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A smile stretched across Kagome's face as she watched her mate play with their child. At 4 years old the child was a bubbly ball of energy, easily excitable and constantly babbling about being a ninja like her parents.

Little Anah had her father's green eyes and her mother's black hair and a big smile always present on her face.

Today was her 4th birthday party and everyone was invited. Kagome was excited as her family from the feudal era were coming to visit along with her parents and younger brother, her family from Suna and Sakura and the Akatsuki were a Klso coming.

It had been a while since they had gotten together with everyone, the last time being when Naruto became Hokage a couple of years before. While Naruto was a good Hokage, it was a good thing he had Sasuke by his side to pull him into line.

Sakura hadn't been able to visit since then due to her time consuming role as the co-leader of the Akatsuki. Over the years the Akatsuki have gone from being a criminal organisation to an organisation aiming to help catch criminals and protect some of the smaller villages from attacks.

A few of her friends also joined up with the Akatsuki including Kiba and Jaydi, Hinata and Caldon, and Shino and Hitomi.

One thing Kagome was happy about was all of her friends and family finding someone special; Kakashi and Ken, Temari and Shikamaru, Asuma and Kurenei. Tsunade and Jiraiya. Neji and Konan, Hida and Kakuzu, Tobi and Zetsu, Itachi and Kisame, Iruka and Isshi, Kankuro and Ashleigh, Shizune and Kiyan, Sesshomaru and Roxy, Sango and Miroku, InuYasha and Natasha, Kiba and Jaydi, Hinata and Valdon, Shino and Hitomi, Sakura and Pein, Iruka and Isshi, Deidara and Sasori and Naruto and Sasuke.

With families being made and everyone living their lives to the fullest, Kagome could safely say everyone, including her, is happy.

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