**** still flashback****

**** the game****

Nathan starts the game by asking haley if she had a boyfriend.

Haley looked at him and said " No, Do I look like i'd be with you right now if I had a boyfriend?"

Nathan said he was sorry. That he didn't mean anything by it. Just like that she forgave him.

Haley then continued by asking him what he wanted to be after collage.

Nathan looked at her and said" I want to help kids. I think the best way to do that is to become a teacher."

Haley looked at him shocked and said" You want to be a teacher?"

Nathan said"Well..Yea."

What he didn't tell her was he just got him dream Yesterday! At Tree Hill High. As an English teacher.

They spent the rest of the Summer together. At the end of it they desided that it would be alot easier if they parted ways because they would both be busy.

Her with her Senior year** He didnt know that though.

And him with his new teaching job** she didnt know that though.

The next chapter will be back to present..

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