What if the strawhats were in the world of pokemon…

"Professor! I'm here to set off on my journey," said Usopp, a smug grin on his face. He had waited 10 years for this day.

"U-Usopp," the bespectacled man said startled, then suddenly he grinned eerily, making Usopp slowly back away towards the door. "I'm so glad to see you, Usopp. Starting your journey today, right."

"Yes," said Usopp cautiously. The professor had on many occasions literally thrown the long-nosed boy out of the laboratory. Like many others in town, the professor viewed Usopp as a nuisance to the town due to the boy's frequent pranks and orphan status. No one in town quite knew what to do with Usopp since his mother died. "I came for my pokedex."

"Yes, of course," said the professor still grinning. He handed Usopp a red and black device. "Here it is. And I'll even give you a pokemon to start you out."

"T-that's okay," said Usopp, nearly out the door by this point. "I caught one three days ago, so I'm good."

"Nonsense," said the professor, as he almost literally threw three pokeballs at the boy. "I have plenty of extra. In fact, I'll even give you all the ones I don't need."

"W-wait!" protested Usopp, but his cry went unheard as the doctor threw four more pokeballs into the mix.

"Consider that my apology for not being able to store any pokemon you send me," said the doctor from his doorway. The force with which he had thrown the balls had pushed Usopp out the door. "Good luck on your journey!"

"Wait a minute!" yelled Usopp at the slammed door. "You gave me more than six pokemon!"

A closing curtain was the only response to Usopp's protest. The boy stared at the window and then the door in confusion, but eventually he just shrugged and packed the seven new pokeballs in his pack. No use opening all seven at once.

A little while later Usopp noticed a strange rustle in the bushes on the side of the road. He stopped to stare, and suddenly a boy with a bug net jumped out.

"Our eyes met!" yelled the boy. "Now we have to fight!"

"Why?" asked Usopp.

"I already told you! Our eyes met!" yelled the boy as he threw a pokeball in the air. A weedle appeared out of it. Grinning despite the sudden declaration for a match, Usopp pulled out the pokeball that contained the only pokemon he knew.

"You picked the wrong trainer to mess with! I'm the great trainer, Usopp, the fifth of the elite four!"

"Stop your boasting and let's get started!" said the bug boy. Usopp felt obliging, so he threw his pokeball. His stantler pawed the ground dramamtically. The bug boy fell to the ground laughing. "W-where'd y-you f-f-find that thing?! I-it's pathetic!"

"What're you laughing at!? This is the super strong pygmy stantler from the wildest reaches of the world," said Usopp. The bug boy kept laughing and pointing at the super small stantler. Usopp tried not to think about how it was the only pokemon he had been able to catch after months of trying, and then only because the poor thing was near death at the time.

"A-and look a-at that nose! What kind of stantler has a blue nose!?"

"Forget him, Stantler. Tackle!" said Usopp. Unfortunately, the cloud of depression over the poor stantler didn't seem to allow the poor deer pokemon to move. Gritting his teeth, Usopp grabbed one of the pokeballs the professor had given him at random. "Pokeball go!"

Usopp's eyes grew wide as a red aipom suddenly lunged at his head. Usopp closed his eyes quickly and prepared for impact and was once again surprised by a gentle weight landing on his head. Peeking from behind his hands, the tan boy got an up-close look at the aipom as it blinked two centimeters away from his face. Somehow, its normally wide grin widened further. The large tail wrapped around Usopp's neck as the monkey pokemon swung around eagerly.

"Another weird but useless pokemon?" asked the bug boy. "Weedle, poison needle!"

"W-wait!" said Usopp as the needles headed straight for his head. The aipom's tail lashed out and deflected the needles, and then it stretched and punched the weedle into a tree.

"Weedle!" called the bug boy. He picked up his now knocked-out bug pokemon. "You cheated! No aipom can do that! I refuse to give you anything."

The bug boy turned and ran without paying Usopp his loser fee. The aipom jumped from Usopp's head and landed in front of the small stantler. The stantler stared at the aipom for a minute as the monkey pokemon chattered something, and then the deer pokemon started to dance happily. Usopp could only hope the rest of his pokemon were more normal.

Several battles later, Usopp wondered why he even bothered. The other pokemon were just as abnormal. The orange persian would use pay day after knocking the other pokemon out and not let Usopp touch even one coin. The light green Scyther fought not only with its two scythes, but with one of its wings as well. The completely skeletal marowak used its bone club more like a sword on top of humming while fighting. The light blue machamp liked to make weird poses when it fought. The deep purple espeon could make replicas of its legs, ears, and tail appear anywhere. The hitmonlee would swoon if faced with a beautiful female, but only if she was human. And the strangest part of all was that the first time Usopp released one of them, the pokemon would make to attack him and then stop suddenly.

The only good thing that came out of the whole fiasco was that Usopp had yet to lose a battle, which was better than the tan boy could have hoped for. Maybe Usopp could make him take notice. Maybe. But he still hadn't quite managed to get his pokemon to actually listen to him. For the most part, the pokemon won their battles by doing whatever the heck they wanted.

