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First & Ten Chip off the Old Block


"I don't think this is a very good idea." It seemed like I said those words a lot when Megan said she had a plan.

"Of course it's a good idea. It's a great idea! We have to get back at those jerks from Robinson High, don't we?" She frowned at me and I shifted nervously. I hated it when she looked at me like that, like she was disappointed in me.

"We don't know that it was them who trashed our field," Wyatt pointed out, tugging at his wild, blond hair. "It could have been…"

"I know," Megan interrupted him, her pretty eyes narrowed.

"You said that when you were convinced that Lily and Kayla broke your ballet trophy but it turned out that your dog did it." I was pretty sure she'd known it all along, but she'd wanted to prank our sisters.

"You hated those stupid talking dolls of theirs, too." Okay, yeah, I had but removing their voice boxes had been kinda mean. Mom and Dad had grounded me for two weeks for that one and wouldn't let me play the last game of the season. It had sucked.

"But we don't know for sure…"

"I'm telling you, I know." When Wyatt and I just stared at her, she sighed and shook her head, her blonde ponytail swinging. "Fine. I found out they did it from Mark Strong." Mark Strong was Robinson's starting quarterback. What was she doing talking to him?

Wyatt looked at me and I knew I had to ask. "Why were you with him? And why would he tell you when he knows what school you go to?"

She rolled her eyes. "Please. He's a guy. Why do you think he'd tell me?" Because Megan was the prettiest girl in Arizona, that's why. It was one of the main reasons that Wyatt and I never said no to her. That and she always had really fun ideas. This one was scarier than most, though. This one could get us in trouble with more than just our parents. Mom would kill me if I got arrested.

"Did you go out with him?" Wyatt was actually pouting. Way to be subtle, bro. His crush on her was so obvious. I was at least way cooler about it. Megan didn't think of us as anything other than little brothers, though. She was sixteen and she could drive and date and all that stuff, well, when Uncle Emmett let her. It wasn't fair.

Megan twirled her finger through her hair. "Yes, but it was only to get inside information for you guys. You want to win next week, don't you?"

That was a silly question. It was playoffs. Of course we wanted to win. "You know we do. But how will this help us win?"

Megan put her hands on her hips. "Ryan Cullen, what kind of question is that? Don't you know anything about team sports?" Well, I'd only been playing them for like nine years. What kind of question was that? "It's all about morale! They'll come into school on Monday and find out that their precious mascot is gone! It'll crush their spirit!"

"They'll know it was us." Wyatt was still pouting. "Since you went out with Mark, it'll be easily traced back to you and through you to us."

"Not if I keep going out with him for a few more weeks. I'll pretend to be upset about it and I'll get him all worked up and upset, so he can't concentrate on the game."

"I just bet you will," Wyatt muttered, echoing my thoughts.

"What does that mean?" Megan demanded, glaring at him, her arms crossed across her chest, making her boobs go…shit. Bad thought. She was my friend and that was all. I had to stop thinking about how good she looked. I was getting sick of having to wash my sheets every day and I did not want to have another talk with Dad about how it was normal and nothing to be embarrassed about. When your Mom knows you're having wet dreams, it's definitely something to be embarrassed about.

"I doubt it's a hardship for you to go out with the starting quarterback for the state champions!" Wyatt yelled, surprising us all. "Don't pretend you're doing it for us."

Megan jabbed him in the chest and Wyatt flinched even though he was practically a foot taller than her. He was almost as tall as his dad was after his latest growth spurt and he had a couple inches on me now. It sucked.

"First of all, I am doing it for you, you moron! You guys are my best friends and nobody trashes our field and gets away with it. Haven't I been there for you at every game, cheering you on?" We couldn't deny that. Megan was in the front row in the stands, out shouting the cheerleaders most of the time. "Didn't I practice with you guys so that you got good enough to make varsity your freshman year? Didn't I?" She did. She played corner and tried to intercept my passes to Wyatt. Sometimes she came at me on a run blitz and tackled me to the ground. I liked that more than I should.

"Yes, Meg. You made us better players."

