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Chapter 11: The Sand

"The one thing that does not change is my powerlessness."

Dawn sat on the floor, her art supplies abandon in a mess of crumbled paper, broken pencils and spilled paint leaking on to the rug. She clutched her head in her hands, her eyes closed tightly as she rocked on her knees.

This was the worst. She felt so helpless.

She had already bitten through her lip twice. The skin below her eyes are red from the constant rubbing to ease the burn of her eyes and the escape of tears. She felt something in her stomach, like a monster trying to claw or chew its way out and she was afraid of it.

But what was worst was feeling lives being snuffed out. It was like being surrounded by candles, feeling their heat and watching their glow only for a wind to come along and watch their flames suddenly disappear, leaving a cold emptiness. There used to be so much more but now...

She shivered as more disappeared, feeling so much more colder. So hopeless. She felt like she was trying to grab sand that always managed to slip through her fingers no matter how hard she tried to hold on to it.

"Dawn?" Dawn flinched when her Gram touched her shoulders. "Dawn, child what is wrong?"

"It's all wrong. Wrong what they are doing." Dawn cried, digging her nails into her scalp, thinking that if she dug deep enough she could stop this feeling running through her. She didn't like it. "I don't like this!" So powerless.

"The fighting?" There was another explosion above them, shaking the ceiling above them. It must have been right above them on the surface. Tante Mattie scowled at the noise as Dawn turned and wrapped her arms around her chest, holding on for dear life. There wasn't much that could get Tante Mattie truly irated but causing her children undue distress was one of them.

"If fate is a millstone...then we are the grist."

Dawn was trying seek comfort from the woman who had helped her overcome many of her fears. Tante Mattie was a woman not to be messed with. Dawn learned that when she got Papa to stay and to take her with him when he left. She's faced down thieves and asassins, would-be-kidnappers and playground bullies. She's a healer, a mentor, a envoy, trusted advisor and go-to-mystic. Tante Mattie could do anything.

"Gram. Are they going to die?" Dawn asked in a low voice.

Above them, the battles were slowing down but not over. Not until Xarus got what he wanted and what he wanted was the whole mutant race under his control and Dawn as his prize. He would send anyone and everyone in his army to get it. He ordered another wave of vampires to attack the island, watching with hungry eyes as a mutant fell in battle but hissing in displeasure when that mutant was suddenly grabbed by a teleporter before his minions could get to her.

Tante Mattie wanted to shake her head no but she couldn't lie to Dawn. She nodded.


"There is nothing we can do."

Dazzler sent out another burst of ultraviolet light, panting heavily as around her vampires scream in pain, falling back holding burnt faces, arms, chests or bursting in flames, crashing to ground with a cry of terror and pain on their lips before dying. She's not a killer, everything inside of her is revolting against her actions but she can't stop. She will not stop! This isn't just her life on the line, it's everyone's. It's their whole kind. She won't stop. Summoning some strength, she takes a deep breath and runs deeper into the battle.

Dawn let out a soft cry, moving closer to Gram. "It's not fair. They're people too. Not grist under a millstone."

"So I wish for strength."

Archangel sent out a volley of metal feathers, a near manical grin on his face. He was in his element, in the air, diving and swooping like the bird of prey he was. Black lines of his Death persona had overtaken his veins, marking his body with dark scrawls that announce how close he was to losing control. Death was on the edge, screaming at him to be released and god help him, he wanted to let it out. To tear these invaders limb to bloody limb and hear their screams, to taste their fear...But he held back. If he lost control now, then what would happen to him? What would happen to his friends? To the girl they're fighting to protect? He wouldn't know friend from foe. He needed to keep control. He needed to keep control. He needed to keep control.

"Is there nothing I can do?" Dawn asked.

Tante Mattie sucked in a breathe in fear. This is the moment.

"What do you wish for?" Tante Mattie asked quietly. "If you can have any wish in the world, what would it be for?"

Dawn closed her eyes, replying with the first thought that came to her. "Strength."

"I wish for strength."