Tale of the Twin Wolves

By Storm Wolf77415, Wing Commander White Wolf, and Centurious the Azure

Chapter 14

Interlude 1: The Arctic White Wolf and His Snow Fox

(February 18th, C.E. 71, EAS Archangel, African Community)

Anthony groaned as he slowly awoke. The pain of the last battle with Silva and his forces was still present. He made to get out of bed, only to find his arm trapped by something. It was then he remembered what happened last night and his vision focused on the warm, feminine, and very naked body curled up against him, their legs intertwined. The Arctic White Wolf looked on at his beloved, still marveling at the sheer impossibility that they would find other in the middle of the war.

He took in everything about Loretta's face gently brushing his finger along her cheek, her skin smooth to the touch. Her long, straight flame red hair, just a few shades lighter than Flay's, pooled around on the sheets, tracing the form of her naked form under the covers. For Anthony, he couldn't imagine a more beautiful sight. She began stirring, her eyes fluttering as she awoke, giving him a beautiful smile. "Good morning." Her voice was gentle as a cloud.

"Good morning to you, my gorgeous little Snow Fox." Anthony sat down, gently fingering the locket hanging around Loretta's neck. "I forgot just how flexible you are when you get all worked up." Loretta giggled, sitting up, the sheet covering her front, as the two shared a delicate kiss. "Sadly, as much as I enjoyed last night, we have to get to work. I'm sure Silva and his boys aren't going to sit on their laurels for long." Loretta pouted, but soon she climbed out of bed and started getting dressed.


Anthony and Loretta entered the cafeteria together, holding hands. They found Sebastian and Lacus sitting at one of the tables, being just as lovey-dovey as always, a reminder that despite their enhanced genes and the incredible burden they had been saddled with, they were still just teenagers at heart. He caught sight of his partner, waving them over to share breakfast with them. Loretta leaned her head against his shoulder. "The wolf of thunder and lightning and his little song bird. They do make an adorable couple, don't they?" She remarked.

"No doubt about that. I'll admit I had my doubts about bringing her with us. Then again, I imagine it would have been worse if Lacus didn't accompany us on our mission. Pup was such a mess after Endymion, she was the only thing that let him sleep at night." Anthony remembered the haunted look in his younger brother's eyes as his precious songstress held his hand, whispering reassuring words to him after yet another nightmare.

The White Wolf banished those thoughts from his mind. He didn't need the reminder, since he had his own demons to haunt him. "That being said, I think this has been good for both of them. Lacus always enjoyed singing and entertaining the crowds. But I think there was a part of her that just wanted to be a normal teenaged girl, let people see the person beyond the pop star and politician's daughter."

The two of them sat down. "Good morning, Captain Russo, Lieutenant Frost, how are you today?" Lacus asked.

"We are just fine, milady." Anthony replied, putting an arm around Loretta's waist, as the redhead leaned to rest against the White Wolf's shoulder. "We just came in for breakfast. Loretta can't start her day without her morning coffee, after all. We both slept very well, and I'm sure you did as well, am I right?" He leered a bit.

The Storm Wolf let out a bemused cackle. "You're one to talk, Anthony. It's obvious you two got into it last night. My sense of smell may not be as acute as yours, but I can tell what you were up to. I still can't believe you never told me you managed to land Loretta Frost? THE Loretta Frost, one of the hottest supermodels in the entire world." Loretta started blushing at the compliment. "I am very disappointed in you, my brother. I thought you would have shared something like this with me!"

Anthony allowed himself a satisfied little smirk. "Even I have to keep some secrets, Pup. The time we spent together was very intimate and personal." His expression grew serious. "Besides…you were the one who told me to take some time off in the first place. You remember that night, don't you?" Sebastian and Lacus didn't need to be reminded. Both of them did indeed remember the night in question.

(June 9th, C.E. 70, Aprilus One, Clyne Residence)

"What is the meaning of this, Pup?" Anthony said, waving a sheet of paper with official ZAFT letterhead in his partner's face. "I've been put on medical leave? You know about this?" Sebastian just sipped the tea Lacus had laid out for him. "I asked something of you, Commander Connor, I expect an answer." His voice became low. The Storm Wolf turned to face him, wearing his own cold glare. Anthony hadn't expected such fierceness out of his friend.

