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Science went off without a problem. I do say Koga may end up wishing he was in a different class or moving away from us girls. I swear we didn't do anything to him…I swear… Well, we did talk all period about girl stuff. I don't really think he was bothered until we started talking about how horrid our periods could be. I think I actually saw him turn green at one point….hahaha… You know, sometimes I think us girls get a sick joy out of doing that to guys. Wait who am I kidding I always get joy out of it. Right before we left the teacher told us fifty percent of our grade would be a project and that by tomorrow to have a partner.

Kikyo didn't even give me a choice she just turned around and said, "Your mine Kags."

"Okay guess there is no other choice for me then. I get to have dumbass for a partner?" Ayame said looking at Koga.

It's funny how Koga wasn't even paying attention until he heard that. He was too busy throwing paper at the back of so kids head.

"I don't know who you are thinking of pairing with but you can forget about it because you are working with me," when he finished he crossed his arm as if to say end of discussion.

Ayame turned to us, "You see girls… You see what you leave me to work with. Do you see?" She turned back to Koga and rolled her eyes while saying, "News flash Koga is was talking about you."

Koga stopped mid walk to think about what she just said. Oh my God! Is he really…is he really stopping to think about what she said. Bahwahahahaha! He can't walk and think at the same time. This is just to priceless. Oh my God, I think he just figured it out.

"Hey!... Ayame there is no way you were talking about me. You called that person an idiot. Ayame. Ayame… AYAME! Why are you walking away shaking your head? Get back here. You didn't answer my question," Kikyo and I watched Koga run to chase after Ayame.

We started are walk to Study hall with Mr. Muso. The whole way there Kikyo had a grin on her face and right before we went thru the door she says, "Now do you see why I gave you no choice? Oh and by the way Inuyasha isn't much smarter than Koga so if you can help it don't get paired with either of them. Well I take it back if it has to do with sports, music or art Inuyasha's your man. Koga is good with sports, music and animals."

"Oh… Dually noted captain," I said while giving her a salute.

The first day of study hall was great because we had no class work yet so it was a free day and I just got to learn more about everyone. Koga and Ayame are on the track team. Kikyo is still doing Archery and tennis; turns out she was second singles. As I found out from earlier Inuyasha play tennis but I also found out he was ranked 2th in the country for his division and the school systems last year. I also found out his brother was 1st in the country and schools as well. 'I so should have followed the boys rankings instead of just the girls.' Miroku is on the swim team with Sango.

My favorite thing I learned was that the group all formed a band; Koga was the drummer, Sango was the bass guitar, Inuyasha was the Lead guitarist, Inuyasha's bother Sesshomaru was the lead singer/ rhythm guitarist, Miroku was the manager, Ayame styled the hair( well except for Sango. Sango said she wasn't her head. She said she would tell me later) and Kikyo was the stylist for the band. They called themselves Shikon. I thought it was kind of nice, the jewel of four souls, and made since a little; four souls four people.

I got so excited when I found out they were in a band that I started to ask tons of questions like;

"How long have ya'll been together?

When is the next practice?

When is the next show?

Do ya'll have a record?

Can I come to the next practice?

Do ya'll have shi…"

"And Breathe! (The crew started to laugh) ... Seriously Kagome one question at a time girl and give us time to answer you. Did anyone catch what she because I lost her after the second question?" Ayame said.

Kikyo said, "I got this. They have been together as a band about 2 years. The next practice is today actually and yes you can come. Practice is at four. They don't have a show planed because are taking a break trying to come up with enough songs for a full length album. They have a demo but they have decided not to go back to the same person to produce it. Quite frankly the guy was unprofessional. As for the last question you nev…"

"Unprofessional. Unprofessional is putting it mildly, Kikyo. The guy fucking grabbed you. He is luck he isn't dead. Stupid fucking ass wipe," Inuyasha practically growled out.

After I heard this I was pissed and turned to Kikyo. "Tell me he is joking Kikyo. Tell me. His ass better be in jail cause I don't play that… Kikyo you didn't. How could you let him walk after that," I took a breath and turned on Inuyasha, "How could you let her not press charges. I want his name, number, and schedule. You don't mess with my…"

Kikyo interrupted me, "Kagome it is fine, I promise. Inuyasha messed him up pretty bad."

"I guess its okay then but if he ever shows his face around you let me know," I told her with a serious look on my face.

"Yes mom. I will….*THUNK* Ouch Kag punching people hurts," she said while rubbing her arm.

"I am serious Kikyo. I won't anything happen to you. You know that right…"

"Aww isn't that so touching the new girl has a crush on Kikyo," some tall chic with red contacts said while walking up their table.

Inuyasha instantly look pissed and stated, "Fuck off you cunt! We don't want your STD infested ass over here and that is her cuz you dip shit!"

"Ewww! Gross inbreeds that's low even for you Kikyo… Anyway I only came over to find out if Sesshomaru will be home today, it is not like I come over here for fun," she said while looking down her nose at us.

'What a bitch! She is lucky Ayame is holding me down,' I thought as I heard Puppy growl out "Bitch I give you three seconds to leave before I do something that gets me in trouble and if you want to know so bad ask him."

Right as she when to reply the bell rung and we all headed to our next class. One of the really cool things about our gym teacher is at he is also our tennis coach. I couldn't wait to see his face when he notices I am in his class. I wanted it to be a surprise so I never called to let him know, it should be fun.

I wasn't too happy to see that, who I came to find out from Ayame was, Kagura Onigumo had the same gym class as us. Ayame told me she was obsessed with Sesshomaru and that they had went out on a couple of dates but it didn't go anywhere. The worst thing was that I remembered that she played tennis. 'You have got to be kidding me', to top it all off was that I knew she was good. How do I know you may ask? I know this because; I have remembered their female players and the ranks for the last couple of years. I did get a little joy out of this and you will see why in a few minutes.

I smiled as I watched Totosia walk out of his office opening his folder to start the roll call.

"Ayame"….. "Here"

" Hiten"….. " Yo"

"Inuyasha" ….. "Feh. I am here old man… By the way pops wants to know if you're still coming to dinner Saturday. "

"Tell him I still plan on coming… Kagome"

"Here coach!" I said with a big grin. I watched as he looked up to see whose voice that was. I started to laugh when I saw him do a double take.

"Well if it isn't my little super star. I knew you would play for me one day," he said with a big grin. "As promised you be my number one singles this year and we wil…"

"WHAT?" and that kids was the scream heard round the world. 'Victory at last, take that ya bitch.'

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