Thank you readers for your encouragement and your messages telling me to update! I know it's been...what, years? Yeah, so now I am a Mom and I still go to you can guess how much time I have now. Plus I have a sluggish muse - she's a mean bitch...

Also, struggling with depression - which is probably a major part of why I haven't finished most of my stories. Have any suggestions or success stories on how you have overcome depression or writer's block? Email me please!

Have no fear though, I will not abandon my stories, I want them finished as much as you do.

Working on a very short sci-fi fantasy story hoping it will kick in my creative juices once more - though God knows when even that will get done; even now I hear calls of, "Mommy, she hit me!" *Rolls eyes.* If/when I finish that I will post it on FictionPress. Hopefully it will lead to completing the stories I have going already, keep your fingers crossed!