"And you can't give me any orders, Commander Russo. Unless you've suddenly become illiterate, you're not in command right now…I am. Or need I remind you of the state you were in two nights ago when you came home with a blood alcohol level of 1.2? You could have started your own liquor store with how much booze was in your system!" Sebastian's voice words stung, but Anthony knew he had overdone it. He had spent a lot of time at the bars since returning to the PLANTs.

The events on the moon had left the Arctic White Wolf's entire world shattered. His entire team decimated, and the woman he loved dead. With memories of Shelby's last anguished cry still ringing in his mind the only comfort Anthony found was in the bottom of a bottle. "I guess I have let myself go some." He admitted quietly. Sebastian's face softened. "You're lucky, Pup. Even with the pack gone, you still have your mate to come home to…I don't even have that."

Sebastian clapped a hand on his shoulder, giving Anthony a brotherly hug. "Shelby was a hell of a girl, her skill with a gun was matched only by yourself and Rachel. I miss her too, and she wouldn't want to see you like this. We both know that. Take some time off and get yourself back together. I can handle things here for right now and you come back when you're good and ready so we can start kicking ass and taking names again."

"Do you have a place to go, Commander Russo? I'm certain I can arrange something." Lacus said.

"I appreciate it, Milady. But I've already got somewhere in mind." Anthony replied, kissing the songstress's hand. "My Dad and I have a fishing cabin in Maius 2. It's always been a comforting place for me. I'll spend some out in nature and get back into top form." Lacus gave him a sisterly kiss.

"Then be safe, Commander. May God be with you," The pinkette said.

(June 11th C.E. 70. Emerald Lake Resort, Maius 2)

The white Harley-Davidson rumbled to a stop in the parking lot. Anthony doffed his helmet. He took a breath of the fresh air blowing over the lake as he let the nostalgic memories of days past over him. The Arctic White Wolf's past didn't have much, but this was a rare exception. Anthony came here many times when he was just a boy with Victor, the two would bond over fishing and campfires, helping to soothe the break up with Marie.

"Nothing here has changed. Everything is just how I remember it." Anthony said with fondness, the cabins, painted brown with white trim was exactly the same now as it was when he was just a young pup. He walked to the office, taking in all the details. He looked through the screen door and grinned. Just as he expected, working the counter was a plump woman, her hair was grayer from the last time he saw her but she was still the same wonderful woman who doted on him as a boy. He opened the door, letting it close behind him with a loud clacking sound.

The woman turned to him and spoke with a grandmotherly tone, "Good morning sir, welcome to Emerald…Oh My God!" She gasped, her hand came up to her mouth, not sure she wanted to believe her eyes. "Anthony Russo? Is that really you, my boy?" He adjusted his glasses, letting the light reflect off the lenses. "Oh, it IS you, Anthony! I haven't seen you in forever!"

"Hello, Jeanette." Anthony said, his usual mask dissipating and he cracked a rare, genuine smile, folding the older woman up in a huge embrace. "It has been awhile. How long has it been now, Five years?"

"Try closer to eight! I'm very disappointed you've taken so long to come back, young man! I thought I taught you better than that!" Jeanette Miller's tone was meant to be chiding, but there was so much merriment behind it, "Still, it's always nice to see the little ones return to the den. How is your father? Is he alright?"

"He's just fine, but he's got his hands full with work." Anthony said. He had visited David, currently overseeing repairs to the Blood Fang and Blizzard Prowler after the severe beating both ships took at Endymion, the elder Russo had wholeheartedly approved of his son taking some much needed time off, "I thought I'd stay a couple of days. Is our old cabin still available?" Jeanette tittered, grabbing a key off the pegboard.

"Good old Cabin 117, as a matter of fact I just had it refurbished." She replied. "How about after you've settled in I make you something to eat? I imagine you must be hungry."

