A/N: Izzy, not my favorite character in the series; probably the one I dislike the most. But, I respect the character. Have you all ever thought why Izzy was "crazy"? Well I have and here is my idea of why Izzy is "crazy". Without further ado here is the prologue of "Just Isabella".

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Hi, I'm Isabella Connolly and, people say I'm crazy.

I've been called tons of things: psycho, weird, loony, odd-ball, off beat, and insane; just, to name a few. But, no name hurt as much as crazy.

Granted I am a little crazy, but there is a perfectly logical reason for being so.

I have Multiple Personality Disorder.

And, that same disorder has me on the 5th floor in Westbrook Infirmary, in the psyche ward.

Psyche ward, such a boring word don't you think. I'd rather have it called the Nut-House, or Loony-Bin; at least something with a little flavor.

But, I digress. I don't believe I should be in here. I believe that Izzy, Explosivo, and Isabel should. They are all insane but, not Isabella

Who are they you say?

She is one of my alter-egos; one of four, One of the four parts that make up Isabella, Isabella Mave Connolly.

All of them are crazy expect Isabella. Isabella is the person I want to be all the time. Isabella is the smart one. Isabella is the sane one. Isabella is the sweet one. Isabella is the one who wants the meds. Isabella is the normal one. Isabella is the one who got help. Isabella is the one who is leaving the Westbrook Infirmary.

-Sincerely, Isabella

I read over the letter I just wrote. Smiling, I folded the letter vertically and horizontally again and again until it was the size of a quarter. Then, I placed it in the "Isabella Box".

The "Isabella Box" was an old tissue box that I decorated in group therapy. My counselor told to write notes to my other alters as Isabella. His theory was that an alter read a note to them from Isabella, she would transition to Isabella. But, that was only if the medication didn't work. But, the odds of that happening are slim to none.

I placed the Isabella Box in my duffle bag next to my copy of Sybil, my meds, and an old faded photo of my dad and me on a family trip to Ireland. I gazed around the unusually cheery hospital room making sure I had every personal belonging. It was weird leaving this room, because I had been here for so long; it was almost like my home.

With a weary smile and sigh of relief I zipped up the duffle bag, and with slow and hesitant steps I emerged from the psyche ward a new woman.

I was not only a new woman. But, I was Isabella again. I haven't been Isabella since I was twelve years old and, boy, did it feel good now.

I walked out of the hospital out into the breezeway were people that were being discharged went. I was all alone. I still haven't gotten over the fact that I am all alone.

Sunrays beamed down on my pale skin giving it a slight stinging sensation. I can't remember the last time I was outside for more than five minutes. But, did this sun feel good; I didn't care that I would probably have a horrible sunburn tomorrow morning.

It took over fifteen minutes for the taxi to appear. The driver got out and looked me over, and he didn't have that fearful look in his eye. He didn't think I was crazy. I just appeared as a normal woman. In fact, he smiled at me; I was never smiled at when I was Izzy, Explosivo, or Isabel. I got a smile when I was Isabella.

I smiled back, and he put my bag in the trunk. Then, we both got into the car and closed our doors simultaneously. "Where are ya' headed ma'am?"

"156 Lamar Street." The address rolled off my tongue like butter. The driver then winked at me and began to drive.

As we drove away, I turned to look at Westbrook- my home for the last seven months. I didn't feel uneasy, scared, or sad about leaving this place. I was ecstatic. But, even ecstatic couldn't even describe how I felt. As that hospital got farther away I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders. I knew that I was cured for the most part.

Whizzing through the streets of the city, I realized so much had changed. Well, nothing really changed more like my way of seeing things changed. For instance, trees didn't seem like huge stalks of broccoli; and, the clouds didn't seem like bunny tails in the sky. Everything was normal to me. Trees were just oaks, willows, or maples; and, clouds were just cirrus, cumulus, or stratus. And, I liked that.

The drive was brief but, it was filled with anticipation. As the car slowed in front of the home on Lamar Street, my heart soared. I pulled a out a twenty and carelessly slapped it into the driver's calloused hand. I pulled my bag out of the trunk and ran full speed to the front door.

My hand began to shake with excitement and goose bumps appeared all over my body. I rang the door bell, then came the waiting. I heard muffled hurried steps and my breath became shallow, then I heard the key turn in the lock.

A frog began to grow in my throat while the door creaked open. That's when our eyes met. I saw hers leap with joy, and I'm sure mine did the same.

"Mom, it's me Isabella." It felt like I was introducing a stranger, but I guess this is just something that I'll have to get used to.

Like, a movie she quickly wrapped me in her arms. And, when she did this I felt like piece of the "Isabella" puzzle had been added.

"My baby, my baby." She repeated that again and again.

That's when I realized that I am the person that I was born to be. I am Isabella.

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