Little Kid Another Big Shrink-written by Detectivekid95 original by Manzanita

It had been a couple of months in the lives of Conan (Shinichi Kudo) and Arthur (Kaito Kuroba) Edogawa, Aoko visited mostly everyday since she found out Arthur was Kaito the whole time every thing was normal until…
6:30 PM

"Haibara you've gotta help something is wrong with Ran and Aoko" Conan shouted trying his best to carry Ran who looked in a lot of pain

"What happened" Ai asked looking at Ran

I don't know we were walking then all of a sudden both Ran and Aoko said their body's were hurting so I thought…" Conan said before he was cut off

"That they were symptoms we had and yes you were right but I must ask was there any times she might have come in contact with your blood since you last became your teenage self" Ai asked him

I don't know that time I got injured at Tropical Land there was a lot of commotion what with being attacked by Vodka I don't remember" he explains

Well it must've happened without you guys knowing" Ai told him

That makes sense except I'm wondering why didn't it take effect soon after" He asked

"I don't know we'll find out as soon as it's over," She told him

That Night 7:06 PM:

The girls had been fighting for 36 minutes then they finished transforming and knocked out.

As Ran and Aoko woke up and Conan came up to them looked at his watch and said "Welcome to our world"

Both Ran and Aoko looked at him and asked " What do you mean by that"

A better explanation would be right here," Arthur said picking up a mirror

"What happened?" They said at the same time

Exactly what happened to us except differently?" Ai told them

"B-But how we never took that drug" Ran asked

"That's easy to answer it was probably when Shinichi and Kaito were their true selves you must've exposed your DNA to their infected blood " Ai explained

"But how come it took so long to take effect" Aoko asked

I don't know it might take a few days of experiments to find out but until then you will go back to elementary with new identities and no buts" she told them

I kind of guessed that I would have to go back but what are we gonna tell our dads and where are we gonna live I don't exactly wanna live with Ran's dad" Aoko said sarcastically

Don't worry about your dads just tell them that bad people are after you two and so you have to go into hiding and about the housing arrangement Dr. Agasa has a lot of room so you two will be staying with us while Conan and Arthur will be from now on be staying in his house…" Ai said before she was cut off

Ya know you two could pass off as twin sisters since you two look exactly alike except for the hairstyle" Kaito

"Except we need to think of names for you two" Conan told them

Chapter 1 end

P.S this was made with Manzanita's permission hope you enjoyed

~ DetectiveKid95 ~