Anthony couldn't help but be taken in by Jeanette's cheerful nature. As a child, she was always putting a treat into his hand, saying as a growing boy he needed lots to eat. He never worried about being hungry during any of their fishing trips. It also helped she was a great cook. "I'd like that." He said. "We have a lot to catch up on after all. Think you could make your homemade pizza? It was always my favorite."

Jeanette let out a hearty laugh, one that would be able to warm even the coldest hearts. It always made Anthony feel good to hear her. "I'll get started on it right now, dear!" Anthony left the office and made his way down the winding path along the lake. Even after so long, he could still remember every bend, every rise and dip by heart.

"Perhaps Pup had the right idea by sending me here. It is nice to revel in memories of good times." He said to no one in particular. He stopped in front of one cabin. "Here it is…117. Just as I remember it." The White Wolf walked up the steps. He stuck the key in the slot, hearing the scraping of the deadbolt sliding back. He took a deep breath and entered. The cabin had been freshly cleaned and vacuumed. Not a single speck of dust could be found. He dropped his bag on the floor, crashing down on the bed to get some rest.

About an hour later, Anthony awoke with a yawn, feeling revitalized. He decided to go for a walk along the lake before going over to Jeanette and getting some of her homemade pizza. It was late afternoon; the simulated sky was turning to violet, gold, and orange colors of evening. The air was fresh coming off the lake. "Maybe Pup had the right idea. I really do need to kick back every once in a while."

He walked along the dirt path, watching the sun reflect in the water. He noticed a flurry of activity on the other side; a large group of people was rushing about. Curious, Anthony made his way down the trail toward the throng of people. He could see a couple of canopies set up. People were moving lights and carrying cameras. Anthony froze in his tracks, entranced by the vision of loveliness in front of him.

A young woman sat on a rock. Long flame red hair cascaded down well past her shoulders, providing a stark contrast to her pale, creamy skin. The girl's breasts were massive, barely held in place by the revealing bikini she wore, matching the color of her eyes, an icy blue that struck a chord deep in the Arctic White Wolf's soul. It was then the woman turned her head, and the two locked eyes. She smiled and waved at him. Anthony just weakly waved back.

Lacus giggled in that adorable way only she could. "Aw, that's so sweet!" She clapped her hands in delight, "It was love at first sight. Just like Sebastian and I." She nuzzled up against her husband, who began playing with her silky locks, smelling of flowers.

Loretta gave a playful smile. "I was just sitting there minding my own business when I see this guy with glasses standing there dumbfounded. It wasn't anything I hadn't seen before. Plenty of guys have been left speechless by my looks, but this guy was different." She took hold of Anthony's hand. "I thought there was something earnest in his eyes, so I waved at him. Of course, my security saw this and chased him off. But I wouldn't be denied."

Anthony gave a slight nod. "Yeah, she showed up when I least expected it. I had come to the resort to do some fishing, so I figured I'd better get started."

The White Wolf sighed as he sat on the dock, watching the small red and white sphere that was his bobber float on the water. However, that was not what was occupying his thoughts at the moment, the red-haired woman and how she waved to him, constantly replaying in his mind. Still it wasn't an unpleasant image at all. He got a tug on his line. "Ooh! My first bite of the day!" Anthony immediately began spinning the reel, "I can't let this get away!"

There was a heavy bend in his fishing rod as he continued working his reel. He let out a cry of victory as his line came up, a good sized big mouth bass on the end. "Ha ha! Now that's what I call a nice catch." Anthony whistled, holding up the fish. "Wow, you've got to be at least at least fourteen inches. Not bad for a first catch."

He heard a light clapping. "Nice catch, you going to cook that up?" Anthony turned, and his glasses almost fell off. The woman from yesterday was standing there, toned arms folded under her ample chest. She was wearing a strapless black one-piece swimsuit under a white shirt worn open, a black sunhat on her head. She pulled her designer sunglasses down, revealing those ice-blue eyes. "I hope I haven't intruded on something?"

