Coach- shotgun

Ellis- machete, pistol

Nick- N/A

Rochelle- dual pistols

The helicopter ride was slow and quiet. The pilot refused to let the survivors come into the cockpit for fear that they were carriers. Nick sat the furthest away from the door, staring at the metal ceiling with one leg extended outward, and the other bent at the knee to rest his arm on. Ellis was somehow resting on the floor, curled up in a ball with his hat lying next to him and his hair was a greasy mess. Coach was lying on his back, trying to work his knee which was hurting him. Rochelle sat a little ways from Nick, looking around the helicopter even though there was nothing to look at. Nick sighed then reached into his suit pocket and pulled out an old, brown, beaten wallet. He unfolded it and looked at the pictures inside of it.

The first picture was of a young woman with light skin, light blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, shining lips that formed into a lovely smile. His older sister Kathy. Nick flipped to the next picture. It was a picture of Kathy with her two sons: Jamie and Edward. Jamie was the youngest, and was only a baby in this picture. Edward was technically Kathy's step son. He was the son of the guy who she later had Jamie with. They had the same dad, just different moms. Despite not being related by blood, Edward still had Kathy's color hair, but brown eyes. The next picture was the two kids, older, and with Nick. Ed still had the same light blonde hair, and Jamie had dark brown hair at that age. The last two pictures were of Nick wrestling with his nephews. The first picture showed him Nick having Edward in a headlock, and the second one was Jamie on Nick's back, the latter in a chokehold. Nick smiled a bit, having a sense of relief now that the zombie nightmare was over.

"Hey," Rochelle's voice whispered. Nick looked up, seeing the news reporter smiling at him before sitting next to him. "Looking at pictures?"

"Yeah, they're of my family."

"Oh, I've never seen em." Nick handed the wallet to Rochelle. "These are your nephews you told Coach about?" Nick nodded once, recalling the events in Whispering Oaks amusement park. (A/N: see story Family First on my profile). "Looks like a happy family you got Nick."

"Thanks," the conman replied, taking the wallet back before he put it in his pocket. "I'm hoping to see them again."

"Where'd they live at," Rochelle asked.

"They lived up in southern Pennsylvania." Rochelle's eyes widened with shock. "Don't worry, I'm sure Kathy would've pulled those kids out as soon as she heard there was something wrong. She's way too overprotective."

"You sure they'd be okay?"

"Without a doubt," Nick replied dismissively. "Kathy is paranoid as shit."

"Sounds like you've got someone to go back to," Rochelle stated with a smile.

"Yeah…what about you?"

"Me," Rochelle repeated. She shrugged, "Most of my family moved from California to be closer to my grandparents. They live in Nevada."

"They're safe them. You got people too. What about you Coach?"

"Me," Coach let out with a groan. "I ain't got a lot of family left. The ones that I do have live around the North West part of the country. Agh, damn it!" Coach let his leg drop to the ground. "I swear this physical therapy ain't helped me for shit!"

"Running from zombies sure does the trick," Nick joked with a smile on his face.

"What about Ellis," Rochelle asked suddenly. "Most of his family has to live south right? That means he doesn't have anyone left…"

"Shit, that boy is too optimistic to be dwellin on shit he can't do nothin about. You should know that by now Ro." The news reporter nodded once with an unsure look at the slumbering redneck. "So what're ya'll gonna do now that this is over and done with?"

"I'm takin you to McDonalds Coach," Nick replied, his smile growing wider. Coach chuckled amusingly and Rochelle let out a few stifled laughs. "And then I'm putting you on the Jenny Craig diet!" Coach let out a loud, hearty laugh, slapping the bottom of the helicopter as his whole body shoot with laughter.

"Damn, that's the funniest damn thing you've ever said," Coach said between laughs. The sounds of Coach laughing woke Ellis up who groaned from his sleep.

"Can't a guy get a decent nap," Ellis asked.

"I don't know how you can sleep honey," Rochelle admitted. "The floor is cold and the sound of the damn engine is too loud for me."

