Harry Potter and the Vampire War: A Harry Potter and Cassandra Palmer Crossover

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the Cassandra Palmer series...sadly.

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley have returned to Hogwarts for their seventh (eighth) year. They're beset by changing feelings, schoolwork, and the mystery of Defense Professor John Pritkin. Things get even stranger when a girl calling herself Cassandra Palmer shows up on Halloween with a ghost and seventeenth century French witch in tow. Can the Trio deal with the truth about Pritkin, a change in relationships, and fighting in another war that they were never meant to be a part of? Post DH (ignores the crap-ilog –I mean epilogue) and Post Curse the Dawn. Spoilers for: HP 1-7, Cassie Palmer Series, and Midnight's Daughter. Starts: HP/GW, RW/HG, Cassie /Mircea Ends: HP/HG, GW/NL, RW/LL, and Cassie/Pritkin.

Chapter 1 Summary: Upon their return to Hogwarts, Harry Potter and the "Ministry Five" are met with MASSIVE reforms to the way that Hogwarts works. Hermione notices something familiar about one of the new professors and Ginny begins to doubt Harry's love for her. Ron is upset that the changes wrought upon Hogwarts mean that he only has one class with Harry and Hermione while they have practically the same schedule. Upon meeting the new defense professor and learning what the class will consist of Harry begins to realize that this will not be the normal year he hoped for. And from the eyes and mind of John Pritkin: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, or why he hates Jonas Marsden.

Chapter 1: A Return to Hogwarts and Professor John Pritkin

"I understand why Hermione came back but why did you Harry? You could have gotten any job you wanted!" said Ron Weasley from his spot next to the window on the Hogwarts express.

From her spot next to him Hermione Granger just sighed at her boyfriends antics. He'd been asking that question for a week now and still hadn't gotten an answer that satisfied him. Harry didn't even bother to answer since he knew Ron wouldn't understand that he wanted to have a normal school year for once.

And as far as Harry Potter knew at this moment he would have a normal school year with his girlfriend and two best friends by his side. He didn't know that on the other side of the world a war was brewing between mages, vampires, fey, and the "gods". He had no clue that one of the major players in this war was even now at Hogwarts preparing to teach the new Defense class that he, Harry Potter, had helped to design. He had no idea that he and his friends would be caught in another war, less than a year after they had fought one of their own. But Harry was happy to get off the train an hour after Ron had asked his question for the last time. He climbed into a carriage after helping Ginny inside. Ron and Hermione were already there and Neville and Luna climbed in after them.

"You're back too, Nev?" Ron asked, "You were here last year! Why come back?"

"We didn't learn much last year and because of the battle I never got to take my NEWTs. A lot of last year's seventh years have returned this year to redo the year. I'm surprised to see you back Ron."

"Mum and Hermione badgered me into coming back. I wanted to head straight into Auror training."

"It's a good thing you didn't. You're absolute rubbish at Potions and you really do need it to be an Auror, honestly Ronald. Kingsley told you that six times during the summer." Hermione said exasperated.

"Personally, I'm glad we're all back here together." Luna piped in, "I missed the three of you during the last year. Plus, I feel like something exciting is going to happen this year."

"Let's hope it's not too exciting, eh? I'd like a year off from being a savior for once." Harry said, "But I missed you too Luna."

Moments later they found themselves at the doors to the castle and the group of six walked into the Great Hall together. Luna separated herself from them to sit at the Ravenclaw table and the rest continued on to the center of the Gryffindor table, where as Neville had once put it in their fifth year (outside of Harry, Hermione, or Ron's hearing) "the Golden Trio of Gryffindor held court." Ginny was surprised to find herself sitting between Neville and Dennis Creevy across from Harry while Ron and Hermione sat on either side of him. She shrugged it off since she knew that Harry would always love her.

"Oh my." Hermione whispered looking at the staff table, "That man looks awfully familiar."

