The trouble of love Nathan walked in the school. Today was his sixth week as an teacher at Tree Hill High. He breaking all the rules. He s dating his student Haley James. There are trip coming up tomorrow and he had to spend it pretending that it doesn t bother him to share Haley with Chris. Then again this was his idea for Haley to go out with him where no one finds out about them but that all is about to change. Because he s not sure he can keep up the act though the whole trip.

Haley was having a hard time with this this trip. Everyday seeing him was hard for her, but she had no chance with him unless, ofcouse, she went along with it so she had to keep up the lie that they meant nothing at all to each other.

Nathan was playing that it didn t piss him off seeing his girlfriend with Chris. It was his idea. Haley was just doing what he asked her to do. He should have thought of a different way, but no he didn t do that. He had to do it this way. Not thinking about what it would do to Haley or himself for that matter.


"ok, so the day is here Haley said to herself. The class was all there, and Haley was starting to get nervous. She never had to pretend for a whole week before. Brooke came up behind her and pulled her to the bus. what are you in a big hurry for Davis Haley said. Brooke looked at Nathan and the other 2 chaperones and said can we go to the tables over there its really important . Nathan looked at the tables and said the bus leaves in 5 minutes . Haley and Brooke walked over to the table and Haley said what is up with you . I saw Chris kiss Emma 5 minutes ago in front of her house . Brooke said. Nathan came over and said girls, I m sorry but its time to go. Brooke walked away but Haley felt as if someone punched her in the stomach. Nathan looked at Haley and said we have to get to the bus and Haley looked up at him and she said I know it shouldn t piss me off . Haley said. Nathan had know idea what she was talking about. Haley said but he has know idea about us so he cheated on me . Nathan looked at his girlfriend and said Chris cheated on you . Haley looked up and said yes Brooke saw him and god why do teenage boys have to be so childish. Nathan looked at and said I m sorry Haley, but the bus is about to leave. Haley looked at him and said I m suppose to sit with Chris, thought maybe I ll just go home. I didn t want to go anyway, to hell with my perfect attendants. Nathan looked at her and said you can sit with me ok,one of the teachers backed out at the last minute. So the sit is free for you, ill move one of the other students and Brooke can sit with you. don t let Chris ruin your week sweetie. Haley smiled at Nathan and said why not. Haley went to Brooke and told her she had their sits changed. Brooke said that she didn t care . so they went to the front of the bus and toke their sits. Haley and Brooke had a problem with half of the kids up front, but at least their wont be Chris, and than half way there both Haley and Brooke fell a sleep. Brooke was laid on her side against her window. Haley was on the other side of the bus with her head laid on Nathan s shoulder. 2 hour later everyone woke up. There was a huge field, but unforchaly it was late, and everyone had to go to the main building and find out where they are suppose to sleep. Then they where to go to their cabins and go to sleep for tomorrow. Unforhnly Brooke and Haley were not sleepy because they slept on their way there. So they walked around. Haley found out about the fact that Brooke and Dave, the new kid. Sometime this year Brooke found time to cheat on her boyfriend even if they were on a break she still thought she cheated on him and dave coming here just made her think about what she did more and more