"Uh, nothing at all." Anthony struggled to find the words, but he was too entranced by the vision of beauty. He got up from his seat. He cleared his throat, standing up as tall as possible, while schooling his features to its usual neutral mask, but it was proving to be far more challenging than normal. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Commander Anthony Russo, The Arctic White Wolf."

The redhead arched a delicate eyebrow. "The legendary ZAFT ace? Wow, I'm star struck!" She cocked her head to the side. "I had heard you were quite the pilot, but no one mentioned you're were cute as well." Loretta let out a delicate giggle, as Anthony struggled to keep a straight face. "Oh, you're too funny for words!" He stiffened as she took hold of his arm. "Perhaps you could escort a lady around?"

"Uh…yeah! Sure! I used to come here all the time with my dad, I've known the owner since I was a kid." Anthony said, not wanting to believe this was happening to him. He prayed his face wasn't warming up when she cuddled up close to him, her breasts digging into his side. "So…you came out here to the PLANTs on a photo shoot, huh?"

"Oh yes, my modeling company had heard about this place, said it was a hidden gem. It's not hard to see why." She couldn't deny Emerald Lake was a picturesque location. "I hope my being here won't ruin this place with tourists." Anthony gave her hand a reassuring squeeze, eliciting another giggle from her.

"I don't think you have anything to worry about in that regard." He looked out across the lake. "By the way…you never did give me your name."

"Oh, where are my manners?" The Arctic White Wolf wished he could take a photograph of that moment, taking in the sight of this beautiful creature, with the crystal blue sky framing her face. Her flaming locks dancing about in the gentle breeze coming off the lake. "I'm Loretta…Loretta Frost."

"Oh, that's so romantic!" Lacus gushed, as Loretta's cheeks started turning red, and Anthony just covered his face with his hand. "It's so lovely that you were able to find someone to share your time with, Captain Russo." Lacus reached across to hold Anthony's hand. "I remember how upset you were after Endymion, and what happened to your teammates. It appears that Miss Frost managed to make your days happy."

"I won't deny that at all." Anthony said, looking into his lover's brilliant blue eyes, while holding her hand, noting how soft the palm of her hand felt. "I found a sense of contentment thanks to my little Snow Fox, here. I felt like I could finally move on from what happened at Endymion." He bowed his head slightly, the lenses of his glasses catching the harsh lights. "However, I knew in the back of my mind it couldn't last forever."

Loretta's eyes grew misty, reaching into her shirt, pulling out a simple looking silver locket. She took it off, giving it to Lacus, who opened it up, revealing an image of the two of them on the lakefront. Lacus saw the words engraved with elegant scrollery. "Wolves mate for life. If I didn't know any better I'd say this was a proposal."

"It may have as well been one." Anthony said. "Sadly, I had to return to duty, and Loretta returned to Earth. I thought I would never see her again, expect in my memories." He cracked a wan smile. "I've never been so happy to be wrong in my life. I'm not about to let you out of my sight again, my Fox." Loretta gave him a delicate kiss.

"The feeling is mutual. It would take the full might of the Earth Alliance fleet to pry us apart." Loretta rested her head against Anthony's shoulder. "Perhaps one day we'll have little wolf puppies and fox kits running about." Those words made Anthony freeze a little, eliciting a smile from Loretta. "I'm hoping to have children one day, but I'm not in a hurry."

"Same here…" Anthony trailed off. He hadn't considered having kids, and the notion of it intimidated him just a bit, but he did his best to mask it. "Either way, we still have a long road ahead of us. Silva and his goons will return sooner or later, and Andy will take his crack at us, just to keep up appearances. Not to mention we're going to need to resupply before too long." Anthony let out a light groan. "Just one headache after another it seems!"

Sebastian gave him a pat on the shoulder. "One day at a time, my friend. One day at a time. It's like you said, the only easy day is yesterday." Anthony just gave a weary nod, before looking to Loretta, who just gave a cute smile.

(February 19th, C.E. 70. Bandiya, African Community)

The Desert Tiger and Witch of Victoria were considered some of ZAFT's finest ground commanders for good reason. As such, they were always training and keeping their skills sharp. The TMF/A-802 P-Mod.W BuCUE Andrew Waltfeld Custom prowled around the training arena, the sun glinting off orange and gray paint scheme, the metal fangs looking particularly menacing.

