What if Chopper was human and the rest of the crew were animals…

Putting away his notes for the day, the brown haired child stretched and headed towards the kitchen for dinner. He nearly fell when he tripped over something. The something grunted.

"Zoro?" whispered Chopper. The boy watched as the bear's belly went up and down. Carefully, he poked it. The bear twitched. Chopper poked it again, and this time the bear growled. With an eep, the boy dashed to the upper deck.

Peeping from beside the mast, the boy nearly missed the fox that jumped on his shoulder.

"Robin!" said Chopper. "Zoro's downstairs asleep again."

The fox yipped, and Chopper shook at the resulting growl. Soon the bear stumbled up the steps swatting a fox tail that was sprouting on his nose. Zoro glared at the fox who yipped. The fox tail disappeared, and the bear huffed.

A high pitched chitter noise made Chopper jump. A weasel, a stoat to be specific, hurried past and bit the bear. Growling, the bear made no resistance as the stoat tugged him towards the kitchen a bit, before the stoat chattered at the fox.

"What's Nami want?" asked Chopper. Robin pointed up with her snout. "Oh, that."

The boy climbed half-way up to the crow's nest. Looking at the rope, Chopper smiled. There were advantages to most animals not being able to tell time. The child threw himself at the rope and rang the bell. "Franky! Usopp! Brook! Dinner time!"

A skeleton of a bat soared down from the crow's nest into the kitchen. The bear squeezed through the door, and Chopper flipped off the rope and landed in the doorway.

A bark drew Chopper's attention to his feet. A long nosed dog smiled up at him.

"You hungry, Usopp?" said Chopper.

A beaver chattered next to the dog.

"Oh, you've been with Franky then?" asked Chopper. The dog barked, but scrambled back as the skeletal bat flew in its face.

"Brook!" cried Chopper. The boy shared the dog's residual fear of the bat, even though they both really liked Brook. A black kangaroo flew right between the dog and boy. An otter squealed angrily, before hearts appeared in its eyes as it squealed at the fox on Chopper's shoulder. Chopper sweatdropped, wondering how any animal could be so interested in every female of any animal species.

The black kangaroo stretched his arms and tried to pass the otter, but the otter kicked him out of the room again.

"Sanji! Luffy! Stop fighting!" yelled Chopper. A tail softly tapped his cheek and the boy looked at the fox, who shook its head. The otter deftly spun and landed on the kitchen counter, where it had several plates of food lined up. Chopper grinned and went to get his own plate. The otter snapped at his hand, and then looked with hearts in his eyes at the fox and the stoat in turn. The two females got their food first.

While he waited, the young boy began to think on his situation. Even being daily on this strange ship, Chopper still didn't know what the animals were saying all the time. Animals ruled the world, but humans often failed to divine all their orders. Thankfully, Chopper could turn into a reindeer and walk among them, but the deer deer fruit, like all other animal types, didn't give the ability to speak and understand animals, but Chopper was determined to learn their language all by himself. Ever since the kangaroo, the strange-but-true captain of this ship, had taken a shine to his veterinarian skills, Chopper had been on board fulfilling his dream of curing all diseases, animal or human.

Sometimes though, Chopper thought as he finally got his plate without being snapped at by the otter, the thought of understanding animal speech sounded a whole lot cooler than becoming the best doctor ever.