So, Its been hours,and its still hard to be this close ad not to touch her. He didnt know how much more control he had. He was sure he used all he had on the bus. It bugged him that Chris cheated on Haley. He would die to be able to be with haley the way Chris could, and the dumb jerk goes and cheats on her. Sure she was a desent person that didn't want to sick with just anyone. Deep down He knew Haley was saving herself for him. So that means that Chris isn't getting in her pants, and Chris was getting pissed about it. The way he saw it was Chris choose to Cheat with Emma because She was a slut. Then again it could have been to get back at haley because Haley and Emma don't get along.

I know its short please forgive me but exam are coming and I barely have time to sleep, because i'm study so much. When school is over Ill have more time. Unless my friends and my boyfriend kiddnap me. LOLZ.