Title: The REAL life of Kagome Higurashi

Author: Ashleigh131

Disclaimer: I own nothing (I wish I did though) but the plot.

Rating: T

Summary: Kagome Higurashi, or should I say Hatake, isn't what everyone thinks she is. She is a ninja from the village hidden in the leaves. She has a twin brother which she graduated top of her class with. Oh and her family is cursed to live for eternity. What happens when she finally decides to tell her friends in the Feudal Era and what happens when she decides to go back to Konaha after 15 years?

Warnings: No warnings in this chapter

Paring(s): Not sure at the moment, I'll tell you when I think of it.

A/N: I might take a while to update as of school work and my life out of writing and drawing. Before I post a chapter, I am always going to type the next one so I'm always ahead. If I take too long to update, it either means I'm writing an extra long chapter or I'm stuck for ideas.

Also, the characters may be a bit OOC, but this is a fanfic and I can write whatever I like (not being rude or anything).


Hope you like the story

Ashleigh131 (or Ash)


I have a secret. I have a very big secret. A secret not even my best friend Sango knows… I'm a Ninja.


Back to the story, I grew up in the village Konaha with Mum, Dad, my twin brother Kakashi and my younger brother, Souta. Kakashi and I were top of the class and soon both became Juunin (YAY). Years passed and we lived happily doing what ninjas do. Then something tragic happened and Mum, Souta and I got split from Dad and Kakashi. Mum, Souta and found refuge with an old shrine keeper. He said he'd let us live in his home as long as we helped him around the shrine, help pay the bills, feed everyone and so on and so on.

Of course I wasn't happy and left for a few years. I travelled around until I finally found the Hidden Leaf Village. I found Kakashi but I was told Dad died in a war. I was upset but got over it. I stayed with Kakashi for a while, but I had to leave.

I went back to Mum and Souta and told them of my travels before starting high school like a "normal" teenager.

At the age of "15" I fell down the well and met a half demon, a demon slayer and her neko youkai, a perverted monk and a full Fox Youkai. I found out I was the guardian of a jewel called the Shikon No Tama but I accidentally shattered it. The gang and I travelled around collecting the shards. Then there was Naraku who was also trying to get the shards for evil, so we had to get the shards before him.

Now, it's the day I will tell the others of my secret… dam.

That is my life so far…

Oh, and did I mention my family is cursed to roam the world forever.

I hope the story is alright. Please review and tell me what you think.