"Damn right I did." Crap. Hearing a curse word come out of her pretty mouth did things to me. "Mark Strong is an asshole." Oh man. We have lift off. "He's dumb as a box of rocks, he tells stupid jokes, he has wandering hands…"

Wait a minute. "Just where are they wandering?" I was going to kick his ass. I didn't care if he was a senior. Nobody touched Megan like that. Nobody but me. Or Wyatt. We had an agreement that if she ever chose one of us, the other wouldn't get pissed. I didn't know if I would still feel that way if she hooked up with him, but I'd try.

"Please, do you think I can't handle that myself?" Oh, I knew she could. Uncle Em and Aunt Rose had taught all the girls how to defend themselves. That didn't mean I wasn't going to kick Mark's ass, though. Megan was my…friend. I wouldn't allow it.

Wyatt's blue eyes met mine and he nodded. I knew he'd be in. Mark Strong was going down, both on the field and off.

"Ugh, would you guys stop trying to be all manly and stuff? Are we going to do this or not?"

"What are we supposed to do with a goat once we get it, if we can?" I couldn't take it to my house. Mom and Dad would definitely notice.

"Easy, we'll put it in our tool shed. Mom banned Daddy from going in there ever again and she's busy at work so she won't be fixing stuff around the house. It's perfect."

It didn't sound so perfect to me but I knew once Megan had made up her mind on something, there was no talking her out of it. "I'll do it but if we get caught and I get benched…" I stopped speaking when Megan squealed and threw her arms around me, her chest pressing against mine. Getting caught wasn't such a big deal, really.

"I'm in, too." Then she abandoned me to hug Wyatt, who looked like he was in heaven. Had I looked that lame? Had she seen? God, I hoped not.

"This is going to be so epic!" I groaned, having heard that from her father more times than I could count. It usually meant bad things.

"So, how are we doing this?"

She smiled at me. Damn, she was pretty. "Easy. I'll get my Dad's Explorer and we'll meet at seven. You guys say that you're going to Trev's birthday party, which you are invited to, right?" I nodded and so did Wyatt. "I'll volunteer to drop you off before I meet Lindsay to go to a movie. They keep the goat on some land right next to the school, a farm or something. We'll go, get it, sneak it into my shed and you'll crush Robinson!"

I wanted to, badly. It was my first playoff game as a varsity starter. Dad and I had been working really hard on improving my game so I could take on a team like Robinson.

Megan touched my cheek and I stopped thinking about football. "You can do it. I know you can." I tried to smile but she was so close and it would only take leaning a little to….no. The bell rang and it was time to head back to class. "See you guys tomorrow!" Megan took off with a wave and Wyatt and I watched her go. We weren't the only ones, either.

"This could go very, very badly," Wyatt muttered as we headed toward Bio.

"If we get arrested, my mom will kill me." Dad would probably laugh it off, but Mom would threaten to send me to boarding school. Again. I was pretty sure she'd kept those pamphlets she'd gotten the last time my brothers got caught playing kissing tag at their elementary school. She hated that we were growing up.

"If we get arrested, my mom will kill me. And Aunt Rose is scarier than both our moms put together. How come Megan isn't afraid?"

I thought back to what my dad always said. "Too much McCarty in her."

"I guess. She's not afraid of anything." Wyatt's voice sounded awed. I didn't blame him. Megan was fearless. And beautiful.

"If we don't go, she'll do it alone."

"I know. So, we're going."

"Yeah." We took our seats in class. Hopefully tomorrow would go smoothly. I didn't want to get in trouble and miss the game. I had extra reason to beat Robinson now. Mark Strong. Asshole.


"You're awfully quiet, Ry." I looked up from the game on TV and focused on my Dad. He was sitting on the floor wearing a floppy pink hat and a feather boa, having a tea party with my baby sister, Maddy. He looked ridiculous but he didn't care. He'd do anything she asked.

"Just watching the game." I shook my head when Tynes made a bad throw that got picked off. "Didn't look off the safety."

Dad grinned. "I've taught you well. Still, it's Saturday. You should be outside. Where are your brothers?"

"Next door." Our neighbors had a son their age and they liked to play guns and crap like that. I was too old for that shit. "And Kayla's with Lily and Cam." Maybe I could ask my dad, since Mom was out with Aunt Alice. "Dad, why does Kayla get to have a boyfriend but I can't have a girlfriend?"

Dad stared at me. "What? What boyfriend?" He was on his feet and headed toward the door before I could answer. "Watch your sister."

