The Heart of a Dragon

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Chapter 5

The next morning Relena left the cottage before Millardo was awake. She walked up the path toward the Archer castle. She knew that Heero was there. She walked up the path, through the gates, and across the front lawn. The fear and panic she felt before, now long forgotten. As she was about to put her finger to the bell, the massive oak door suddenly swung open, and there stood Heery Yuy.

"I figured you might come." He said looking at her with his fierce cobalt blue eyes.

Relena met his gaze and smiled warmly at him. Heero simply nodded and turned inviting her into the castle. Relena followed entranced by the castle.

"Why did you come here?" He asked, when they reached the center of the hall.

"I wanted to be sure you were okay."

"You shouldn't have, it's too dangerous."

"You can't scare me off Heero" Relena met his gaze, as if challenging him

"I guess there's no point in hiding the truth. Follow me I have something I want to show you." He said sounding unfazed by her remark.

He went up a set of stairs in the corner of the hall.

Looking nervously in every direction, Relena followed Heero up the narrow, winding staircase. They continued up the staircase, almost as if the stairs went up forever. Relena guessed he was taking her to the highest tower, but for what purpose she did not know. Heero remained silent as they continued up the stairs, as if lost in his own thoughts.

They finally reached the top of the tower much to Relena's relief. Heero walked through the door and went to stand by the large glass window at the end of the room. Relena stopped at the door and looked around to admire the room. It was packed with books all along the walls, and were papers scattered everywhere. A few of the books had pictures of fierce creatures, while others had strange writing on them. A desk and chair sat in the corner of the room, books were scattered and papers were thrown all over it. Curiously she stepped forward into the room, turning her attention to Heero, who currently, was looking out the window. After a while he turned and motioned for her to go sit in the chair by the desk. Relena gave him a reassuring smile and took her seat. Taking in a deep breath, He began his story.

Odin and Amber Yuy were the happiest couple one could have imagined. They had built a castle up on a hill overlooking the fast growing village. Odin was a wizard of sorts. He was skilled in making potions that could do anyything from making your hair grow twice its length, to a potion that could give you three times your normal strength. He had fallen in love with Amber one day when she had walked into his small shop. It had been love at first sight for the two, and soon the couple found themselves with a baby on the way. Odin had built the large castle for his new family, sparing no expense.

There couldn't have been a happier until the fateful night when everything changed.

One night, the gardener of Archer Castle dug up an object, which he gave to Odin Yuy. It was a small black stone, as dark as night. It was smooth to touch, almost as if it might slip between your fingers. As soon as Odin looked upon it something swelled deep within him. He knew the stone possessed some great power and he became obsessed with unlocking its power. Days passed and Odin spent his days locked in the highest tower looking at book after book, searching for answers.

Amber grew ill from the baby and was bed ridden, she would cry out for her husband to come, but it was in vain. The stone possessed a dark magic and Odin, though he didn't know it, was already lost under its spell. Finally, the long awaited day arrived, that Amber went into labor. Yet still Odin refused to leave the tower, brushing off the complaints from his servants saying she would be fine. Heartbroken, Amber died giving birth to their son, which, with her last breath, she named Heero. When Odin heard the news he became stricken, his desire to unlock the stone vanishing instantly.

But what Odin did not know was that the stone had already taken control of him. Odin tried to destroy the stone, casting it into a fire, but the stone unleashed its power upon him. The stone overtook Odin, turning him into a monstrous fierce dragon, unleashing mayhem and destruction among the village, leaving no survivors. Soon the only one left was his infant son, Heero. Just as he was about to destroy his son, Odin cried out his son's name and used all his remaining power to stop it. He died in the process of trying to stop the stone, saving his son from the same fate the village had suffered. But just as he was about to slip away into an eternal slumber, the stone's power left him and escaped into the tiny, infant baby's body.

The tiny infant instantly began to change; it sprouted wings and grew a tail. Its skin was replaced by hard, thick black scales, and its face turned into that of a dragon's, much like his father. But the stone's power was not the same as it was, for the wizard had drained half of its power. Over time as the infant grew, it slowly began to gain control, to the point that the stone could not stay in its form constantly. As he grew he spent years of study on the stone trying to figure out a way to release himself from the curse. Knowing that he was a threat to all around him he stayed in solitude. Little did Heero know all it would take to release him from the curse, was simply his name.

The village began to grow once again after its destruction. The mystery of the castle remained and became the topic of folk lore and legend.

He finished his story, letting out a deep breath.

"Heero, I'm so sorry", Relena said, her heart breaking for the man before her.

He looked at her and smiled. "I want to thank you Relena, you gave me back my true name and defeated the beast within me."

Relena smiled warmly at him, "You're welcome Heero."

"I must ask, how did you know my name?" Heero asked looking at her couriously

Relena smiled at him, taking his hand in hers. "I would love to tell you, but first, will you walk me home?"

Heero smiled back at her squeezing her hand.

Hand in hand, the two walked down the stairs, and left the castle.

The End

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