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Just Isabella: Chapter 1 – Being Isabella

Looking down at the microwavable dinner below me, I remember that my mom was never much of a cook. But, it was my favorite, Macaroni and Cheese.

Processed noodles and artificial cheese sauce, this was my favorite meal?

Hey, it's better than hospital food. A lot of things are better at home than they are at the hospital. "Hey Bell!"

It's been over ten years since my mom has called me that. It's been over ten years since I've been myself. Myself, I love saying that. Myself, Myself, Myself, Myself!

"Hey Bell," my mother cooed as she sat down on the couch next to me," I'm glad you're home."

I smiled. My mother looked at me in a way that a mother looks at her newborn; she was just gazing on awe. "Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked even though it didn't bother me.

"I'm just trying to get used to your face again, is all." She answered while giving me a delicate smile. That's another thing I had forgotten about my mother; how delicate she was.

I'd forgotten how her chartreuse eyes seemed to dance whenever she laughed; how her strawberry-blonde curls always carried the scent of her strawberry-kiwi coconut shampoo. But, most of all I'd forgotten my mother's laugh, her adorable pig-like snort. I'd forgotten some of the most important things about my mother.

"Bell!" She semi-shouted, pulling me out of my trance.


"You didn't hear a thing I just said did you?" I nervously laughed, and listened to my mother. "You need to go see Dr. Jamey tomorrow."

I nodded, and turned back to the television to watch Andy Griffith; man, was Gomer Pyle funny!

All I could hear were loud squeals and grunts in Dr. Jamey's waiting room. All the waiting rooms I have been in, in the last seven months have been deathly silent; so this was something abnormal.

See, Dr. Jamey is a child and adolescent psychologist; my old psychologist.

A little boy in the corner caught my attention. He was all by himself just fidgeting with a toy car; rolling each of the wheels with his finger, in a pattern front two, then back two. Asperger's Syndrome is what I figured. Asperger's Syndrome was fascinating to me; in fact every part of the Autism spectrum was fascinating. In fact, the Autism Spectrum is what made me want to be a children's pyschologist. But, that dream is long gone.

"Isabella!" A plump nurse with frizzy brown hair called out. My mother looked up from the Women's Day magazine she was reading and nudged me. I shot her a nervous grin, and followed the nurse through the obnoxiously cheerful and colorful corridor.

"Just sit down here at wait for Dr. Jamey." The nurse said before closing the door.

I began looking around the room and I noticed a mural on the wall that was fairly new. It was a big ice cream cone covered in chocolate syrup with nuts, and a cherry to top it off. In the corner was a playhouse with various costumes inside; a fireman, a nurse, a policeman, and a princess.

I shifted in my child-sized seat, then gazed at the clock on the wall ten-fifteen, it was nine-fifty when I came in so, I've been waiting twenty-five minutes. I sighed and began to tap my knees making a beat; tap, tap, snap, clap, slap, tap, tap, snap, clap, slap.

I began to repeat the beat a third time when Dr. Jamey walked in, "Hello Isabella, long time, no see!"

Dr. Jamey was an attractive woman. She had long straight blonde hair that fell around her like a curtain of light. Her honey colored eyes always seemed to sparkle. Her skin was sun kissed, her legs long and lean. Izzy once had a crush on her; Isabel once fantasized about her.

"So, Isabella, what are you in for today?" She asked while crossing her legs. I cleared my throat and shifted in my seat.

"Well Dr. Jamey, I just got out of Westbrook about 5 days ago, and I was there for seven months, and I haven't transitioned in about six months, and I just wanted to let you know that I'm on meds now. And, everything has been going pretty good for me and I just wanted you to know that." I said while trying to read Dr. Jamey's vacant expression.

I waited for her to react. She just wrote down what I said, and put in a thick manila folder with my name on the tab at the top. She handed me the folder."Well, Isabella I think that you have really transformed since you first came into my office; no pun intended."

I laughed.

"Isabella, you really have transformed into a nice young lady. And, I honestly don't think you need to be seeing a juvenile psychologist anymore. Here's Dr. Su's card." She handed me a black business card.

I laid the card on the table, "I don't think that that's necessary Dr. Jamey."

I got up to walk out folder in hand, as I placed my hand on the door handle I had an urge to turn around. I did so.

Dr. Jamey wrapped me in a warm embrace, I smelled her flowery aroma. That's one of things I loved about coming here the way Dr. Jamey smelt.

When I began to break away from the hug, Dr. Jamey did something that was unexpected, but not unwanted.

She kissed me on the cheek; granted it was a platonic almost maternal peck on the cheek. But it made me feel strange. Not good, not bad, just strange.

"You are welcome to visit whenever, Isabella." I looked over my shoulder as I left the office, and I smiled at her.

And, she smiled back.

I walked back down the colorful hallway, and I saw my mom in the waiting room; sleeping.

"Mom, mom," I nudged my mother to make her wake up, "mom."

She shuddered out of her cat nap, "You done?"

I nodded, "Hey mom, I'm going to walk home, okay?" I handed her the folder, and trotted out of the door.

The office was located on Main Street; but, everything was on this two mile stretch. So I sauntered down the street, a few passersby not many. And, all of the passersby either smiled, or kept their heads down.

I didn't receive one "look".

My hometown was small, but it wasn't boring; at least not to me. This town had almost everything that I needed; everything, but a place to relax. When I was younger there was a secret pond that I used to go with my friend, Evan.

Hey, I wonder if he's still living here; maybe I can swing by his mom's house, and…"Ouch!"

I tripped and landed on the warm sidewalk. I ran my hand over the scrape on my leg. Blood, great!

Suddenly, I felt someone towering over me, "Let me help you."

I looked at the Good Samaritan that was helping me up. He seemed so familiar; crystal blue eyes, boyish grin with a slight gap.

It could be no one other than…

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