The unit was squaring off against a second BuCUE colored a brilliant violet, trimmed in purple, with a pair of large hornlike antenna on either side, and gold crosses on the forelegs. Cornelia's custom unit was equipped with a pair of 450mm railguns, not to mention the armor was lighter than the standard model to give it a slight boost in speed. Some would argue that was detrimental in regards of defense, but her raw skill made up for the unit's shortcomings.

The two commanders were having a quick practice match. Andy nimbly maneuvered his unit out of Cornelia's range, the sand where he had been standing turning the same colors as Cornelia's hair and mobile suit. "You're good, flower, but not good enough." Andy smirked, his BuCUE crouched low, looking like a tiger ready to strike, he opened fire with the thirteen-tube missile launcher he preferred, pelting the area with orange splatters of paint.

Cornelia was quick to respond, rushing forward to ram Andy's machine, following up by slashing with large metallic claws, only for the orange and black counterpart to try digging its fangs into the shoulder. "You're not to going to get me that easy, Waltfeld!" Cornelia said, yanking back on the controls, leaping backwards.

Inside the other BuCUE, the Desert Tiger just smirked. "But of course. It would be too easy, otherwise." The two BuCUEs continued to circle, their metallic hides covered in sand and grit.

The various members of the Waltfeld and Lamperouge Teams were watching as their commanding officers duked it out. It was always a thrill. Rachel watched with bated breath, sitting next to a girl with short strawberry blonde hair. "Neither of them have lost an inch, have they?" The Iron Dove asked one of her teammates, Lieutenant Marika Soresi, who was part of a four-girl unit called Valkyrie Squadron, along with her best friends, Lilyanna Vergamon, Anna Peries, and Maria Falkner.

"No, they have not." Marika said, resisting the urge to flinch as the two BuCUEs once again got in each other's faces, metallic fangs and claws scratching at each other, leaving slash marks along the frame of the two mobile suits. Cornelia fired off a barrage of paint shells from the railguns, while Andy struck back with some paint rounds of his own, pink and orange paint blobs landing all over the place.

"It's a good thing this is just training, otherwise they would have torn each other apart a long time ago." Captain Andreas Darlton, Cornelia's other chief subordinate remarked. He whistled, watching as the Violet Witch tried to ram the Desert Tiger once again, but Andy pulled a maneuver no one expected, as his machine leapt over his opponent.

Also present were Yukimasa and Seina, both were as enraptured by the fight as everyone else was. "Wow, they don't anything by half do they?" the pink haired singer asked, stretching out in a chaise lounge, wearing a red tank top and khaki shorts, revealing her long, toned legs. She had seen her fair share of practice matches, but this one was particularly exciting. The two machines moving in blurs of orange and purple.

"Hey, Commander Waltfeld is never one to let his claws get dull." Yukimasa just watched with a calculated expression, recalling that Andy had wanted to get a warm up in before challenging the Archangel, something Cornelia readily agreed to. He wondered if it were possible for him to join in the assault, even if it was a staged match, it would be a chance to see Sebastian and Anthony again.

DaCosta winced with every blow, while he had the utmost faith in his commanding officer, he couldn't help but think the Desert Tiger was a little crazy at the best of times, especially with how he was jumping about in such a confined space. Cornelia was known for being a hard charger, striking fast and brutal at every turn.

He suddenly felt something cold press against his back, poor DaCosta leapt about three feet in the air, going for the holstered sidearm, only to find Maria standing there with a bottle of water in hand. "Really, Lieutenant Falkner?" He grunted.

"You are way too uptight, Sergeant." The brunette said, pushing the water into DaCosta's hand. "Both our COs know what they're doing. They just want to be ready for the coming attack, so just lighten up a little." DaCosta had nothing more to say, just opening the bottle and letting the cool fluid run down his throat.