Usopp shrunk deeper into his blankets. The night was cold and stormy, and if Usopp were surer of his pokemon, he would have let them out and warm himself with their boy heat. As it was, he had let the small stantler out, but the small pokemon had wandered off somewhere. Usopp was sure it would come back when it got hungry, but until then, the boy had to focus on not freezing to death.

"Should we tell him?" a voice whispered on the wind. Usopp quickly squashed a squeak that nearly came out his mouth and buried deeper into the blanket.

"Sure. How's he going to help us if we don't ask?"

"It's not really his problem."

"But we're his nakama…"

"Not here. Here, we're his…his…"

"His pokemon. This certainly is an interesting para-dimensional dilemma."


"Just forget it, Luffy. The question is will he help us? I mean, our Usopp usually freaks out about things, but somehow he manages to do them anyway, but this isn't really our Usopp, is it?"

"Usopp's Usopp!"

"It's not that simple!"

Unfortunately, the conversation seemed to be related to him in some way. Slowly, Usopp crawled out from under his blanket and headed towards the voices.

"Luffy-bro, Nami-sis has a point. We don't know what this Usopp will do."

"B-but, Franky, Luffy's right! Usopp's still Usopp. He'll help. I know he will. He already saved me once, remember?"


Peeking from behind a tree, he saw a group of strange people. They were all dressed really weirdly, and there was even a tiny furry something that wasn't any pokemon Usopp knew and a walking skeleton. Usopp shivered again and hoped against hope that these strangers were talking about another Usopp, because he didn't want the attention of these people.

"Looks like we don't have a choice."

"Why do you say that, Robin-chwan?"

"Because it appears we have a spy."

Arms sprouted from the tree hiding Usopp and pushed him out into the open. Usopp gulped as 8 pairs of eyes turned toward him.

"U-um…h-hi. I-I just happen to be on my way to-to Mt. Quena!" exclaimed Usopp. "I have been sent on a special mission to protect the pokemon who live there from the evil Giovanni by the Pokemon Master himself! I would not stand in my way!"

His speech didn't quite have reaction he wanted. The boy in the strawhat grinned a strangely familiar grin while the rest gave him equally exasperated and disbelieving looks.

"I told you," said the strawhat. "Usopp's Usopp."

"Fine. He's seen us like this anyway, so we might as well tell him."

"I'll be going then!" said Usopp, waving at them from the other side of the clearing. Unfortunately, the arms sprouted again and foiled his quick getaway.

"Hey Usopp," said the strawhat, nearly getting in the long-nosed boy's face. "You remember us."

"R-remember you? From where?"

"Well, I guess it'd be hard 'cause we do look a little different, but we're still the same."

"I have no clue who you are! Let me go!" he shouted, trying to wiggle out of the arms grasp.

"We're your nakama," said Luffy with a large grin.

"N-nakama?" asked Usopp. A heavy realization settled in his stomach. He was the Usopp they were talking about. He wiggled harder. "Leave me alone!"

"No," said Luffy. "You're our nakama."

"Let me handle this," said a tall blonde. He stepped forward, his empty fingers twitching near his mouth. "What the idiot means is that we're your nakama in another world."

"Stop lying and let me go!"

"We're not lying, mush-for-brains! That's your job! Now listen, 'cause I don't know how much time we've got before this storm blows over."

"At least ten more minutes," said the red head in a matter of fact tone.

"Thank you, Nami-swan!" said the blonde, and Usopp wondered for a moment where all the blonde's bones went. The blonde turned solid again as his gaze fell again on Usopp. "We need your help."

"My help," said Usopp, not trying to keep the skepticism out of his voice. "For what?"

"As soon as this storm passes," said the black-haired woman who was crossing her arms, "we will return to being your pokemon."

"M-my pokemon?!" exclaimed Usopp. He peered more closely at the group and quickly noticed the similarities. "B-but how?"

"Some grand moron decided to experiment using some sort of interdimensional enhancing system and somehow ended up dragging us out of our world and into this one while at the same time merging us into those stupid bodies. So we need your help to get us back, got it?"


"I think you may have overloaded him, Sanji-kun," said the skeleton. The blonde barely spared the skeleton a glance before locking eyes with Usopp again. Usopp shook his head.

"W-why would you need my help?"

"I thought I already told you that, moron."

"B-but…You guys are my pokemon, right?"

"Yes," said the blonde, his fingers twitching towards his mouth again.

"So you…you're sure you need my help?"

"Yes, you moron! So are you going to help us or not?"

"Of course," said Usopp pounding his chest and noticing for the first time that the arms that had restrained him had disappeared. "The great pokemon ranger Usopp never turns down those in need of help!"

"Alright! That's great!" said the strawhat, throwing an arm around Usopp. The blonds rolled his eyes, but seemed to grin anyway. "'Cause it'd be hard to be Pirate King as a monkey mystery."