A/n: So it's been awhile but I'm back, I think. Look out for the veronica mars quote. Oh and in my world she has potions everyday and I guess everyone else does too.

Friday, September 10th

114lbs, Sweets 0 (WOAH), Fags 1 (purely for image)


I am on an absolute high and nothing and no-one can tear me down!


At least I was. Until that Ginny puff-ball came by and told me Harry was her man and I better stay away from her man and if I don't stay away from her man she would hex me! I mean talk about emphasis on a lie, she isn't even with Harry! He's on my list!

Anyway the only thing holding me together is my secret affair with Snape and my desperate housewives fan fiction! The dramatics are becoming me.

Monday, September 13th

115lbs, Sweets 5, Fags 3


I am once again writing while eating because I simply need to get the words out. I took the weekend off to relax from everything it was very efficient. Potions were very good today. I'll do a quick recount.

I entered the classroom and gave Severus a wink. Draco sat next to me and Harry sat across the room staring at me. I'm sure if that Ginny Puff was here she would be glaring at me. I laughed aloud and Draco looked at me with one eyebrow raised.

I smiled and shook my head whispering, "Nothing".

Severus flicked his wand and instructions on the potion appeared.

"Draco sweetie can you go get my ingredients for me while you're there?" I asked in my 'sweet' voice.

"O-Of course" He stammered smiling at me. He walked to the potions cabinet occasionally tripping on a book or bag and looking back sheepishly. I shook my head laughing, boys.

He returned after Harry walked by and waved. He glared at him and plopped my ingredients down in a huff. I liked potions and not just because it was taught by a sexy smouldering wizard by the name of Severus Snape, no I actually enjoyed making potions. Today we were making a hair colour changing potion, fairly simple but this one included streaks so it was a bit more complex. I stirred my potion over the heat occasionally glancing at my admirers. I decided blonde hair with blue streaks was a good combination so I put in a few beans and root of garn and smiled as the potion turned a gold colour with blue swirls. I poured it into a tube and bought it up to Snape's desk.

"Hello", I smirked putting my potion tube down and leaning closer, "Has anyone ever told you they wanted to bake cookies on your abs?"

He looked a little shocked but composed himself and smirked back, "They have now."

I smiled gleefully and swished back to my desk. I decided to take it slow with this one and work out a plan for total control.

So, isn't it amazing! I am making so much progress. I wonder if Draco will try to make a move or Harry or Ron, I still haven't forgotten him.

Wednesday, September 15th

116lbs, Sweets 100, Fags 4



I have been going over and over what happened at dinner and I just don't understand how it could have happened! This is beyond 'wow-ness'. So first I get to dinner and I sit down with Draco and before the food arrives a silver box does. Just *poof* onto my plate and I looked over at Draco and he was all "not me!" so I was beyond surprised. I opened it up and there was a calla lily it wasn't any Slytherin colour or anything it was just perfect. Draco and Harry hadn't sent it because they were hitting themselves over not doing it first but when I looked out at Snape he smiled and lifted his glass which is like a "I did it! I did it!" I grinned for the rest of the night as Draco tried to get my attention but failing miserably.

Friday, September 17th

113lbs, Sweets 0, Fags 0 (Still in my good mood!)


So Harry is spending more time around me but who's complaining! We had a talk and I'm re-thinking everything in my life. I think I'm getting too attached to my diary I'm talking to it right now! So we were talking...

"...And then I ducked under and grabbed his face and he went 'AHHHHHHH' and then he turned to ash and well I fainted but I was just really tired after you know defeating Voldemort for the first time." Harry ended his heroic story of his first year at Hogwarts.

"That's amazing" I laughed, "You are such a hero", I joked.

"See Hogwarts has changed you, see that right there when you first got here you were totally set on just getting guys and being as mean and cold-hearted as possible but all it takes is a few months and you are all warmed up!" Harry laughed clapping his hands together.

"What! Are you kidding me? No way I am just the same Hogwarts did not change me!" I yelled laughing along with him.

"Admit it Bridget you're a marshmallow!" Harry laughed playfully punching my arm.

"I am not!" I laughed saying goodbye to him and going off to charms.

What if I am a marshmallow! What if I am changed! I thought about it all day during classes I couldn't keep my mind on work too. I do think I changed actually...I guess I have to accept it. That Bridget Mallory, she's a marshmallow.

Mood; I don't know if it's a mood but I am feeling all clear on emotions and brains.

Music; Jack & Jill Katie Herzig