Albus Dumbledore looked in shock at the two goblins who had appeared in his office, "Why didn't James tell anyone about his other family?" the goblin answered him "James wouldn't talk about his relative because the whole family rarely talked to them because of a fight forty years ago. His will says that young harry potter must go to the Luca's in New York." "Fine, you may take harry to his relatives, but do they know about magic?" "No" said the goblins "They will be told about it on Mr. Potter's eighth birthday."

Alexander Lucas opened the door and looked down to get the newspaper; there on his doorstep was a baby! He took the baby out and saw that there was a not, he opened it and it said

Dear Mr. Luca

This baby is your cousin Harry Potter, I know that you haven't talked to them in a while but please take him in

Alexander looked at the baby and thought "I should adopt him because Vince, Tomas or Mira probably won't be able to take over the mob so young Harry would do the job very well."