Alright, x-over time!

This one is gonna be Starcraft, C&C 3, Metroid Prime 3, and possibly others.

Also: if anyone reads this and has a deviantart account, I would REALLY appreciate it if you drew something from this since I can't draw worth crap. Just please put it down as being from a fanfiction by Archon of Darkness or masterofThardus (my deviantart account name).

In the space above the dying world of Phaaze, a leviathan struggled to reach its portal. It knew it wasn't going to make it though.

But as it approached, a voice spoke into its head.


The beast looked to the percieved source. There was another Leviathan! However, this one was far, far larger.

"Come," it repeated. "And I shall give you your greatest wish: life."

Almost in a trance, the smaller Leviathan moved toward the larger.

In a broken and battered city, a single Scrin Shock Trooper moved toward a large fallen meteor. At first it thought the meteor was a drone platform, but no reinforcements came from it.

Then, a voice spoke to it.


The trooper looked around, but the voice seemed to be inside of its head.

"Bring your comrades to me," the voice said. "Bring them, and I shall grant your greatest wish: you shall be a protector of life, not life's destroyer."

The trooper considered for a moment, then ran to summon its allies.

A squad of Zerg stood miserably on guard.

Why were they miserable? They knew they were about to die. A Protoss attack force was on its way, and they were the only ones guarding this area.

Yet they couldn't run. They were physically and mentally incapable of disobeying their cerebrate, Zasz.

Then, a voice spoke into their heads.


They looked around, wary and ready to attack. But the source was no where to be found.

"Come to me," the voice repeated. "I am protecting you from your master. Come to me, and I shall grant your greatest wish: you shall be free."

Immidiately, the squad moved in the direction that the voice mentally indicated. Soon, they came to a massive, blue meteorite that had crashed not too far away.