"Awe shit, I doze off all the time whenever engines are runnin. This one time, me and my buddy Keith were workin in the shop, the shop bein where we fix cars and shit, and Keith sleeps like a log. Anyway, we had a huge stack of tires against the wall, and Keith decides he wants to sleep on a stack of oil drums. Well my buddy Dave was backin up this one guy's truck and accidently bumps into one of the stacks of tires. Like a dozen towers of tires fall on Keith and burry him. Now tires are real heavy and shit and it takes us almost two hours to get to Keith and the bastard is still sound asleep. Well we took him to the doctor and he said Keith was in a coma, not sleepin."

"I've been meaning to ask, but how the hell is that Keith guy still alive," Nick asked.

"Say what?" The rest of the team waited for Ellis to continue. "Sorry, I'm just use to ya'll interruptin my stories and shit. I actually don't know how Keith still ain't dead after everything he's been through. Doctors keep tellin us it's a miracle he's alive and functionin."

"I'll say," Coach agreed. "That boy's got more problems than you Ellis."

"I'll say," Ellis murmured. "Hey where are we headin to again?"

"Dunno, that DAMN PILOT won't tell us anything!"

"Yo Nick, stop that shit," Coach barked. "This man did us a favor by stayin so long for us."

"Yeah, and the bastard almost took off without me. I don't owe him shit."

"Hey guys let's not worry about this right now kay," Rochelle cooed. "I don't think we need any type of fighting right now."

"Yeah…you're right…"

"So what's everyone gonna do once we get back to civilization," Ellis asked, leaning forward like a child. "I guess I'm gonna have to job hunt somewhere to be a mechanic…"

"Shit, I'm gonna have to find a job too, and a new place to live," Coach stated. "Hopefully I can live with one of my family members for awhile."

"Okay, well aside from the job thing what's everyone going to do," Rochelle restated.

"Shit, I guess I'm gonna hafta find me a place to live," Ellis muttered. "And I'm gonna have to get use to city life!"

"Shit kid, there aren't that many people out west," Coach replied. "There are more people on the east coast than the country. First thing I'm gonna do is find my family and have a BIG ol' dinner!"

"First thing I'm gonna do is decide where to live," Rochelle admitted. "I've got a lot of savings I'm willing to spend now on a nice studio apartment."

"What about you Nick," Coach asked. "It'd be a shame if you went back to your life of crime after all we've been through." Nick scoffed then looked to his team with a smile.

"Trust me I am DONE with crime. First thing I'm going to do is find my family and stick close to em."

"What about a job man," Ellis asked. "Everyone needs a job."

"Hey, just because I'm a con doesn't mean I don't have savings like Rochelle and the rest of you. I've got enough money to get me a nice place. I might get a part time job as like a banker or some shit."

"You, a banker," Coach asked shortly before laughing loudly.

"What the hell's so funny?"

"Nick," Ellis began, letting out a chuckle or two, "I think what Coach means is that a bank won't hire you if there's a chance you've robbed one before." Coach's laughter grew louder and now the large man was on his back, holding his sides. "Also bank people are usually nice and they smile real big like when they see a customer, ask how their day is and stuff. You're more of the type of person to cuss someone out because they said hello to ya."

"Oh you're a riot Ellis," Nick muttered, trying to fight the smirk on his face from watching Coach laughing.

"Whoo, that was a good one Ellis," Coach admitted with a grin on his face. "But I also think that the people who had you money would want it in their account Nick, not in your pocket."

"Hey, I said I was giving up crime alright," Nick snapped definitively. "I was just giving a banker as an example."

"Ah we're just fucking with ya man," Coach replied humorously. "That's great that you're gonna give up that criminal habit of yours for your family."

"Yeah, well who would've thought that it would take a zombie apocalypse to make me realize how important family is." Coach opened his mouth to speak when suddenly the survivors felt the chopper descending. "What the—what gives?!"

"Hey," Coach shouted, getting to his feet and walking over to the door. "What the hell are ya doin? Why are we headin down?!"

"We need to refuel," the pilot stated over the radio. "There's a military fueling outpost that we're landing at. I'm going to need you four to get out and start fueling it up."

"You gotta be fucking kidding me," Nick screamed. "Why didn't you refuel in New Oreans?!"

"With what," the pilot shot back. "Helicopters don't run on water."

"He's right ya know," Ellis piped up. "This one time me and my buddy Keith-,"

"Ellis, sweetie, can this wait," Rochelle asked, placing a hand on the mechanic's shoulder.

