Coach- dual pistols

Ellis- grenade launcher, baseball bat, automatic shotgun

Nick- magnum

Rochelle- assault rifle

"Get down Nick," Coach's voice echoed. The conman was shoved to the ground as a Hunter pounced Coach, knocking him to the floor. "God damn it!"

The Hunter clawed Coach's ribs, leaving four long scratches in the man's skin. Coach grabbed the Hunter's jacket then threw him to the side. The Hunter rolled over its shoulders then landed in its crouched position. The infected roared as it prepared to pounce again.

"Fore!" A large man with a shaved head and goatee, wearing a tight, short sleeved muscle shirt strode forward and slammed a golf club into the gut of the Hunter, causing it to shriek with pain and lie flat on its stomach. "Suck it!" The young man then connected the end of the golf club with the Hunter's face, literally breaking its face. The muscled young man lifted the golf club above his head and cheered. "Ten points for Alan! I'm the greatest!" Suddenly, a long, slimy pink muscle wrapped around Alan's body. "Uh—OH!" The Smoker pulled back on Alan, dragging him through the smoke and dust.

"Hold on kid," Coach called out, chasing after him.

"I swear I'm gonna beat you to shit you god damn Smoker," Alan shouted. Gunfire rang out and the Smoker's tongue went limp. Alan grumbled as he tried to pull the tongue off his body. Coach ran up, knelt down and started to help him.

"You alright son," the heavyset man asked.

"Peachy," Alan replied. The buff survivor looked up, seeing an unfamiliar, human face. "Holy—you're not a zombie!"

"Thanks for that," Coach said with a joking tone.

"No, no I mean you're a survivor! I thought we were the only ones still alive!"

"Don't we all." Coach threw the tongue off Alan then helped him to his feet. The dust and smoke finally settled, and Rochelle and Ellis came running towards Coach.

"Hot damn, who's this guy," Ellis asked. "He looks like he's a Tank without the infection."

"The name's Alan, and you're no scrawny punk yourself." Alan gave a playful punch on Ellis' arm then took a mock fighting stance. Ellis laughed then returned the stance, both bouncing around on their toes while throwing mock punches.

"Hey, enough horsing around," Coach said with a laugh.

"NICK," Rochelle shrieked. The men snapped their heads around, seeing Nick holding the magnum to his head.

"What the hell," Coach shouted as he and Ellis ran towards him. Alan quickly took two steps forward and hurled the golf club at the conman. The metal object hit Nick in the back of the head, knocking him off balance as a shot rang out. Coach and Ellis tackled Nick and knocked his gun out of the way.

"What the hell are you thinkin Nick," Coach shouted.

"Get the hell off me," Nick screamed, wrestling with his two friends.

"Come on Nick, what the hell was that for?"

"Whose bright idea was it to shoot the god damn grenade at the wall!"

"Wait, that was you guys," Alan asked, turning to Rochelle. The newswoman simply stared back with disbelief then walked towards her group.

Suddenly, a door flew open, causing everyone except Nick to turn to the sound. An angry looking brunette with her hair back into a ponytail walked out, fiery eyes scanning the room around her. Despite a look that could make Tanks run for fear, Ellis' eyes widened with shock at the astounding beauty of the woman.

"Who the HELL shot Jamie?"

"Wait, someone shot Jamie," Alan asked. "Why don't I know what's going on?"

"Now calm down," Coach grunted, trying to keep Nick pinned to the ground. "This is all a big misunderstanding!"

"Is he gonna be okay," Alan asked.

"He got shot in the hip," the brunette replied. "He's gonna be fine, but I'm still PISSED!"

"Wait," Nick spoke up. "I shot him in the hip?"

"And you were ready to shoot yourself in the head," Rochelle snapped accusingly. "What the hell were you thinking?"

"Which one shot him," the brunette asked.

"Th-that'd be Nick," Ellis stammered idiotically. The brunette took a step forward before Alan jumped forward and held her back with his massive arms wrapped around her body.

"Whoa Zoey, hold up!"

"I'm gonna beat your ass down Colonel Sanders!" Ellis chuckled stupid, still unable to bring himself to focus on anything besides Zoey's face.

"Colonel Sanders," Alan, Nick, and Coach asked simultaneously. Alan shook his head then started walking away from the new survivors.

"Zoey, I think you've become too violent! These guys are survivors like us, not zombies! You can't just kick their asses for no reason! We don't have enough people to form a street gang yet!"

"Yeah," Ellis agreed, again not paying any attention to anything. "Nick didn't mean to shoot his nephew…" Zoey and Alan both froze, staring at the idiotic redneck with blank stares.

"Nephew," they both repeated.

"Yeah, names Nick, nice to meet ya," the conman replied, annoyed by everything so far in the past hour. Him trying to kill himself from shooting his nephew in the hip made him feel like more of an idiot that Ellis.