"Where are you going?"

"To find your sister and find out about this boyfriend. What does she think she's doing with a boyfriend? She's not even thirteen yet. I'm not ready!"

What was with him? "Uh, she's with him all the time. Right now in fact. Cam?"

Dad stopped pacing and stared me down. "What do you mean, Cam? He's not her boyfriend. He's her friend."

Poor delusional father. "Um, why do you think they're always playing wedding and house? He's her boyfriend."

Dad blinked and his hands went into fists. "That was just pretend. Right? Have they kissed? Where's your mother? I need her to find the nearest school for girls."

He was losing his mind. "I don't think so. They hold hands is all." I guess I had my answer. Kayla wasn't allowed to have a boyfriend. Oops.

"Right. Okay. I can handle that. Maybe. He shouldn't touch her though. I'll call Jasper and tell him to talk to Cameron. No, I'll go over there and talk to them myself. There is to be no touching!"

"You might want to take that off before you do." I gestured as his tea clothing and Dad sighed and whipped it off.

Maddy watched him with big brown eyes. She looked so much like our Mom. Whenever all five of us wanted to do something, we always sent her after Dad because he couldn't resist her. Though Kayla had him wrapped around her little finger too. Clearly. He was about to have a heart attack at the thought of her having a boyfriend.

"Daddy, why you mad?" she asked.

Dad sighed and ran a hand through his hair that had been flattened by the stupid hat. "I'm not mad, baby. I just can't have my girls growing up so fast."

"I grow fast," she told him, looking all serious. Dad picked her up and held her.

"No. You're not allowed to grow. You need to stay my baby girl forever. No boys, okay? Boys are icky."

"What about my brudders?" she asked, pointing at me.

"Only your brothers and me. Nobody else is good enough to marry my little girl."

Yep, Dad was totally whipped by Madison. "Toby is the dad and I'm the mom."

I swear my dad went white. "Toby? That boy in your preschool? You play house with him?"

"Yes, we have a baby and he's the daddy and I'm the mommy."

"See. You don't need to go to school. You can stay here with me all day. We'll home school you. Your mother's smart. I'll hire teachers. Female teachers. How does that sound?"

My sister was totally clueless to the fact that Dad was losing his mind. She clapped her hands. "Fun! Can Toby come, too?"

"No, Toby is icky, remember? All boys except me and your brothers are gross and you don't go near them."

She put her hands on his face. "Funny Daddy. Tea time."

Dad sighed and put her down. "Not even five years old and she's already dating. You kids will be the death of me." He grabbed her giant teddy tear and put the hat on it. "Play with Bubby, baby. I'll have tea with you soon."

He sat next to me and stole my bottle of water, taking a long drink. "So, what is this about dating? Is there a girl you like? Is this about Homecoming?"

God. Homecoming had been so stupid. A junior named Haley had asked me. She was a pretty redhead and I'd told her yes. Mom had acted like the end of the world was coming because an older girl asked me out. In the end, I'd been allowed to go but only because Megan had volunteered to go with us and she'd brought Wyatt. The three of us had our usual fun together and Haley got pissed at me because I spent too much time with my friends. I couldn't help it. Megan had worn this tight, tiny dress and…yeah. It hadn't been much of a date in the end, since she went off with her friends and I came home with mine.

"No. I just wondered is all."

"Uh huh." Dad watched me closely. "Are you sure there's not a girl that you're interested in?"

I shrugged. "It's not that, really. I just wanted the option, if it comes."

"Well, you have it as far as I'm concerned. But you're not even fifteen yet so if you want to go out with a girl, you'll have to get a ride with us. Megan doesn't count as a chaperone, no matter what you guys try to say. The only reason you got to go to that dance was because there were adult chaperones there."

I didn't want Megan to be my chaperone. I wanted her to be my girlfriend. "Mom wouldn't leave us alone for even a minute."

Dad laughed. "Very true, son. That's because she loves you and hates the thought of you growing up."

"Just like you are with the girls?"

"They're never growing up." I laughed and he grinned and ruffled my hair. "You have the fortune and misfortune of looking just like me, kid. That means your mom knows just how many girls will find you attractive. She'd love to fight them all off and lock you up until you're thirty, but I won't let her, just like she won't let me lock up your sisters." His eyes narrowed. "I bet she knows about Cameron. Woman knows everything. Probably thinks it's cute."

