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The wind blew gusts of cold air and leaves around the foul little park . He couldn't believe he was actually standing in the middle of such a repugnant little place . The scent of common trash wafted into his nose and assaulted his senses. How on earth could his Rukia stand this pathetic little place? He would never understand why Kuchiki let his sister run wildly through such places in the soul society let alone in the human realm . It just stood to show that the tight wad noble wasn't as perfect as he wanted people to believe he was .

This thought made Izo smile because Kuchiki had always grated on his nerves the man was too damn perfect . He set an impossible bar for every other man of means to try and attain . The key word was try because in the eyes of the high house holds no one was as perfect or as respectable and Kuchiki, Byakuya every other man was just a dim comparison.

A low growl rumbled deep in chest as the anger started to build again. It was Kuchiki , Byakuya's fault he was looked down upon no matter how many lavish parties he threw. It was Kuchiki, Byakuya's fault he could not find a wife of good standing. He knew what the elders of the women in the lower house holds would say about him when they didn't think he was listening .if the lower house holds thought that way about him he really didn't want to know what the high house holds said about him . Just because he wasn't some mighty Taichou he was lesser and because he didn't live like a monk he had no moral standing?

A gust of wind assaulted him again causing his hair to muss .even the weather in the god forsaken little places was intolerable he thought to himself. as he tried to smooth it out into some semblance of being presentable .

his agitation grew .

It was just one more thing that made him lesser than Kuchiki Byakuya the man even had perfect hair . He heard the way women would talk about that man when they didn't think he was listening . How handsome they all thought the cold stoic man was .

Clenching and unclenching his fists Izo started to walk again seeing as darkness had already descended and he need to find a place to stay for the night now that he knew his little Rukia was not on the street . Thoughts of the small woman made his smile . She was so beautiful and respectable even though she wasn't born a noble she was still a shining example of what a noble woman should be . Now she , she would show everyone that he had class , that he was a man of means . When the Kuchiki elders signed her over to him the world would know he had finally bested the mighty Kuchiki Taichou .

Rukia was the perfect way for him to attain this goal besides she was a veritable no one the family should be lucky that a man of his means would even consider marrying her. But when he did , oh when he did there wasn't anything he wouldn't be able to achieve , because it was a well known fact that Kuchiki could not deny his little sister anything.

The knot that was tightly coiling in his stomach started to relax for a brief moment only to restrict again when he really thought about where his little Rukia was spending the night. Here is hoping the little bitch could manage to keep her legs closed until he could get her out of that wretched little apartment and away from that pathetic boy. He had seen the way they had their hands all over each other when they were trying to find that dismal little apartment . He had seen the way the impudent boy looked at her when they stood in that monk like bedroom . The boy looked like he was already planning ways to strip her naked . Clenching and un-clenching his fists he couldn't keep the sneer from contorting his face . That boy just couldn't keep his hands off her. It galled him and made his blood boil he had seen how scared that boy made her when she was standing in the ice cream shop the look she was giving him through the window , she was practically begging him to come and save her .

When he first saw the boy he wanted to rip the supercilious expression off his face , it was the exact expression Kuchiki Byakuya had . That boy had the same condescending air good Kuchiki Taichou carried , the same arrogant posture . No wonder Rukia was as terrified of him as she was her brother they were practically etched from the same stone. He really had to find a way to save her from herself and keep her pure so she wouldn't let herself get trapped into a hellish little nightmare of a life with that boy.


Rukia smiled to herself as she held up the bright red and orange glass vase , it would look beautiful in the window of her office because even in florescent lights of the harshly light store it cast a beautiful reflection . it really was a shame she couldn't take it home with her it would look lovely in the window of her room. Her brother wouldn't have a problem with it he usually indulged her when it came to her choice in decor even if it didn't necessarily compliment his own taste . However some of the tighter strung elders and pitched aunts would have a problem with its loud nature and would force Byakuya to make her take it out of sight and then it would disappear because one of them would tell the maids to get rid of it . Even though it was her Nii-sama's house they both had very little control of what they could keep . It was a depressing thought.

Sighing softly she set the vase back in the hand held basket and looked down at her purchases . The cut crystal vases would look beautiful sitting around the rooms of Shuuhei's flat . The stark cold beauty would only accentuate the color of whatever Shuuhei chose to put in it after the flowers she bought died out. She really hoped he would be happy with her choice in flowers the sun flowers just looked too happy not to buy and she just couldn't help herself when she picked up a bushel of the gardenia they just smelled so good and there classic beauty would accentuate any room they were place . Picking up one of the delicate white flowers she smiled softly they really would look lovely oh his coffee table . Perhaps if she shifted the small table a little closer to the television and aligned it with the window. . . . .