She gestured at the blond haired, green eyed man sitting at the staff table. He didn't seem to be very happy about being at Hogwarts and Harry could just make out the fact that he was muttering under his breath—though what he was saying Harry couldn't tell. He wasn't the only new addition to the staff table—after the previous school year many of the professors had needed replacing—but he certainly stood out the most. There was a good chance this was because he didn't wear robes but instead wore a long leather coat which seemed (in Harry's opinion) to be hiding quite a few weapons. Flitwick led the firsties in along with floating a familiar hat and stool in front of him.

None of the small group truly paid attention to the sorting. They clapped at the appropriate moments but each had something on their mind. Neville was noticing how Harry and Hermione were both ignoring their respective Weasley in favor of a silent conversation with each other—probably concerning the blond professor. Ron didn't even notice that his best friend and girlfriend were ignoring him because he was just waiting for the food. Ginny, he noticed, was observing the slight shift of Harry's and Hermione's faces during the conversation, almost as if she was trying to understand what they were trying to say.

"There's no point in trying," he whispered to her, "I've known them for eight years now and I still haven't been able to figure out what each little facial tic means."

"It's strange that they're able to do it still, shouldn't it be Harry and I doing that and Hermione and Ron doing it?"

"Hermione's always been there for Harry, though, even when no one else believed him like during fourth year. It's just a part of the connection they share. It doesn't mean that Harry loves you any less, nor does it mean that Hermione loves Ron any less, it just that they'll always be really close."

Ginny nodded and turned back to the sorting but Neville knew it still bothered her that she was not as close to Harry as Hermione seemed to be. Mere minutes later the sorting finished and the food appeared in front of the group without a word from McGonagall. It was only once the last of the desserts had disappeared that she stood up to speak.

"I'd first like to welcome the many first years to Hogwarts Castle. May you have a far more enjoyable seven years here than some of our other students." She said winking at the Trio. "And to our returning students, I welcome you all back. As you all will have noticed we have a few new professors. As the new Professor of Muggle Studies we have Diana Rothswitch. We also have Bill Weasley joining the staff at the new Arithmancy Professor and his wife Fleur Weasley as the new Potions professor. Also we have Mariah Ford in the Transfiguration post. In addition a new class we have added for the Muggleborn students is Wizarding Studies which will be taught by Angelina Johnson. And finally we have John Pritkin as the Professor of the new Defense program. When you get your schedules tomorrow you may notice something new about them. With the volume of students being larger in some classes and smaller in others we have adopted a new schedule. The first and second years will have the five core classes once a day every day of classes. In addition they will have flying lessons both years and a dedicated library period. Third through fifth years will have longer class days than the rest of the students. You will also have the five core classes with a double period of one each day. You are able to choose two electives and if you have chosen more than those two please see your head of house so you may make your final decisions along with a study period once a day. Sixth and seventh years will choose the classes they would like to take NEWTs in and have each class a day with one double period of each class. Each and every student in this school will take either Wizarding Studies or Muggle Studies, all seven years of their schooling here. As some of the older students may have noticed there is no more History of Magic class. This has been done away with until further notice. The final change that has taken place is that eight of the first floor classrooms have been made into study lounges for each year. I do believe that is all of the announcements for this evening so off to your dormitories."

McGonagall caught Harry's eye and made a gesture with her hand telling him not to leave the Great Hall before she had a chance to speak with him. He waved the others off saying that he would meet them in the Common Room and walked straight up to the raised dais that the Head Table was on.

"You wished to speak with me Professor McGonagall?"

"Yes, Harry, I thought that Miss Granger and Messers Longbottom, Weasley and yourself would enjoy having your own suites off the Gryffindor common room. The other heads are offering this choice to the other…eighth year students. It may be a bit easier for all of you to adjust and get work done if you have your own space. If you choose to use this amenity the entrance is the portrait of Genford Ogden. The password is currently Virgo." She whispered, "And the password to the Gryffindor common room is Ginger Newts."

Harry nodded to McGonagall and traversed the familiar hallways to the portrait of the Fat Lady. He said the password and found all of the seventh years sitting in the chairs in front of the fire waiting for him. There were a few fifth and sixth years in the corners of the room but Harry ignored them to sit next to Ginny on the couch. She snuggled closer to his side as he placed his arm around her shoulders.

"What did McGonagall want, Harry?" Ron asked from his spot in one of the armchairs.