"This is bullshit," Nick shouted again. "You'd better give us a damn gun or something!"

"Nick," Coach piped up. "WE got guns."

"I want a gun damn it," Nick pouted. The chopper lowered closer to the ground before gently landing.

"Alright, you all can get out and start fueling the chopper up," the pilot ordered. "And hurry it up." The boarding ramp lowered to the ground, revealing that the survivors were now in the middle of a heavy forest.

"Alright, Ellis and Rochelle, you two stay in the chopper just in case we need to make a quick escape," Coach ordered. "Nick and I are goin out to fill this damn thing up."

"Here ya go Nick," Ellis said, offering his pistol. Nick nodded and took the firearm and followed Coach towards the abandoned military base.

"Damn military asshole," Nick muttered as he and Coach approached the gas pump. Coach pulled up the nozzle and opened the gas tank for the helicopter. Nick scanned the area, seeing no nearby zombies as he heard the pump starting. Luckily it wasn't too noisy over the sound of the muffled helicopter blades. "How long does it take for a chopper to get fueled up usually?"

"Dunno," Coach replied with a shrug. "Not soon enough is all I gotta say…"

"Amen to that," Nick mumbled, staring around in the forest. "Shit, its cold out." Coach looked around, just noticing the icy bite of the blowing wind.

"SHIT," the pilot's voice boomed over the chopper's speakers. Nick and Coach turned around, seeing the helicopter lifting off.

"WHAT THE FUCK," Nick shouted. Suddenly, a Hunter came flying out of the trees, landing on the front of the chopper. Nick and Coach looked into the forest, seeing a horde of zombies coming towards them. "SHIT! Not this again!"

"I ain't gonna die after all this," Coach screamed as he pulled out his shotgun. The helicopter pulled the gas pump out of the ground, still going up into the air. Gas started shooting into the air like a geyser. "Eeeeeugh, god damn it!"

"Coach, get back," Nick shouted as he raised an arm to shield himself from the showering gas. Coach quickly ran back, not firing at the zombies for fear of blowing himself and Nick up. The conman followed Coach, turning around once to see the horde of zombies coming at them. "Take this you zombie bastards!" Nick fired a pistol round at the base of the gas geyser. The gas went up in flames in an instant before exploding. The blast shook the ground, and threw Coach and Nick back on the ground with a painful thud.

"God DAMN IT Nick!"

"Hey, did you have a better idea," the conman asked, groaning as he struggled to push himself up. Coach and Nick turned around, seeing the helicopter spinning out of control and heading down into the forest. "Shit! Ellis and Rochelle are on that damn thing!"

"Get a hold of her damn it," Coach screamed fustily at the pilot. The helicopter went down and hit with a loud crash. "God damn it all!"

"That fucking idiot," Nick shouted. "Couldn't fill up before we took off, had to do it AFTER picking up civilians! Stupid ass hole!"

"Come on Nick, we gotta find Ellis and Ro," Coach barked.

"Are you fucking kidding?! That helicopter CRASHED in the forest! Even if they survived the crash the whole forest has got to be filled with infected!"

"Right, and that explosion probably got their attention, so if you wanna stay here and say hello then be my guest. I'm goin in that damn forest, whether its filled with infected, bears, or infected bears, and I'm gonna get Rochelle and Ellis and if I have to, I'll drag them out of this forest. You hear me!?" Coach then turned and started walking towards where he saw the helicopter crash.

"Ah shit," Nick sighed out. "I guess I can't leave a helpless old man on his own in a forest can I?"

"Who you callin old," Coach asked, an amused smirk on his face.

"Hey, I'm just fucking with ya. If there are any bears out here though, you're wrestling with them got it?" Coach chuckled with amusement as he and Nick entered the forest. "What do you think is gonna be waiting for us in here…?"

"Hell if I know," Coach admitted. "Nothing we haven't faced before though."

"Let's hope not. If there is, I'm gonna beat you with a stick."

Sorry that this chapter seems so short, but it seemed like a good place to stop right? The next chapter will have Coach and Nick running through a forest together to see if Rochelle and Ellis survived the chopper crash. Did they, or did they die!? OH NO! only time will tell…hehehe…

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