Cornelia and Andy were both sensing this was the end. The two BuCUEs were prowling, each waiting for the right time to strike. For everyone assembled it would have been fitting if the machines roared in challenge before the final rush. Cornelia made the first move, firing off a round from the railguns, as Andy's missile barrage came a scant few seconds later, both machines were pelted with paint, leaving purple and orange spots on both machines.

"The match is a draw!" Guilford announced, as Waltfeld and Cornelia dismounted from their machine. Everyone was clapping as the two commanders walked up. Since it was just training and with the harsh desert heat, neither of them had worn their flight suits.

Cornelia smirked, offering a hand to Andy, who promptly accepted it. "Well, another hard-fought match. I'm surprised you didn't use your LaGOWE for this." She indicated to the machine sitting on the other end of the practice yard. It looked even nastier than the BuCUEs, armed with a pair of heavy beam cannons, and unlike Andy's other machine, it was completely orange.

"I'm saving it for later." Andy remarked, taking a towel from Aisha to wipe the sweat out of his face. It was then Lilyanna came up to them.

"You need something, Lieutenant Vergamon?" Cornelia asked.

The blonde girl, resplendent in a red uniform much like Marika and Maria currently were wearing, snapped to attention, offering a crisp salute to Cornelia, who returned it thusly. "Yes I do, Ma'am, your husband is on the line. He wants to speak with you as soon as possible."

"Very well, Lieutenant. I'll take it in my office." Cornelia gave a salute to Andy, before heading into the building. After grabbing a quick shower, The Witch of Victoria entered her office, crashing down at her desk. She keyed the communication array, causing the image of a man in his mid-forties with graying brown hair and firm brown eyes to appear.

"Hey handsome." Cornelia smiled, her body sagging at little at the sight of her husband, sitting in his office aboard the Aurora. Mark's white uniform jacket was off, draped over the back of his chair, leaving just the light blue t-shirt that was standard issue on all ZAFT uniforms on, revealing a toned, muscular frame. "I missed seeing your face." She said in a soft voice, leaning forward a little.

"Right back at you, beautiful." The Crimson Fox replied. Even after being married for nearly twenty years, Cornelia was still as beautiful now as she was the two first met. "I've been up all night doing paperwork and finishing up mission reports, and I'm eager for the respite. There are days I think my brain is going to spew out of my ears if I have to sign my name to one more form."

"That's not allowed, and we both know it. Your brain is a necessary component of the war effort. Not to mention, I don't want you sitting around the house a drooling mess." Husband and Wife shared a light chuckle. Cornelia rested her chin in her palm. "How are things up in space at the moment?"

"It's been pretty quiet for the last couple of months." Mark leaned back in his chair, hands going behind his head. "Aside from a few isolated skirmishes here and there, we haven't been a large-scale battle since the whole thing with Sebastian and Anthony in orbit." His face grew a little solemn. "Tell me…how are the boys right now?"

Cornelia just gave a reassuring smile. "They're both fine. Lacus is as well. It's obvious she's been a huge boon in keeping the two of them balanced. Sebastian sends his thanks for rescuing Gabrielle. I know it was a huge relief to know that one of his wolves was alive."

Mark folded his arms. "He may not be part of my team anymore, but that doesn't mean I don't look out for those I consider family. Sebastian and Anthony both fall into that category, as well any of their teammates." His eyes narrowed slightly. "I heard about the whole thing with STRIFE, they haven't been giving you any trouble as well?"

Cornelia just snorted. "Silva and his boys have been keeping a low profile since they got wrecked by Sebastian and the others. I imagine they're going to be watching intently with this next battle, hoping they'll be able to exploit any weaknesses we find." She frowned. "They probably wouldn't shed any tears if we just happened to end up dead as well."

Mark stretched out, "I doubt you have much to worry about in that regard dead." A large yawn escaped his lips. "It's getting late, dear. I'm going to get some sleep. I'll talk to you later."

"Until then, Mark." Cornelia blew a kiss and waved to her beloved as the screen went dark.