"Come on, Dad. You know Cam won't try anything. He's too afraid of you, and me, for that matter." Like I'd let some scrawny kid mess with my sister? I didn't think so.

"Let's keep it that way." Dad smiled. "Are there going to be girls at that party tonight? Is that why you asked?"

Ugh. "No, Dad. I mean, there are, but that's not why I asked. Megan just talked about how she was going out with Mark Strong and it got me thinking."

"Well, don't let Megan fool you, son. If you think Uncle Emmett isn't following them wherever they go, you don't know him very well."

That made me feel a million times better. "Uncle Em follows them?"

"Or pays people to do it. Plus he scared the hell out of Mark the first time he came to take her out. That kid wouldn't try anything if his life depended on it."

I could see Uncle Em doing that. "That's good, then."

Dad laughed. "He still holds out hope that one day Megan will marry you." I choked on the water I'd just taken a sip of my dad slapped my back. "Are you alright son?"

"Fine," I gasped, trying to catch my breath. Marriage. I just wanted to kiss her. For now anyway. I mean, maybe someday there could be more than that but right now I was focused on the kissing. And touching. And…I was going to get myself in trouble again.

"Well, don't worry about it. When you find a girl you want to date, I'll work on your mom, okay? I remember what it's like." True. Dad had Grandma to deal with. She probably got out his baby pictures and told embarrassing stories. I'd rather Mom's anger than that.

"Thanks, Dad." I glanced at the time. I had to go get ready for the party that I wasn't attending. Megan had texted that we needed to wear all black. Great. "I'm gonna go get ready."

"Do you need a ride?" Dad asked, already moving back to the floor to play with Maddy.

"Nah, Meg's going to drop us off on her way to meeting Lindsay." The lie made me feel sick but he wasn't looking at me, thankfully.

"Okay, have fun." Yeah, loads of it.


"Are you ready?" Megan looked so cute with her hair peeking out of a black stocking cap. She'd given us all one. We looked like burglars. I did not feel good about this.

"Yes." Wyatt's voice cracked on the word.

"I am." No, I wasn't. But Megan turned off the big black Explorer and we piled out of the car. We were parked behind the school and to our right was a big barn.

"Okay, Wyatt, you go around the barn and come in from the back. Ryan, you take the right side. I'm going from the left."

That seemed more complicated than it needed to be. "Why don't we all just walk in through the door?"

"Because we need to scope it out, dummy," she hissed, making me feel like I was an idiot. "What if they have a watchman or something?"

For a goat? Why? Then again, we were here to steal it. Maybe this wasn't the first time.

"I just think…"

"This is how my dad said that they did it in college. This is how we're doing it!" Oh great. She got the idea from Uncle Emmett. I should have known.

"Fine." Wyatt gulped before running his ass off toward the barn. It was dark so I lost sight of him pretty quickly. I didn't like this. Maybe I should call my dad and tell him what we were up to. Or Uncle Emmett. He'd probably come steal the thing for us and we wouldn't have to risk it.

"Whatever you're thinking, don't," Megan warned.

"What? I wasn't thinking of anything."

"Liar." Her face was illuminated by a light off the side of the school and she was so pretty. "I know you, Ryan Cullen. You're not going to rat us out."

"I just think maybe your dad could come and do it for us."

"And that makes him legendary, not us! Come on, Ryan, where's your sense of adventure?"

Somewhere at home, with my parents, who were going to kill me if I got caught.

"I just think it's a bad idea."

"Well, Wyatt's already in place. Where's your sense of solidarity for your teammate? Your brother? And what about me?"

Her tone changed and got kind of breathy and I felt nervous. "What do you mean; what about you?"

She reached out and touched my face again, running her thumb across my jaw. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. "Don't you want to make me happy, Ryan? Don't you want to show me how grown up you are now? You're not the little kid I grew up with. You're a man."

I didn't think I could breathe. The way she was looking at me and touching me. Did she really think that? Was I a man now? "If I'm such a man, why are you going out with Mark Strong?"

Megan laughed. "I told you why. Mark's just cover so that I can help you guys win."

