Author's Note: The setting for this one is at the end of Chapter 36. A brief summary of a certain character's situation (readers of NGE: ND will probably guess who it is).

Inspired by Earth Scorpion.


The Scripture of the Desperate Prince

There once was a prince...
...and in his sight was Damocles' Sword.
To the fortress he went,
the salvation of a damned world,
his inheritance made clear to all,
a weight to bear for mankind's sins.
Through pain and sweat and blood,
for the sake of those he loved,
he endured all that the unknown dared to bring.
Yet the chaos bloomed,
Legion bringing down the hammer,
the first crack in days that seemed halcyon.
Down and down the rabbit hole,
his cornerstones fracturing,
peace and tranquility ceasing,
confusion and fury everlasting.
The world cried for an Atlas,
and he could only weep as his shoulders ached.
"Why do I carry man's hopes when I can't protect what matters most," said he.


To be continued...