"She offered Neville, Hermione, you and I the use of a suite of rooms off of the common room. She thinks that we might be able to get a bit more work done there." Harry replied

"That was nice of her, did she say-" Hermione started.

"Entrance is Genford's portrait. Password is virgo." He said pointing to one of the larger paintings on the wall behind them.

"We'll have to thank her tomorrow. It's very nice of her to understand that it'll be just too difficult for us to stay in the dorms this year. It was hard enough during-" she was saying before Harry interrupted her.

"Hermione!" he hissed looking at the other students that were still in the Common Room. While Ron, Ginny, and Neville knew that they had spent part of their summer helping with the reconstruction of both the castle and the reorganization of the classes, it wasn't common knowledge to the rest of the British Wizarding World. But none of the aforementioned three knew that it had been impossible for them to sleep anywhere in the castle and they had instead shared a room at The Three Broomsticks for the three weeks they had been at the castle.

"Oh! I can't believe I almost said that! I'm so foolish! Let's look at the suite that McGonagall's offering." said Hermione getting up and headed over to the aforementioned portrait.

Ginny looked between Harry and Hermione. It was obvious that they were hiding something from all of them but she decided to let it go until she could be alone with Harry. She was surprised when she walked into the front room of the suite. She had expected something a bit more…opulent. The front room was very plain with deep red walls and hardwood floors there were five other doors on the walls. In between two of the doors was a fireplace with a couple of couches, a chair, a small table and a rug in front of it. In the middle of the room was four desks put together in a large rectangle. The walls had no pictures but the wall behind two of the desks had a whiteboard and a bulletin board attached to them.

"This is it?" Ginny asked, "I thought there would be more to it. I mean the three of you are…the saviors of this school. She could have given you something more."

"I think it's perfect." Hermione said from one of the bedrooms.

"Is she kidding me?" Ginny whispered to Harry, "You deserve so much more!"

"Actually, Gin, I agree with her. I like the simplicity of it. It's for us to work in, not throw huge parties in. It's perfect for the intended use."

Ginny shrugged. She was just of the opinion that the Man-Who-Conquered should have a room that was a bit grander than this. She sat on one of the couches as the boys decided who would take what room since Hermione had taken the one nearest to the one bathroom. Hermione was already placing her books onto the desk that had the whiteboard behind it.

"This will be very useful for my Ancient Runes projects." she said observing the boys playing Body Bind/Disarming Spell/Stunner* to choose rooms.

It wasn't long before Harry walked Ginny out and into the common room so that she could go up to her own dorm. They kissed and whispered for a few moments (where Harry reminded her to set an alarm for half an hour before breakfast started since they wanted to get there right at seven) before Ginny headed up the stairs to her room. The five of them headed down to the Great Hall in the morning. She wasn't surprised to note that Harry and Hermione were the only ones not surprised by the changes. Instead of the four House tables as usual there were a bunch of round tables that sat eight people. Luna had met them at the doors and so she sat with them at one of the center tables though the change didn't seem to surprise her either. The group of six had a lot of fun watching people come in and stop short at the change.

Once there was a majority of students at breakfast McGonagall explained that this was a semi-permanent change to meals at Hogwarts. From this point on the House tables would only be used for feasts. McGonagall explained that she and the advisors she had met with (knowing who she was speaking of the group chortled) believed that this would be another good way of supporting inter-house unity. It was after this that the House Heads began handing out schedules. What came as a shock to all of them was that the only class they all shared was Defense. Harry and Hermione had practically the same schedule the only difference was that Harry was taking Herbology and Hermione had Ancient Runes. Neville had a similar schedule with some of his classes at different times on some days and the same times on others. Other than Defense, Ron only shared two free periods with his best friends and Ginny shared a couple of Runes classes with Hermione and Luna but no class other than Defense with Harry. At Quarter of eight the group headed to the Defense classroom, excited to begin the new curriculum that Harry had glossed over during the summer.

