I watched as Quil, Embry, Leah, and Seth walked away and I couldn't help what I said next.

" Be careful guys. And Leah. Don't forget We're supposed to meet in four hours for dinner!" I practically yelled since they were getting farther.

"Jeez Bella, stop being such a worry wart!" Jacob said exasperated. Renesmee giggled. Before I could defend myself Alice said.

" You know she can't help, she worries about the most inane things."

Jacob said "Yeah, that's true." covering my protest. Then all three of them start laughing, and even though I was a little miffed I joined them. We stood there laughing for a couple minutes, until Alice remembered why we had come all the way to Seattle. She turned to Jacob, and he caught on instantly, and was already shaking his head back and forth. I barely bit back a laugh, though Reneemee couldn't and when she started giggling it started all of us laughing ,excluding Jacob, who had the funniest mix of expressions on his face, a mixture of horror and surrender. Because he knew he couldn't talk himself out of this one.

" Oh, come on Jacob we've had this conversation back home!" Alice trilled.

" No, you had this conversation and bullied me into it!" He said loudly.

" We don't need details. We're doing this, and that's that. Tell him Bella!" She said exsasperated.

I gave her my best blank face. But inside I was laughing. Renesmee touched my arm, and she showed me a picture of Jacob and Alice's faces, and then an image of her laughing.

" Tell him what Alice? It was your idea." I almost laughed at the glare she was giving me. I finally sighed and said. " She's right Jacob. By coming you agreed. What's the big deal any way, if I had to do it you have to!" I said with a sweet smile.

He gave me a mock growl, and gave us a curt nod.

" Come on Nessie, let's go see if we can find an ice cream stand. Or maybe a candy stand. We can load up on sweets." He said with a smug smile,when Nessie started saying " Oooohh, Yea, please mom. I want ice cream and candy. Pleeeeeaaaassseee!" In this way she is just like every other child, she loves sweets. I gave Jacob a glare,before I say. " No, Renesmee you can only have one!"

"ahhhhh, man!" She says, but in the end she agrees.

" Come on, Jacob, we can get sweets later. Right now it's time to go shopping for your graduatioin outfit!" She fairly squealed, and went to the first men's shop she saw.

I gave Jacob a final smirk before grabbing Nessie's hand and following Alice. Jacob, meanwhile, followed us slowly, obviously dreading the shopping trip.

Jacob was still complaining when we entered the store.

"Ahhhh. Come on Alice, why couldn't you have just ordered the stuff like you always do?" Jacob nagged.

" Because we want you to have the whole experience of trying on different outfits."He Interrupted with a "I'm not a girl argument", but she cut him off. "We want to see the clothes on you before we buy it." she said this in a tone that sounded like she was saying "duh".

We spent about three and half hours in various stores around downtown Seattle. By the time we came out of the last store, it was almost time for us to meet up with everyone else for dinner. Not our dinner, we were taking the wolves and Nessie out to dinner at a Bar-b-que place they heard of.

We were heading towards the designated meeting spot when Alice stopped to look at some gloves she liked in a window. I was standing there, trying to act as normal as possible (human), one-sixteenth of my concentration was focused on what Nessie and Jake were talking about, the other parts of mind were focused on various aspects of my life,memories, day to day life. But a more important part of my brain was focused on everything around us. The Scent, the noise, the sights, everything that could be considered a danger to my daughter, to my family. And then, just when the wind blew towards us I smelled them, I didn't recognized their scent. I have never smelled anything like them. When I turn towards them I see that one them has already caught us in her sight. There arethree of them one big guy, just a little bit shorter than Jacob andjust as wide in the shoulders. The other two were women One with jet black hair and the other with blonde hair, both beautiful in their own right. In the background I see Jacob realize that I have seen something, and I hear Alice coming towards us. I get in a defensive position, I can't stop the hiss that escapes my lips.