"Wait, you're the Nick," Zoey asked. Coach and Ellis got off the conman, allowing him to sit up and nod in response. "What kind of uncle shoots his own nephew?"

"Hey listen here cupcake, I didn't know who it was alright? Although I'm starting to wish I shot you instead!"

"Bring it wuss!" Nick suddenly rose to his feet, eyes hardening with anger to match Zoey's rage.

"ENOUGH," Coach shouted loudly enough to shut up an entire horde. "This whole thing is one big misunderstanding so stop BITCHIN about it or I'll kick both of your asses myself!" Everyone was dead silent and staring at Coach with wide eyes. Ellis and Rochelle took a step away from him, completely terrified from seeing Coach this upset.

"Is Jamie okay," Coach asked after a prolonged silence.

"Doc said he should be fine," Zoey replied, her tone now quiet. "Uh, I'm Zoey by the way, nice to meet…most of you."

"I'm Alan."

"You all can just call me Coach."

"I'm Rochelle, it's a pleasure to see some new faces." Nick grunted, turning away as he crossed his arms. They already knew who he was. Ellis had the dumbest smile on his face as he stared at Zoey, unable to form any proper words. "Ellis," Rochelle said quietly, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Ellis sweetie, are you okay?"

"H-hi," the mechanic said. "I'm Ellis…"

"Hi Ellis," Zoey replied slowly, a bit freaked out by the mechanic's stare. There was the sound of a door creaking open, causing the six survivors to turn their heads around. A tall man with blonde hair neatly swept back, wearing a dark red button up shirt and black khaki pants walked in.

"Who're the new guys," the blonde asked.

"Coach," Alan began, pointing at the big black guy. "Rochelle, Ellis, and Jamie's uncle Nick. Coach, Rochelle, Ellis, Jamie's uncle Nick, this is Doc, our doctor."

"Hello," Doc replied carelessly, giving a lazy wave. "Which one of you guys shot him?" Doc turned his head to Alan, giving an expectant glare.

"It was me," Nick muttered.

"Wait," Doc began, spinning around to face the conman. "You're Jamie's uncle…and you shot him?"

"Is he okay or not," Nick snapped.

"Yeah he's fine," Doc replied. "Zoey, he said you could come see him, only if you didn't kill anyone. Personally, I would've been okay if you at least roughed Alan up a bit." Zoey smiled and rolled her eyes.

"Thanks Doc," she muttered quietly before heading to the back room.

"Tell him he's not to be walking," Doc called out after her. "At least not until we get him some pain pills…"

"So I guess you're the leader of the group," Rochelle inquired, trying to stir up conversation.

"Who me," Doc asked, pointing to himself. "Hell no, Jamie's the one whose been keeping us alive."

"Say what," Nick questioned, a hint of outrage in his tone.

"That kid is crazy, bold, brave, and probably one of the most reckless people I know. Second only to one," Doc muttered, looking over at Alan.

"What," the buff survivor asked definitively. Doc rolled his eyes then looked back to the others.

"You're letting a kid whose not even twenty years old leading you guys," Nick seethed. "What kid of man are you?"

"A man who doesn't jump on Tanks for fun," Doc replied. The survivors' jaws dropped with shock. "Or who throws himself in front of Hunters to save other people…or runs off with Tanks chasing him to save a group of people or-,"

"I think they get it," Alan said, slightly annoyed that Jamie had a more impressive track record than him. "Trust us: Jamie is a natural leader. We would've been zombie lunch a long time ago if it wasn't for his crazy ass thinking."

"Nick," a voice called out. The survivors turned back to the door, seeing a ticked off Zoey looking out. "Jamie wants to see you." Her tone obviously implied she still hated the man. "And this time don't bring a gun." Zoey retreated back into the room while Nick glared at her for the comment.

"Well, this is it," the conman told himself.

"Go get em Nick," Coach said, smacking the conman's back for support. Nick took a deep breath then walked towards the room.

Nick's thoughts were racing, going through countless possibilities of what Jamie's reaction would be. Would he be mad that he shot him? No shit. Would he be angry that he never saw him? Had Kathy's hatred of Nick wore off on Jamie? Maybe he'd be happy to see his dear old uncle…not likely.

Before Nick knew it, he was already at the doorway, turning the corner to see his nephew, now a young man. He was shirtless, most likely so Doc could get to the bullet wound. There were various scratches and scars all over Jamie's body. Doc did say Jamie threw himself into harm's way to save his friends countless times. This must've been the result. Jamie had shoulder length, light brown hair that was parted at the forehead. Jamie looked up to Nick, a smile coming across his face.

"Hey Uncle Nick…" Nick stood there for a moment in silence. For the first time in a long time, Nick was genuinely scared. The conman swallowed down his nervousness and opened his mouth to speak.

"Hey kiddo…"

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