They'd seen the classroom decorated in many different ways but this was the strangest yet. The walls were covered with weapons and the back half of the floor was covered by blue mats. Pritkin was nowhere to be seen but Harry knew from experience that this didn't mean he wasn't in the room. After all, it wouldn't be the first time a professor had pulled in invisible trick on them *cough*Fake-Moody*cough*. Harry grabbed a seat at the front of the room and Ginny slid in next to him with Ron, Luna behind him and Neville and Hermione right across the aisle from them. The rest of the class followed their example and grabbed the remaining seats (there were only ten left) before the professor showed up. Exactly at eight o'clock the door leading from the Defense Professors office to the classroom opened and the newest Defense professor walked down the stairs. He hadn't changed much form the day before only now Harry could see that his suspicion was right and the coat covered an assortment of weapons, including a sword, a gun, and a large belt of potions around his waist. He paused at the bottom of the stairs looking at all of them.

"Here's the gist of things. I don't know about any of you…and none of you have even heard of me. But that's not really important. So you understand, you'll all call me Professor Pritkin and no variation of that. Now, as for your seats…I'll be assigning your seats because of the nature of the class…but before I can do that I need to know about you're dueling style so you all be taking this quiz and you'll be matched with the person I believe you'll work best with. Then I'll talk more about the new aspects of the class." He said and five question quiz landed on each desk. "You have half an hour. That starts NOW!"

Harry looked down at the quiz questions.

1) When in battle what is the first thing you notice about your opponent?

2) What type of magic do you use more in a battle: defensive or offensive?

3) Before you enter battle do you a) find the weakest link and take him/her out first, b) choose the strongest opponent and take him/her on or c) just fire away until you hit someone or get an opponent?

4) What would you rather fight: Dark Lords, Dark Lords of the Sith or Vampires?

5) Choose a spell—what is the practical use of that spell in a battle?

Harry laughed silently at the fourth question and quickly wrote…After having defeated one Dark Lord that was a real pain in the ass…Vampires seem like they might be the better choice. I hate Dark Lords if they have the Force or no.

Harry took up the entire time on the other four questions having to actually think about his fighting technique. What he didn't know since he was so engrossed in his answers was that Ginny was trying to copy but Pritkin noticed and decided to use that to pair her up with someone. If she wanted to cheat in a simple quiz that was merely designed to determine how she duels then she'd reap exactly what she sowed.

Once Pritkin had all the quizzes in hand he looked through them and started mentally pairing people off. "Alright," he said, "Stand up. I've chosen your partner. When you're in this class, the person you are partnered with is your family. They fail, you fail. It's that simple. Now when I say your name you'll sit where indicated."

The entire class stood at the front of the room while Pritkin started pointing out chairs starting in the back.

"Greengrass and Richards. Boot and Finch-Fletchley. Bones and Zabini. Macmillan and Li. Ron Weasley and Lovegood. Longbottom and Patil. Malfoy and Ginevra Weasley. Potter and Granger."

The whole class froze at the second to last set of names. A Weasley and a Malfoy paired up? This was going to end badly. Ginny was frozen in her spot next to Harry—not only was she not paired up with her boyfriend but she had to trust…Draco Malfoy?

"Ummm…Professor Pritkin? I think you made a mistake. Shouldn't I be paired with Harry? I mean we are dating." She said.

"No, Miss Weasley. I meant exactly what I said. Mr. Potter has been paired with Ms. Granger and you have been paired with Mr. Malfoy. From what I noted your style is far too similar to Mr. Potter's for you two to work well together. Now sit down and pay attention to the lesson." Pritkin said stalking up to the chalk board. "You won't just be learning spells in this class. We'll also be doing strength training and conditioning. After Christmas we'll begin working with swords and other weapons. Get ready to take notes on what I'm about to say."

There was a rustle as most of the class (except for Hermione who was always prepared) grabbed some parchment out of their bags. For the next hour and a half Pritkin lectured on why knowing your partners strengths and weaknesses was useful in battle. Even though they took notes both Harry and Hermione felt it was pointless. They had been friends for nearly eight years now and had been through countless battles together and protected each other's backs.

Okay so some of them could have gone better. The Department of Mysteries and Godric's Hollow being to good examples of that sentiment Harry thought.