(Archangel, that same night)

Kira was in his quarters, lounging on his bed, his blue uniform jacket draped across the back of his desk chair. He had spent the better part of the day working on tuning the Strike's operating system to perform in the harsh desert environment, and the young student turned soldier was exhausted. The door opened, admitting Flay. "Hi sweetheart." He said.

The redhead flashed that dazzling smile he knew so well. Kira wondered if she could have what it took to be a model like Loretta. She laid down next to Kira. "You look tired." She whispered, running delicate fingers along his cheek. Kira gave Flay a weary nod, playing with her soft red hair.

Her smile became playful and even a little mischievous. "Well then, I think I know how to make it all better." She began unbuttoning her own jacket, leaving the white and red t-shirt, very tight against her upper body, before doing the same with her skirt, revealing her pink underwear. Kira paled a little as Flay crawled onto him.

"Flay, what are you doing?" He asked in disbelief, as the redhead cuddled up against him, hoping his face was heating up at the sensation of her breasts digging into his stomach. She just gave a cute little titter, putting a finger on his lips with the cutest smile.

"It should be clearly obvious what I'm doing, Kira Yamato." Flay gave him a kiss, the harsh lights illuminated her in such a manner as to give her an ethereal air, showing the pink lipstick she was wearing. He hadn't noticed it before, but it gave her an extra edge of maturity. "I want you to make me a woman, right here and now."

Kira's eyes widened in total shock. There was a part of him that dreamed of this day. He had thought a relationship with Flay would have been totally beyond his grasp, but since October, she had stood at his side, giving him much needed love and support, which had grown all the more important since they had been thrown into the middle of the war. Although the thought of them actually having sex was also a little intimidating.

He struggled to find his next words carefully. "Uh, I would have no objections to this, Flay. But are you sure really sure about it? I mean, I could get you pregnant, and I wouldn't want to put you in such a position." Kira's rant was cut off by another kiss from his girlfriend, this one even deeper and more passionate than the first one.

"It doesn't matter to me, Kira. It never did at all." She protested, tears began forming in her bluish-gray eyes. "I would be happy to bear your child. So please…" There was a pleading in Flay's voice. And it was evident to Kira why she was acting this way. He reached up to stroke her face.

"I'm sorry, Flay. I didn't consider you were still thinking about your father." It had only been a few weeks since the battle in orbit, where George Allster had made a desperate last stand, buying the Archangel the valuable seconds needed to get planet side. "You're still hurting over his death. I'm sorry for not seeing it sooner."

Flay's delicate pink lips twisted into a loving smile, as happy tears flowed down her cheeks. "Thank you, my love, so please…make love to me." Kira dried her eyes with the edge of the bedsheet. The young couple shared another loving kiss, and before long their clothes were going flying all over the room, and moans of passion could be heard coming from the hallway.

(Three Hours Later)

Kira and Flay lay side by side, the redhead was clutching onto his hand, her eyes shining with her love. "I guess having genetic enhancements isn't all bad." She purred. "You were quite impressive, Kira."

"I'll admit. You were rather surprising yourself." Kira was amazed at how flexible Flay was and how she had twisted her body during their lovemaking. "You clearly took dance classes right?"

Her smile was all the proof he needed. "Since I was three. Perhaps when we get back to Orb, I'll have to show you my leotard collection. I bet you would love to see that?" Kira audibly gulped at those words, already getting images in head, only for Flay to gently tap him on the chin.

"Down boy…we're not out of the woods yet. You have to keep focused on the task at hand, which is keeping this ship safe and getting us out of Orb. There will be plenty of time for us to have fun later."

"Whatever you say." Kira said, it was then the alarms starting blaring. The two of them sat up. They had come to know that sound well. It meant that they were about to get some visitors and not of the friendly type. They were just about to get out of bed when the door swung open, admitting Cagalli. Flay instinctively covered herself with the sheet.

The blonde stared at the naked couple for a few seconds. "It looks Commander Waltfeld and Commander Lamperouge are coming to visit us. Kira, get to the Strike, Flay, you're needed on the bridge, and I'm going to pretend I never saw a thing!" She walked out of the door without a single word. The couple just looked at each other for a couple seconds, laughed before getting dressed.