****still flashback****

Nathan asked Haley to take a walk with him, and ofcourse she said yes. So here they are walking hand in hand.

Haley would see Nathan look over at her and she would smile at him to show him she was fine with it.

Nathan finally said "How about a game of 20 questions?"

Haley thought about it for a few and finally said ok.

She didnt see how that game would change a thing. so let the games begin!

HAHA! I'm not that evil guys there will be one more update b4 exams start monday. maybe tomarrow. or sunday. Then monday though Friday are EXAMS. Math monday. And physical science Wednesday! those are the ones I have to past to become a senior.. OMG.. I'm worried sick! Wish me luck please! I'll need all I can get. lolz.