Harry, Neville, and Hermione were the last three to leave the class, only because Harry and Neville were both headed to the greenhouses and so when Pritkin asked Harry to stay for a moment Neville agreed to wait outside, mostly to walk down there with Harry but also just in case he (Merlin forbid) needed back-up. Hermione, on the other hand, just refused to leave Harry alone in the room. Harry had noticed that this had been the case often since Godric's Hollow and even more so after he disappeared into the woods at the Final Battle. erm

"Would it be possible for us to meet when you are done with classes for today?" he asked.

Harry glanced at Hermione with one eyebrow slightly raised. She responded by simply closing her eyes. It was a communication technique that Pritkin rarely saw used effectively—many times one didn't know what the other person was saying.

"Sure. Our free period is at 4 this afternoon, will that work?" Harry asked, obviously having understood Hermione's response.

"Yes. I'll see you both in my office then." He said dismissing them.

The rest of the day went by fairly quickly for Harry and Hermione after they met back up for Wizarding Studies with Angelina who gave them both a small wave as they entered the room. The class was fairly small but everyone got along well since there were no Slytherin's in the class. The rest of the day passed by in the blink of an eye and soon enough they found it to be almost four o'clock and were rushing to Pritkin's office since they'd left Potions late—Harry of course was blaming Malfoy for hiding his sliver knife and Hermione blamed Harry for not putting it away once he was done with it. They reached the Defense hallway right as the bell tolled for the start of the period. They took the corner sharply and nearly skidded to a stop outside the office door. Hermione straightened her robes just as Harry knocked on the door.

"Enter," Pritkin said from the other side. "Ah, Mr. Potter, Miss Granger, right on time, I see. Please take a seat."

Harry took the chance to look around the office. He had been here under many of its former occupants and gotten a sense of what each was like from its decorations. The wall behind his desk was hidden behind bookcases and the other walls were covered with an assortment of weapons. Harry noted the picture on the back of the door with darts in its face and the frame on one wall with an older tattooed gentleman in front of a tattoo parlor. There was another frame on top of one of the bookshelf. Harry could only make out the subject of the photo by squinting. It was a young woman with curly blonde hair asleep on a bed. Harry could just make out a scar so he assumed that she was sleeping while healing from some sort of fight.

"You wanted to see us, Professor?" he heard Hermione ask and brought his attention back to the task at hand.

"Yes, Professor McGonagall mentioned a couple of things last night and I wanted to ask you some questions." He waited for the two of them to nod before he continued. "Professor McGonagall mentioned that the yourselves and Mr. Weasley, sacrificed your last year of school in the fight against this "Dark Lord Voldemort" but from what I understand you are—"

He didn't even see the eye contact between the duo before Harry interrupted him. "Professor, technically we're in the right year in school but we should have been seventh years last school year. However, I was given a mission by our late Headmaster and I needed to fulfill it before Voldemort could truly take over. Hermione and Ron sacrificed last year to help me and stay with me. After Voldemort's defeat I wasn't sure of what to do with myself—neither was Hermione. All three of us had offers from everywhere we could think of to come and work—but none of us were really ready for it so Hermione and I chose almost immediately to return to Hogwarts. It took a lot of badgering to get Ron to come back but we did it." Harry said.

Badgering? He thought to himself knowing that Hermione was thinking the same thing, Try blackmailing. I still can't believe it was only upon pain of telling the truth—that he up and left us for a month—that we were able to get him to come back.

"Quite a few a of this year's seventh year students are actually in their eighth year. From what we understand you didn't learn much if you weren't a Slytherin and even then you only learned what Voldemort and his minions deemed to be appropriate. So they learned nothing but Dark Arts." Hermione added in.

"I see. The Headmistress also tells me that you two are responsible for many of the changes to the curriculum this year."

"Harry more so than myself." Hermione spoke before Harry would, knowing that he wouldn't take the credit he rightfully deserved. "He actually designed the new Defense curriculum. I merely suggested Wizarding and Muggle Studies as classes and of course, scrapping History of Magic."

"Generations of students to come will curse the day that you took away their naptime, Hermione." Harry said.

"Finally, she mentioned a Defense group that Mr. Potter ran during your fifth year at yours and Mr. Weasley's urging. I was wondering if you were interested in reinstating it. The Headmistress told me to mention that it would be a sanctioned club this time around."

