Hot Cocoa Carrot Smoothie

This is my first ever Fanfic so, be nice and there might be mistakes. I write differently too heh he.

Gwen-Ben what is that thing inside your smoothie

Ben-oh it's the best part of the smoothie

Kevin-I've seen lots of pretty disgusting stuff but that's number one

Ben-how can you say that you just haven' t tried it yet

Kevin-are you kidding i rather send my car to the junkyard maybe not

Gwen-the smoothie's bulging

Kevin-what do they make it out of bet it's pretty disgusting

Ben-nope it's carrot with hot cocoa mix

Kevin-you just ruined my apetite

Gwen-stop talking about your smoothie Ben it's disgusting

Ben-(smirk) Okay then how about a bet you both have to drink one of these and if you can't you give me 10 bucks apiece

Kevin-why would we drink these stomach bombs

Ben-if either one of you drink a whole smoothie i'll quit smoothies for a month

Gwen and Kevin-it's a deal

An hour later...

Gwen and Kevin-disturbing puking sounds...

Ben-Guess i don't have to quit smoothies

Kevin-Tennyson come back here i'm going to kill you!

Ben-walks off and says i win

The End! Hope you enjoyed it!

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