Lee held Amanda close as they stood next to Col. Clayton. They watched as the police brigade rolled out of White's driveway.

"Kinda early for those sirens to be blaring." Lee's uncle said.

"Yeah" Lee answered.

Amanda stared, wide-eyed, at the two men beside her. She didn't say it but, boy! She couldn't believe they actually agreed on something!

"Well boy," the Colonel continued, "Looks like you and I made a good team. Oh, and you too Amanda."

"Well, thank you sir." Amanda replied.

"Yeah," Lee began, "If it hadn't been for Amanda calling to check on Ada tonight, Ada never would have had the courage to call the authorities with her evidence proving White's involvement."

"Yep", Lee's uncle replied, "And if you hadn't tipped off your friend T.P., they never would have taken Ada seriously. Good work son."

Lee's jaw dropped. He had never heard his uncle call him son.

Amanda smiled as she watched the two men link arm over shoulder and walk together back to their cars.

As she watched them leave...

she came to herself...

"Hey don't forget me! I took a cab!"

End Episode Three