Devil of arcadia challenge

Idea Summary.

Basically another Idea that hit me out of nowhere and sounds freaking sweet. It's essentially a Skies of arkadia novel that pretty much follows the story of the game except that there are Devil May Cry powers, weapons, devil arms, demons, and character references.

Main characters

Vyse Dyne- Main character of Skies of Arkadia. son of a blue rouge captain. Very charismatic. The only people he can't befriend or inspire are evil S.O.B.s. He is also very loyal to his friends and comrades.

Aika- Vyse's longtime friend and fellow blue rouge. she likes to find treasure. she is very hyper at times and is easily annoyed.

Fina- a girl who the vaulans are after for some reason or another. she becomes friends with Vyse, Aika, Piastol, and the OC after they rescue her from the vaulans. she is very knowledgeable about the old world and of ancient legends.

Piastol- one of two kids the crew rescued from a burning vaulan ship 7 years ago, both of whom have amnesia and cant remember anything but their names. after being rescued she decided to join the blue rouges and quickly befriended Vyse, Aika, and the OC. she is very skilled in combat but only opens up to her friends.

The OC- (you can name him whatever you want) He is the other amnesiac kid the rouges rescued 7 years ago. he is also the reincarnation of (either Dante or Nero). he is protective of and loyal to his friends, especially Piastol. he's Vyse's best male friend.

Main Pairings

Vyse gets both Aika and Fina. Mostly because It's impossible for Vyse to choose one over the other.

The OC gets Piastol. As long as he gets Piastol you can get him another girl or two if you want. Just make sure he and Piastol get together.

What's up to you (the writer)

Pretty much anything I haven't covered already is your decision... so long as you don't make the OC as powerful as a gigas. Anyways have fun with this challenge.