A/N: I read a few HP/ Bridget Jones crossovers, must now try to write one. Mostly for my enjoyment. Main ideas from 'Draco Malfoy's Army', story no longer in process.

Saturday, August 28th

124lbs (Candy overload), Sweets 23 aprox., Fags 2 (Considering patch things that help with that), Time in front of mirror 20 minutes (Improvement)


Good life is over. Mother says Durmstrang is crap. Just because I get caught in the boys dorm five times a week. Am being transferred to Hogwarts. Done the rounds saying fare well to friends. Got minions to fetch me tea and chocolates.


Mother is here. Said no use keeping anything here as no possibility I will ever return. Said quick (15 minutes) fair well to Thomas in broom closet. Packed up and ready to leave perfect life behind.


Stopped writing in search of tea and chocolates on train, successful. Hogwarts, mother tells me is a prestigious well rounded school full of nice suitable children. Does not sound like my cup of tea. Speaking of tea. This cup does not have enough sugar. Considering weight should go on diet, cut down on sugar intake and fags. Fags do help with weight loss, cut down partly on fags.

Mood; Rebellious

Music; Hello My Treacherous Friends Ok Go

Sunday, 29th August

122lbs (Good start), Sweets 0, Fags 3 (Using three patches), Time in front of mirror 15 minutes (Proud of self)


Received shit letter from school regarding joining the sixth years and contents of shopping list. Mother and I went shopping at 'Diagon Alley' strange place filled with stranger people. Met three people that go by the "Golden Trio". Famous boy Harry Potter, Vigorous red head Ron Weasly and Bushy beaver Hermione Granger. Bushy took instant dislike to me after I hit on two strapping males. Conversation went as follows;

"Hello you look new. Are you going to Hogwarts?" Bushy asked sweetly.

"Yes, I am transferring from Dumstrang." I replied hotly.

"You're pretty what's your name?" Vigorous red head asked.

"I was going to ask that! I was going to..." Famous boy rambled.

"Je m'appelle Bridget Mallory" I said in my perfect french.

"You speak french" Bushy said in a cold tone glaring at perfect self.

So obviously have already gained two admirers and one enemy and a few gorgeous dress robes to impress all males.


Am at lost of what to write. Hopeful that new school will not be a disaster. Leaving for start of term in three days. Just enough time for a fat flush.

Mood; Hopeful

Music; As A Blonde Selena Gomez

Wednesday, 1st September

114lbs (Fat flush successful), Sweets 3 (Nervous habit), Fags 3 (Also nervous habit, wearing two patches), Time in front of mirror 20 minutes (In preparation of new school appearance)


First day of school, ready in new school robes am to be sorted in front of WHOLE school in a room called the great hall. Luscious light blonde hair is curled and bright green eyes are accompanied with mascara and eye shadow of a light grey. I look stunning and even though the robe isn't very slimming I still look fabulous.


Strange way on getting to train by travelling through brick barrier, genius some might say. Am on train in compartment with Harry, Ron and Bushy. Boys still obsessed with me. Not that I'm complaining. I learnt about the school apparently Slytherin and Gryffindor are the good ones. Didn't know which one I preferred until a handsome Slytherin Draco Malfoy came in to insult Harry.

"Potter back for another year at Hogwarts?" He sneered, "Weasel still scraping by enough to pay for second hand clothes and Granger, well you're just annoying."

"Hey!", "Your git!" and "Watch your mouth!" were a few of the insults that were thrown out.

"Shut up! Is this a new girl, what's your name?" He said in a seductive tone.

"Bridget Mallory." I replied just as seductive.

"What house will you be in?" He asked leaning on the door frame in his dark green suit.

"Hopefully whatever one you're in." I replied winking.

"We'll see you in Slytherin" He replied walking away, "See you at school scar head."

The boys then got all emotional about me flirting and wanting to be in Slytherin. Bushy seemed a bit more welcoming now that it seemed I had found a new target. I calmed the boys saying there was enough of me to go around and we spent the rest of the ride chatting about Hogwarts.


I'm up in my dorm on my new...SLYTHERIN bed. Malfoy and the others were pleased to have such a beauty like I in the house. Apparently a popular custom to call everyone by last name. Our House professor is Professor Snape. A mysterious man I intend to get closer to. Sorting hat concluded I was a perfect match for Slytherin being as I am. Being a pureblood and part veela helps too.

Mood; Triumphant

Music; Other girls snoring (unattractive quality in ladies)