"You okay Kuchiki?"

Shuuhei's voice registered in the back of her mind lifting her away from all thoughts of reorganizing his living room.

"Earth to Rukia" the voice laughed behind her causing her to blush.

Walking around to face her he flashed her a smile that she was sure had broken a thousand hearts . Oddly enough it was easy to see in this light why most of the woman still got a goofy smile when he walked into the room the man could be devastatingly handsome .

This thought only caused her to blush harder than she probably already was.

"Yeah I'm great."

Giving her a cocky smirk he grabbed the basket "You sure princess . Your awfully red there . Do I even want to know what you were thinking about ." wiggling his eyebrow playfully and winked at her.

"I'm not even going to dignify that with a response." She said as flat as she humanly possibly could trying to save whatever dignity she had left .

"Oh now you have to tell me what was causing you to blush that red." Nudging her softly he started to make his way up to pay for the things that she had placed in the basket.

"I was pondering the space time continuum." Reaching into the basket she plucked out the bright vase she had picked.

"If that's the look you get when you ponder that I would really love to see what color you turn when you think of something really interesting , Like oh say …"

Cutting him off she put the vase on the counter and turned back to him . "Women of my class don't think any thoughts remotely close to whatever it is your are implying that I could possibly thinking." With her nose up in the air she stuck her tongue out at him with a hmmf .

Laughing he plucked the vase out of her hands and placed it back in the basket . " I was just going to say what you looked like when you were thinking about flowers." He tried to look as innocent as possible.

Rolling her eyes Rukia snorted and reached back for the vase. "Flowers my butt."

You don't need to pay for that."

Giving her a more than confused look Shuuhei tilted his head to the side . " Why not it is for my flat is it not?"

Tilting her head to the side curiously she couldn't help but let a small smile grace her lips in quiet surprised. "You actually like such loud colors?"

Shuuhei just nodded his head. "yes princess I like color I cant live in a black and white world all the time." Scooting in front of her and taking the rest of the things she had gathered he placed it on the counter before reaching for his wallet.

"Wait." She hurriedly grabbed for the vase again. " I was buying the vase for myself." A slight blush graced her face. " I was . . . You see it would look really lovely , if I umm." The words started to tumble out of her mouth as Shuuhei expression started to change from confusion to amusement.

"I just thought it would look good on my desk." Hugging the vase closer to her she couldn't help but feel a little guilty because if Shuuhei wanted It , it would look lovely in his apartment and it would probably be more appreciated there too. So with a small frown common sense over road her and she started to hand the vase back to him . "But it would probably look better in your apartment."

Grabbing her by the elbow much to her dismay he pulled her out of line. Gasping in surprise she wiggled her arm free "What was that for I just offered you the stupid thing."

She watched as he glanced behind with a knowing smile. " there was a line starting to form and I have a feeling there is more to this than just you feeling guilty about not letting me have the vase . So what give Kuchiki?"

This was not a conversation Rukia wanted to have in this store or ever for that matter because the last thing she needed was for him to think she was just a poor little noble girl whining because she couldn't get her way all the time.

"Nothing is wrong." Brushing him off she turned quickly to walk to the back of the line only to get grabbed the elbow again.

"Wrong answer beautiful no one frowns like that over a vase."

With an exasperated sigh she shook her head. " I really don't want to get into this especially here of all places."

"Fair enough." He plucked the vase of her hands and walked back over to the sales counter. " but I am still buy this seeing as it is still going to reside in my apartment for the time being."

Rukia opened her mouth then closed her mouth then opened it again trying to get the proper words out but somehow she knew she wasn't going to win. "Fine" She muttered

Shuuhei was starting to become one of the most aggravating men she had ever meet short of her Nii-sama and Renji she could honestly say she didn't know anybody with a harder head . Suppressing the urge to let out a silent huff she pursued her lips . He was hard headed and stubborn not only that he was a habitual flirt . She couldn't help the frown that was now spreading across her lips as she watched the simpering sales woman giggle brainlessly at him . He was also arrogant and . . . . . and Rukia was grasping at straws to try to find a way to be mad at him now.

Rukia watched in stoic silence as the woman behind the cash register simpered and flirted with Shuuhei flipping her hair over her shoulders and batting her eyelashes like she had a spastic twitch. Some days it amazed Rukia that women like that could last , but then again beautiful women like her snagged men like Shuuhei and would never have to worry about anything again.