Harry and Hermione shared a sad look and a smile. "The Defense…professor that year was a Ministry…toad." Hermione said, "After she made an Educational Degree saying that all clubs, teams, and groups where hereby disbanded and not allowed to reform without her permission we made our group anyways. She'd already gotten wind of what our group was planning—to learn how to defend ourselves. The Ministry thought that former Headmaster Dumbledore was trying to train us to become his personal army so our teacher wouldn't actually let us learn. That's why I suggested that Harry teach. He's absolutely brilliant at Defense and so the DA was born."

"The DA is what the group was called. It technically stood for Defense Association but everyone knew it really meant Dumbledore's Army. It was our own way of fighting the Ministry since they wouldn't listen to reason." Harry said softly. Even now, speaking of his disastrous fifth year brought back memories of Sirius and Dumbledore. "I'll have to think about bringing back the DA…and if I do, I'm not changing the name. We'll always be Dumbledore's Army."

"Of course. I'll let the two of you go now. Please let me know when you have made your decision Mr. Potter. You're both dismissed."

Harry and Hermione left the room and headed outside. It was still nice and they didn't have any homework other than reading due for the next day. On the walk Harry was thinking about their time in Pritkin's office and his spidey sense (as Hermione had once called his sense that he just knew when something bad was coming) was making hundreds of alarms go off in his head. He didn't quite know what was coming but he knew one thing for sure: This would not turn out to be the normal year he had so hoped for.

From the eyes and mind of John Pritkin: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, or Why He Hates Jonas Marsden.

He was going to kill Jonas. When he suggested (read: bullied with the help of Cassie Palmer) that John take this job he never mentioned that a)he'd be among people who thought him to be some sort of epic hero or b) that he would have to teach…teenagers. John Pritkin was not a fan of teenagers whom he believed to be overly sexed bags of hormones.

He watched as students started filing into the Great Hall. His eyes were immediately drawn to a group of six students as they entered. He could tell that the leader was the young man with black hair and green eyes and that his two most trusted lieutenants were the young woman with slightly bushy brown hair and the redheaded young man next to him. He knew that the other three were trusted friends and allies but that they didn't know everything like the other two did.

"I see you've spotted our…star students," said a voice to his left. Sitting there was the current Headmistress Minerva McGonagall, an old friend of Jonas'. "The young man with dark hair is Harry Potter his best friends are Hermione Granger, the brunette, and Ronald Weasley, the red head. They sacrificed a lot to save all of us—including being here last year. It is only because of their bravery that Hogwarts is still here right now. Without them…Lord Voldemort would have taken over the school and killed any that stood in his way."

Pritkin nodded his brow furrowing as the young blonde woman made her way to a different table then the rest.

"That's young Miss Lovegood; she's a Ravenclaw, while the others are Gryffindors. The other two are Ginny Weasley, Ron's younger sister, and Neville Longbottom. It was the three of them that lead the resistance here at Hogwarts when Miss Granger and Messers Potter and Weasley were off on their mission. I can't tell you much more than that. I don't know anymore. The three of them are very tight-lipped about both what they did and what happened. Can we talk more after the Sorting? I feel there's a couple of other things you ought to know Mr. Pritkin."

Pritkin nodded and started mumbling under his breath. He was definitely killing Jonas the next time he saw him. He now knew why Jonas had wanted him to come—to find students to fight in their own upcoming war. He could tell by looking that many of the students were still trying to heal from what had happened. But he also knew that they would need more people on their side—people who inspired loyalty—people like Mr. Potter. He sat through the sorting and McGonagall's introductions of all the new professors and an explanation on how the school would work now. He noticed Mr. Potter come up to the Head Table as all of the students were leaving and speak with the Headmistress. Whatever it was she was telling him he looked very grateful and afterwards he headed out the doors. He followed McGonagall up to her office after that to hear what she had to say about the young man that was apparently the hero of the British Wizarding community.

"You wished to tell me about Mr. Potter and company, Headmistress?"

