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Chapter 2 Shopping here I come

Later on that night 6pm

"Hey mom I need to go shopping to get my school supplies...So do you mind if I go to the mall?" I asked.

"You can go but take your brother with you; I also want you to pick up yours and Sota's uniforms from Jakotsu house of Style. Don't worry I knew you were going to want to go to the mall so I went ahead and wrote the address down for you. Now all you have to do is put it into your GPS. I want Sota home by no later than 10pm because both of you have school tomorrow." she hands me a small piece of paper after she finishes.

"Okay mom will do... HEY SOTA! Get in the car. We are going to the mall."

-At Jakotsu House of Style-

We get out of the car and head inside but just as I open the door *BAM!* It feels like I just ran into a brick wall.

"Stupid Bitch watch where you're going!", says a teenage boy. As the boy is stomps away from the store I hear him mumble, "Stupid Fags...I am going to kill him one day. I'm fuckin' straight... When the fuck is he going to learn that...Dammit I blame dad for this. He knows I hate coming here..." I couldn't hear much after that.

'So note to self if I ever see that jerk again I am going to get him back. I think he might have mental problems though with the way he was ranting. He was hot though. What's with all the silver haired people? Maybe there kin? He looked well built...I must say I did like his style of clothes.' He had on Skinny jeans with a red A Day To Remember t-shirt and red converses. His hair was cut just like the singer from Eighteen Visions. Just by lookin at him I could tell he was a scene kid.

'If most of the kids at my new school are like that I might actually have friends I can converse with about music.' There were not many people at my old school that liked hardcore music. I guess you could say Hardcore was my heart and Jazz n Classical were my soul. I lived for music. I am not your typical scene kid that's for sure but, hey, it works for me.

So we walk up to the counter to see a pretty woman at the counter bagging someone's clothes. When it is finally our turn I ask her if she has our uniforms. "Yes honey I will be right back. Let me go get them." When she comes back she hands them to us and tells us to try them on first. They end up fitting perfect. 'It's really cute. Never thought a school uniform could be', the plaid skirts come it five different colors; blue, black, red, green and purple. They reach a little shorter than mid-thigh. The shirts button up with the school crest on the left breast and a black tie to finish it off. 'Minus the school crest and you have something would normally wear'. Sota and I head back to the counter after trying them on.

"So, how did they fit?" the girl asked.

"They fit's the first school uniform I look forward to wearing."

"Oh honey of course you did I designed them... The names Jakotsu." she said while I shook her hand.' That's a guy's name isn't it?' I thought.

"So what's the total?"


I hand her my bank card to pay. After we pay we leave after hearing, "Thank you and please come again".

"Sota, dammit, keep your hands off my radio!" i say as I slap his hand.

"Ouch! Sis that really hurt."

"Serves you right you know better"

A few minutes later we pull in to the mall parking lot. 'God everything is bigger Tokyo...this has got to be the biggest mall I have ever seen. It is seven stories high for God's sake'. After we walk in the first thing we do is find a Staples((Note I have never been to Japan so I am making up some of this stuff, I have no idea if their malls really get that big, so bear with me)). We finally locate the store and get the supplies we need.

" Hey sis can we please go in this store?" he says as he points to GameStop." I really want a new game The Sands of Time 2. It just came out yesterday and I couldn't get it because we were to busy packing. Please." he pleaded.

"I guess so but ..."

"Great lets go" 'he cut me off before I could finish...that lil twerp' I followed him into the store, where I find him talking to these two other boys, that look to be about his age.

"Hey Sota hurry up. We have to leave in like 30mins and I need to buy some more Converses... here just give me the game and I will pay" I tell him.

" Okay sis here" and he hands me the game.

I walk the desk to pay and see this really cute guy checking the people out. He is about 6'2" short dark brown, choppy scene hair. He also has his lip peirced on the lower right lip. I check out his name tag and it says Koga. About this time I hear, " You like what you see...Your hot I am going to make you my woman". He was grinning ear to ear after saying that.

"What! I in your dreams buddy. Not happening..."

"Koga you know if Ayame heard you say that you would be dead meat right?" a teenage girl said entrupting me." Sorry bout Koga. He normally doesn't go about doing that. The name is Sango."

"Hey it's okay I was just shocked. My name is Kagome."

"Cool. I love your hair. I have wanted my hair cut like that for the longest time but no one can seem to do it for me." Sango says.

"Thanks I actually cut my own hair...I can cut yours if you want me to." I tell her.

" Sweet! That would be great here let me give you my cellphone number XXX-XXX-XXXX"

I put her number in and I give her mine too. "I can do it for you tomorrow if you want but it will have to be in the afternoon because I start school tomorrow."

"That's fine...Hey, what school do you go to?"

"Oh I am transferring to Tokyo high for my senior year."

"Really...Cool I go to that school. I can show you around if you would like me to. I could introduce you to my friends. I think you would like them..."

"Hells yeah another hot chic for our group," Koga says.

"Oh shut up Koga before I tell Ayame."

"Whatever Sango...Hey Kagome your total is $53.63" I hand him cash and grab the bag.

"That would be great Sango" I tell her.

"Well I got to go I will see you tomorrow Kagome and Koga. Bye...Hey Kohaku...Shippo lets go. I have to get Shippo home"

"We have to go to Sota. Bye ya'll...see ya"

After I got three new pair of converses we went home to get ready for tomorrow.

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