Wow Rukia thought to herself that was a really dismal way of thinking even for her because in all honesty she couldn't fault the woman for using what she had . Rukia herself did the same thing . She was a warrior a descent one at that but she was not above using the Kuchiki name anymore to gain some respect in some circles . So in the end a girl had to do what girl had to do. Now that was a dismal thought.

"You ready Beautiful?"

For the second time that day Shuuhei's voice yanked her out of her less than positive thought process.

Turning around she gave him a cat like smile.

"I'm ready if your done flirting."

Look of pure bewilderment settled into Shuuhei's face as he furrowed his eyebrow's slightly. "I was flirting?"

Rukia couldn't help but shake her head as she reached for his hand to drag him out of the store " You really are clueless aren't you."

Again the confused look remained placed on his face. " I was just being nice ."

Stepping onto the main street Rukia couldn't help snort at the man's cluelessness. " She had a spastic twitch flipping her hair around her shoulders and it looked like she had something in her eye she was batting them so much at you." Not bothering to let go of his hand she let out the exasperated sigh of a women well versed in dealing with men who had no clue what they did to the opposite sex. " And don't get me started on the giggling."

"I think you are looking too far into things." Shuuhei adjusted the bags in his hand with an amused smile. " And I also think you are trying to avoid telling me why you were so dejected about the vase."

"Do we really have to go there" She couldn't help the whine that come out because this was really not a conversation she wanted to have with him or with anyone for that matter.

"Well yeah because now I'm more curious than ever that a simple vase can evoke so much emotion."

The concern that started to flood behind his beautiful eyes was Rukia's undoing because for some reason she got the queer feeling she could tell the man anything.

"Fine." She looked up at him pointing the index finer of her free hand up at him " But you are not allowed to judge me on this one."

Shrugging his broad shoulders he nodded " Fair enough." There was a long pregnant pause "But am I allowed to interject anything?"

She paused to think about this request for a long moment trying to stall the inevitable " At the very end you may speak."

Shuuhei just chuckled and Rukia could only hope to surmise that it at her formal instruction.

"I conceded because even though I love the vase and think it looks lovely it would get better use in your apartment."

Shuuhei frowned " You already told me this . I want to know what made you think this way when you first so adamant about getting it."

This was a secret Rukia really didn't want to let go of. The in's and out's of the Kuchiki manor were usually kept very quiet.

"Fine, I wanted the vase for my room at home."

Shuuhei opened his mouth only to have her give him a withering glair " Remember I said no questions."

Shrugging again he closed his mouth obediently

"I didn't want it for my desk at work , besides you most of all know we have to keep our personal affects to a minimum. I wanted it for my room at home." Rukia couldn't help the brittle smile that started to form. " But I am not allowed to have anything that garish or unseemly, and it's not because Nii-sama won't allow it because god knows he allows me my taste's even if it doesn't necessarily agree with his. It's because the family won't allow it. If I were to take it home I would put it in my window seal so the light could catch it , but with it being in the window it would be easily visible from outside the house and nothing , and I mean nothing is allowed affect the pristine façade of the house.." Shaking her head she let out a soft sigh . " It's not just the outside of the house though . Nii-sama and I are not allowed to have anything less than what the family considers appropriate in any room's deemed to be common ones that people could possibly see. You see we like our great room and dining room the way it is it's understated nature is very much a resemblance of Nii-sama, but we have both tried to put up calligraphy in the halls or a flower arrangement only to find out that one of the aunts thought that it was less than perfect and it was never seen again. You see Nii-sama grew up like this so it is all he knows ."

Taking her hand out of his she wrapped her arms around herself almost trying to ward off the sadness that was starting to envelope her.

"But god Shuuhei." She couldn't help but look up at him now. " I miss the color's ."

It wasn't all she missed but that was another story for another less tender time.

Returning her gaze to the crowd that milled around them she let the silence stretch out as long as it would carry.

"I had no idea."

The lack of pity in the mans voice shocked her. She expected pity or indignation but simplicity was something that she didn't expect.

"If you would like and if it would make you feel better you can put the vase in one of the windows of my condo so when ever you are in the human world you will be able to have a little color in your life."

"You make it sound like you would allow me a permanent place to stay when I do missions in the real world?"

Retaking her hand in his her tilted his lip up into a quirk of a smile " If it will keep you from sleeping in a closet than yes , you have a permanent place to stay."

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