Through the laughter and the tears

Lynette was about 3 ½ months pregnant and still hadn't told anyone about it. Tom and her kids were the only people who knew. All the girls were all over at Gabrielle Solis's for poker and some good gossip.

"So, Katherine and I need a final count for that luncheon on Thursday. Are any of you attending?" Bree asked.

"What time is it at again?" Lynette asked.

"One," Katherine answered.

"On Thursday?" Susan confirmed

Bree and Katherine nodded.

Gabrielle and Susan both said they were coming.

"Lynette?" Katherine asked.

Lynette realized she had a doctor's appointment at that time. She needed an excuse why she couldn't go.

"Um I can't...Penny has a basketball game!" Lynette lied.

"At one in the afternoon on a weekday?" Susan asked.

Lynette nodded. She wasn't ready to tell her friends about her pregnancy. She hadn't even wanted to tell the kids but Tom convinced they deserved to know. However, friends were a different story. She wanted to wait until she was four or five months when the pregnancy would be safer.

"Okay, don't worry about it." Katherine said as all the women realized Lynette was obviously keeping something from them. And it obvious she didn't want to talk about it so they decided to just give her, her space.

"Next time," Bree said.

"Yes, I will try to come to the next one." Lynette promised.

After the poker game ended Lynette volunteered to stay and help Gabrielle clean up.

"So, what's up with Penny having a basketball on a weekday afternoon? I thought all the games were in the evenings." Gabrielle said.

Gabrielle was Lynette's closest friend on Wisteria Lane and probably her closest friend ever so Lynette was contemplating telling Lynette the truth.

Gabrielle spoke again before Lynette could say anything. "I might not be able to go to the lunch too."

"Why not?" Lynette asked.

"I need to schedule a doctor's appointment and I want to have it as soon as possible." Gabrielle explained.

"Are you alright?" Lynette wanted to know, hoping it was nothing serious.

"Oh yeah, I'm perfectly fine. Uh, actually, I think I'm pregnant." Gabrielle admitted.

Lynette didn't know what to say. "Really?" She asked kind of stunned.

"Yeah, I've been nauseous and my periods late. Plus you can just kind of tell these things." Gabrielle said. "So, I'm going to book an appointment to confirm it."

"I see," Lynette said, still shocked. "So are you happy about it?" She asked curiously. She was considering telling Gabrielle about her own pregnancy.

"I guess so. I wasn't expecting it but Carlos will be happy." Gabrielle said.

"Well, that's nice." Lynette said. She and Gabby finished cleaning and Lynette headed back home. Home to kids who hated her for getting pregnant again. They were all against having another sibling. Penny was the only one who was excited. Oh, the innocence of children, Lynette thought. She couldn't tell if Tom was excited or not. He had talked about wanting more children and he loved kids but Lynette knew he was just as worried as she was. But maybe if Gabrielle went through it with her it wouldn't be so bad. She decided that if Gabrielle was pregnant, then she would tell her friends about her own pregnancy.

To Be Continued