-E" Said Itachi smoothly. Rose blushed darkly and looked at Itachi. "Y-you…YOU FREAKING STALKER! WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU YOUR GOING TO WISH YOU NEVER PEEKED IN TO MY PERSONAL LIFE!" Screamed Rose. But it was too late Itachi was gone with the wind and had a smirk on his face which other people don't know the reason for.

I was inspired o write this from the song 3OH!3 - STARSTRUKK ft. Katy Perry its awesome ! :D Also I don't any of the Naruto characters :) But I do own Rose. Just to say Itachi could be smirking for many reason's since he saw Rose dancing and singing.