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Kim reached for the door. She wanted to kick it, but she didn't know if it was stealth or surprise that was most called for. She opted for stealth. For now.

It was as well she did. Beyond the door, it was pitch black. Trying to move through it felt like trying to swim through mystery meat jello. It was packed with basic animal noises and raw feelings, but nothing substantial. Ron had fortunately grabbed her hand as she went in, as she doubted they'd be able to find one another in this.

Her pendant glowed and, slowly, painfully slowly, a path formed. It was a struggle to walk along it, but it felt marginally easier. She had no idea if Ron could see it at all.

Ron felt what must surely be Kim's hand tugging him forwards, then suddenly it went one way and then another. He could only hope he was still holding on to her and not a creature from this place.

Suddenly, he was pulled through a doorway into a darkened room. No air stirred. Kim was visible only by the light of the Kimmunicator as she tried to reach Wade. No such luck, they were on their own.

Using a flashlight feature, they were able to see around. A circular room with three small side chambers, each containing some sort of pot and broken jewellery. The only way out seemed to be via a hole in the roof covered by a giant stone. A hole drilled in the stone suggested someone was routinely coming and going, needing air in the chambers below to work.

There was no obvious way they could move the stone, as Ron's monkey powers were too temperamental. "We'll have to wait for them to return", Kim said in resignation, having decided being able to do everything didn't necessarily apply to right now.

Right then, the stone began to move. They chose side chambers, Ron tripping over the pot and some stones on the floor. Kim shushed him before he could complain.

The stone lifted and daylight entered the room. With proper lighting, they could see it was entirely man-made, with slabs of stone made flat stacked on top of each other.

Someone jumped down and the stone was moved back into place. Before the someone could do anything, Kim pounced. The rage of an all-too-familiar eccentric filled her ears but she remained silent until the figure was subdued.

She used the flashlight app again. It was as she had expected.

"Monkey Fist."

"Ahh. Kim Possible. I imagine your phobic friend is around here somewhere, ruining the archaeology no doubt."

"The Ronman is here, and I didn't ruin anything. I just broke a pot that was on the floor."

"Nnnnyeah!" Rufus squeaked indignantly.

"You blithering idiot, that was priceless archaeology. I needed it to fund..." He caught himself and fell silent.

"You were going to steal pots to make money? Don't you have enough?" Kim demanded.

"For what I want to do, no. Those cremation urns belong to an ancient civilization thought lost. And for your information, it was the ashes that were valuable and sacred."

"I got covered in dead people?" Ron asked.

"Yes, you did. How does it feel to be close to death?"

Ron managed one of his fake kung fu poses and struck his head on the low ceiling. "WhhhhhaaaaaaOwwww!"

Monkey Fist grinned evilly. "Still, no matter. You can't leave without me and I have trained my body to endure without food and water for many days. Can you?"

Ron blinked. Kim bit her lip. "Open the roof."


"Because the creature you're working with will destroy you."

"You are trying to deceive me. You can know nothing of what I'm doing."

"You're working with a creature trapped outside the universe. If you do not help us, it will destroy you."

"Why should I believe you? How can you, who have no mystic powers, know this?"

Kim thought about the Lady and the pendant. She thought she heard someone whisper encouragement. Standing up, she lifted the capstone effortlessly, her pendant blazing. Tossing the stone aside, she clambered out, heaving Ron out with her.

Calling down the hole, Kim made clear her position. "You wanted to know, now end your involvement before it ends you."

Monkey Fist's rage was palpable as they climbed down the side of the odd mound they found themselves on.

At the bottom, there was a track that led to a river. At the river, they found stacks of stones forming a crude bridge across it. By this time wary of anything ancient, they rolled a stone across it. It vanished half way.

"Uhhh, KP, it's one of those disappearing things again!"

"I see that, Ron, but if we don't take it, the world might end."

Ron cringed, feeling like he was such a flake, but followed Kim across the bridge. Unseen by them, a figure followed them.

They entered a huge clearing, only nothing lay beyond a ring of trees that surrounded it. A giant figure lay chained to the ground. Maybe two dozen men and women, in robes, surrounded him, working at those chains. Already one was loosened.

Kim and Ron did not need an introduction to know this was the imprisoned enemy, the one who could destroy everything. The feeling of evil was so thick, it actually was visible. It smelled faintly of rotting meat.

A sacrificial altar, suitable for killing a teenaged human, had been built near his feet. A skull at its base told them they were too late to save someone.

It took a moment for anyone to notice and Kim took advantage of that. Throwing herself into battle, she knocked out two of the Morthbrood before they could react. Ron, meanwhile, was trying to tip over the altar, destroy it, anything but be on it.

A figure leapt at Ron and he had to fight himself. After the initial shock, he saw who it was. Monkey Fist had recovered enough to pursue and was counting on Ron's powers not activating immediately to score a quick victory.

Ron managed to break free and run. He was almost at the edge, when he stopped. He didn't know what would happen if he left and didn't want to find out. Monkey Fist bowled into him, unable to stop in time, and they crashed into a tree.

Kim Possible was hard-pressed to fight so many, but having secured the advantage of surprise and the benefit of the Morthbrood being unwilling to go near the pendant, she had kept up the attack. The Morthbrood were powerful, but were struggling to find the time and concentration to respond. Their powers took time, they could not be rushed. Kim did not know this for fact, but suspected it as the terrible powers of her opponents stayed leashed.

Eventually, though, one sent a strange hand of blackness towards her. Kim didn't intend to let it touch her. A series of cartwheels and backflips later, the hand struck one of the men. With a terrible screech, the man was sent flying through the trees, to the nothingness, where he vanished.

Kim used the stunned reaction of her attacker as an opportunity, knocking her and three other people out.

Further attacks were launched, but they were less powerful and broken off when evaded.

On a hunch, she took off her pendant and threw it at the giant. Flames briefly engulfed him, but seemed to cause no harm. What it did do, though, was demoralize her attackers. It also seemed to dampen their powers, as no further spells came her way.

Ron had recovered and saw Monkey Fist start to approach Kim. Knowing the altar was the key, he ran back to it, his monkey powers kicking in.

A karate chop smashed the top and a kick reduced many of the stones to rubble. The remaining stones crushed the skull.

A cry of absolute fury showed the loose chain was tightening up. Those of the Morthbrood nearby were screaming as they sank into the ground and were engulfed.

Monkey Fist took one look and ran.

"It's time to go!", Kim cried to Ron. He was shaking slightly but nodded and followed Kim back the way they'd come. To find themselves not where they'd expected, but outside Kim's home in Middleton.

"Well, that saves using a favour."