"I can win on my own." I was a freshman, the only freshman starter at school in years. And we'd won all but one of our games.

"I know, but this is all I can do." Megan pouted. "You and Wyatt get to play football while I cheer you on. This is how I'm contributing. We're a team, remember?"

A team. Yeah. "I don't like it." I remembered my dad's words from earlier. "I don't like him touching you."

Megan shrugged. "He's not my boyfriend or anything. It's no big deal."

But it was, to me. "I don't like it."

She laughed. "What are you going to do about it? I told you I'll end it after you guys beat him in the playoffs and…"

I didn't know what made me do it. Maybe it was the way she laughed or the challenge in her tone, but I grabbed her and I kissed her. One minute her lips were moving and the next they were on mine and it felt wonderful. I had a moment of panic, waiting to see if she was going to hit me or scream or something, but her arms came around my shoulders and suddenly she was kissing me back. Thank God. Finally. It was even better than I'd dreamed. She made some kind of noise and moved her body against mine and man, it felt good. I wanted to touch her everywhere but I kept my hands on her waist.

We broke apart and she stared at me in the dim light. "Well."


"I think maybe we should talk about this but maybe not now?" She sounded unsure of herself for the first time ever that I could remember.

"I don't want to talk." And then I was kissing her again and everything was awesome. I felt like my whole body was on fire and my jeans felt too tight but it was a good fire and a good tight and I wanted more. Unfortunately I heard footsteps coming and we broke apart, both breathing heavily.

"What are you guys doing? We have a problem!"

Wyatt reappeared and I felt bad that I'd forgotten all about him. And his crush on Megan. Shit. He wasn't going to be happy with me when he found out about us.

"What problem?" Megan tugged at her shirt and tried to look like we hadn't just been making out.

"It's not a goat! Why aren't you up there?"

"What do you mean it's not a goat?" I didn't want to answer why we were still where he'd left us.

"I mean, whatever that thing is, it's not a goat. It's bigger and it's got these curly horns and it's meaner. It smacked its head against the wall when I looked in at it."

"Oh yeah, well of course it's not a goat." We both turned to Megan. "They're the Rams, dummy. It's a ram."

"You want us to steal a big thing that has horns and likes to smack things with them?" I asked.

"It's a sheep. So it has horns. Big deal. Come on." Of course I followed her. So did Wyatt. And rather than enact her stupid plan that had us entering from all sides, we walked into the front of the barn. The thing made a loud noise and then the sound of wood splintering was heard as it ran into the wall.

"I'm not stealing that." No way, no how. I'd showed Megan I was a man already. I was pretty sure she'd felt my manliness pressed up against her just a couple minutes ago. Why couldn't we go back to that instead of staring at some dumb creature that liked to run into walls?

"Come on. It'll be fun!" She took her backpack off and got out a rope. "See, we'll just get this rope around its neck and lead it to the car. Easy."

"And just how do you think we're getting the rope around its neck? I'm not getting in there." I had a football career to think of.

"Me either." Wyatt shook his head.

"You guys are such babies. We'll just throw it around it, like a lasso."

I stared at her. "And who is lassoing it? I don't know how to lasso."

"Wyatt should know. He's from Texas."

Wyatt gaped at us. "I was born here, just like you two were. And I don't know if my dad even knows how to lasso. He never taught me."

"Well, that sucks. What good are you?"

"What the hell, Megan? How did you not have a better plan than this? Why isn't it a goat?" I might like her, a lot, but that didn't mean she wasn't being an idiot right now. And she'd lied about the mascot to get us here, I knew it.

"Because that's not their mascot! A goat would be easier. He's supposed to be nice, though. Robbie the Ram." Nice my ass. Robbie rammed the wall again.

"How did your dad steal the mascot?" I was way desperate, asking for Uncle Emmett's methods.

"Well, it was just a turtle so they just picked it up and took it."

Man. "Megan, that's not at all the same thing! How did you think we could do this?" This was dumb. We just needed to leave.

"Because this is better! Way better. It would be epic." So she was trying to outgun her dad. I should have known.

"Look, Meg, this was a fun idea and all but we can't do it, so let's just leave. We can go to the party and talk maybe."

