She awoke with a start still screaming as the vestiges of the dream clung to her consciousness. She quickly patted her bed. She was alone. She stared across the hospital ward toward Beetee and was somewhat reassured but not completely. Peeta was still in the capital. She had failed to save him again. Her eyes started to water at her failure when she heard the door slide open. She quickly rubbed her eyes as Gale approached her bed.

"Another nightmare?"

Katniss nodded.

"Want me to stay until you fall back asleep?"

Katniss nodded again and moved over to one side of the bed. Gale lay down next to her. After a few minutes Gale's breathing slowed. Katniss stared at the ceiling knowing that sleep would not come back to her tonight. She just didn't feel as safe at night without Peeta's warm strong arms around her.