"Yes just a couple of things that you need to understand and a message I'd like you to pass along to Harry. As I told you when we first spoke about you taking the job, the course was in the middle of being revamped by someone with experience in not only what the Dark Arts can do but battle experience. What I neglected to mention was that said person was only seventeen at the time. The curriculum guidelines I gave you for the Defense Program are of Mr. Potter's design. Both he and Miss Granger were here for three weeks following all that happened to help with the rebuilding of the castle and restructuring of courses."

Pritkin wasn't completely surprised to hear that it had been this young man who had changed the Defense Program. From what he had heard in these few hours told John that this young man was extremely capable and probably able to teach this course if he wanted to.

"Also during their fifth year, Mr. Potter, at the suggestion of Miss Granger and Mr. Weasley, ran a group that studied defense. The students who were in that group got the highest DADA O.W.L grades in Hogwarts history. I know many of the students would find this group helpful once again, seeing as the curriculum Harry put together is difficult and from what Jonas tells me you accept nothing less than perfection. Please see to it that you ask Mr. Potter if he will run the group again…as a sanctioned club this time around. He will know what that means."

Pritkin nodded and was dismissed from the office. His talk with McGonagall hadn't answered any questions he had, it had only created more. He decided to have a talk with Potter after classes the following day. He was looking over the roster for his first double period class—a mixed house 7th year class. Close to the bottom of the roster was the name he was looking for—Harry Potter. He noted that Messers Weasley and Longbottom were also in the class along with Misses Granger, Weasley, and Lovegood. As he came down the stairs from his office, he noted that both Potter and Granger's eyes were constantly moving looking for any threats in the room.

He handed out the quizzes he had developed to see whom would be paired with whom—though he was already sure that he would end up pairing Potter with Granger. At the end of the thirty minutes he took all of the quizzes and as he looked through them. He knew what Miss Weasley's plan was—she wanted to be paired with her boyfriend and so she had answered in a way similar to him. She didn't understand that for a fighting duo their styles needed to be complementary—not exactly the same.

She was shocked when he paired her with Draco Malfoy—the whole class was. When she complained he told her to sit down and take notes like the rest of the class. When they were leaving he asked Potter to stay for a moment. Granger pretty much refused to leave the room and he noticed that Potter didn't seem to be surprised by this fact. He also knew that Longbottom was waiting outside the door under the pretense of waiting for Potter so that they could go to Herbology but he knew that it was in case backup was needed. He asked Potter (and Granger by extension since she was with him now he was willing to bet she'd be there for the talk) if they could talk after classes. After a momentary silent communication Potter responded that they had their free period at 4 that afternoon. He agreed seeing as he didn't have any classes at that time.

The rest of the day passed fairly quickly and at just after four he heard a knock on his door. He told Granger and Potter to come in and he asked a few questions that needed clarification. During their conversation he realized that they were hiding something big to do with Mr. Weasley and their mission over the course of the previous school year. After hearing about their defense group he hoped they would choose to reinstate it since he knew with his…teaching style it was likely to help.

The next two weeks passed quickly with little interesting happening other than Potter informing him that the DA would be reinstated and the first meeting would be on October first. That same day he received some mail one was a short letter from Jonas and the other was a quick note from Cassandra.


How are Minerva and Hogwarts treating you? Everything is alright here. Lady Cassandra is learning how to use the Pythia's powers very fast. I'm just sending this to request one thing: that you send me a list of all the students in your upper level classes that you think are good enough to help with everything that's coming. Send it to me as soon as you can.


He had been expecting Jonas' request since he first arrived at Hogwarts and had started to compile a list. It wouldn't be complete until Halloween since that was when their first physical test would be but just from classes he could tell that the first two names on his list would stay right where they were: Potter and Granger. Cassandra's note was very short but it somehow managed to convey a lot.


It's weird not having you around as my partner right now. I think even Billie-Joe misses you a little. He and Francoise both send their hello's along by the way. Casanova doesn't miss you but knowing how much damage the two of us have caused to Dante's maybe that isn't so surprising. Learning about my powers with Jonas is difficult…but fun. Don't scare the kiddies at that school too much!

Lady Cassandra I, reigning Pythia

As he reread the noted he realized that there was a small part of him that missed her…and her two companions.

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