"No more talking, remember?" And the next thing I knew, she'd thrown open the latch and stepped inside the stable or whatever they called it. "Hi Robbie. Good boy. Good ram. You want to come with me, don't you? I have all your favorite foods just waiting and…" she screamed when the ram turned in her direction and started running. Thankfully, she dove left and he kept running, right out the open gate.

"Megan! Are you okay?" I ran toward her, as did Wyatt.

"Don't worry about me! Get it!"

How in the hell were we going to do that? The thing was bleating or bellowing or whatever rams did and racing out into the night.

"Screw that. We need to get out of here before someone comes and catches us." I'd no sooner finished than sentence than a loud voice boomed out.

"Who goes here?" Oh shit. Oh crap. I looked for a place to hide but unless I wanted to try to bury myself in hay, I was trapped. As were my friends.

"Uhhh, we're just here to feed Robbie." Megan put on a sweet smile and stepped forward. "It was our turn this week and somehow or other he got out. We're really very sorry."

"I wasn't told about a feeding." The loud person stayed in the shadows, but I could see he was very big. And then there were two more guys with him. Big, tall guys. We were so dead.

"Oh, well it was on the schedule. We're all in biology and it's part of our grade so I hope you won't tell our teacher. We'll help you catch him and put him back."

Oh, we would? Was she nuts? It was a good thing she was so pretty because she was crazy.

"Do you have a tranq gun?" the voice asked. "Because that's what it's going to take."

"Well, you see, my friends father is in the rodeo and he knows how to lasso so we have this rope…" Wyatt started coughing as Megan lied through her teeth.

"No rope is going to catch that animal. That's a wild animal! What's wrong with you kids?"

"Please! It's for our bio grade! If we don't get him back we'll fail and our parents will kill us. Can't you just pretend you didn't see us and he got out on his own?" Megan was going all out, with tears in her eyes. I wanted to hug her because she seemed truly upset.

"I'll give you credit, kid. You're a damn good liar." The biggest man stepped forward and put his hands on his hips. "I don't know where you get that from."

"Daddy! What are you doing here?" I didn't even need to guess who the other two men were. My dad and Uncle Jasper stepped into the light as well. We were so dead.

"Lindsay's mom didn't know anything about you two having plans tonight. I made it my business to check your phone and follow you. I've been here the whole time."

"The whole time?" I swallowed nervously when his eyes cut to me.

"Yes, the whole time." Crap. Now I was double dead. Dad hadn't said anything but his lips were in one of those thin lines that told me that I was in major trouble.

"What's that lasso crap? Did you really think I knew how to lasso anything?" Uncle Jasper scowled at us all.

"It would be a lot cooler if you did, TexAss." Uncle Emmett told him. "Now, what do you say we get out of here before you idiots get caught? Really, Megan, what were you thinking? How could you come to steal a ram without the proper tools? Have I taught you nothing?"

Megan shot me a look but fell into step with her Dad. Wyatt joined his and I walked with mine. "Sorry, Dad."

"You're going to be," he told me, shaking his head. "I would say I didn't understand what you were thinking, but I clearly saw what you're thinking with." Shit. "So much for not being interested in a girl."

"Well, she's actually more of a woman." I stopped talking when he gave me the look. "Are you going to bench me?" Dad was a volunteer assistant coach at school. He could easily tell coach and get me taken out.

"I should, since you lied to me. But I won't." I breathed a sigh of relief. "I'll let your mother deal with you instead." That was worse.

"But Dad! It was about school pride!"

"You want to make your school proud? You play your hardest, win or lose. You don't put yourself and your friends in danger and steal something that doesn't belong to you. I thought I'd taught you better than that." I hung my head at his words. He was right. He had taught me better. I'd tried to stop it but I couldn't resist Megan. I didn't think that excuse would fly, though.

"I'm sorry."

"I'm sure you are, now."

We got to the car. "Why didn't you stop us before the ram got loose?"

"Because we stupidly hoped you guys would do the right thing." He laughed. "And Uncle Emmett wanted to mess with you."

"What about the ram?"

"The area is fenced in. He'll be put back in the morning, no thanks to you. I'm very disappointed in you, son. I hope it was worth it, because you won't be seeing any of your friends for quite awhile." I looked over and saw Megan getting into her Dad's Expedition. Her eyes met mine and she touched her lips and smiled. Yeah, it was totally worth it.

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