"Hm…?" Her eyes quickly drifted away from her dancing green skirt. Her eyes then connected with Inuyasha's. They were worried and she smiled, falsely.

"You've been acting weird ever since I came to get you from Sesshomaru.."

Her eyes then drifted away from him again, as she started to remember how terrible that day ended.

Two days ago

As Kagome woke beside the river, she spotted an empty body print in the tall grass beside her. A soft sigh left her lips. She had done something that she knew she would regret it soon. Her eyes drifted down towards her bare body. But why regret it? She has not admitted to her feelings about either Sesshomaru or Inuyasha. She had just met them both, and to have anything more than a friendship feeling towards them was all she could ask of herself. They had both saved her life, but both hadn't expressed anything more than a grunt or a evil glare towards her, which was less than comforting.

Before she could analyze herself a kimono was placed down beside her. It was beautiful shade of pink, decorated in small black flowers. The trim of the kimono was a soft gold, almost the same color of Sesshomaru's eyes. The sun's warmth was cut off as Sesshomaru stood there, staring down at her. His eyes were the same as always, emotionless. He could've at least had some sensuality in them. "Thank..you..it's beautiful.."

"Hm.." He muttered.

She slowly got up and placed herself in the kimono. The fabric was so soft and gentle on her body. Much more comforting than a dirt and blood covered towel. But as she dwelled in this comfort for a few more moments, she realized she still had no shoes. Her eyes drifted towards the tall and unfaltering Sesshomaru and she smiled. Her mouth opened slightly as she started to speak but he swiftly turned around and made his way back towards the trail. Her eyes narrowed slightly but she had no choice but to follow.

As they traveled, the silence seemed to be drilling a hole straight through her overcrowded head. She kept questioning her actions and the silence from Jaken had only made these questions rise even higher. Had he heard them? Does he know about their midnight lustfest? Would he have to be killed because of his knowledge? A long sigh left her as her eyes stared down at the dirt trail. As she lifted her head to break the silence, she ran right into Sesshomaru.

"Sesshomaru, what are you doi-.." She walked around him and looked ahead seeing that familiar silver and red combination. "i..inuyasha…."

"Kagome! Are you alright..?!"

As she started to feel relief, she then started to feel anger. "Where have you been?!" She could feel Sesshomaru's eyes shift towards her, but only for a spilt second.

"Sesshomaru…" She could hear Inuyasha growling and saw his hand move toward his sword.

She couldn't let this fight happen. She quickly ran inbetween them and threw up her hands. "Please, Inuyasha. Don't fight him. He hasn't done a thing to me!" She screamed, lying through her teeth.

She saw that Inuyasha's hand did not move from his sword. She then turned towards Sesshomaru, "Please..do.." But before she could even finish her sentence Sesshomaru had made his way towards Inuyasha.

She could see light flashing and Inuyasha yell as he was hit by Sesshomaru's whip of light. She could feel tears start to form in her eyes. If only she had her bow and arrow with her. Her eyes then drifted towards Jaken, and then they widened. "Jaken!" She yelled with anger.

He flinched and looked at her, "Get away wench!"

She reached towards him and grabbed her bow and arrow from him. "You've been carrying this the whole time?!"

"Well..if you weren't so clumsy!"

She had no time to bicker; she had to break up this fight. As she geared up and took aim, this was a lot harder than she expected it to be. Inuyasha's yells were throwing her off, and they were moving so darn fast! Then finally she had her chance. She watched as they came to a stand still, Inuyasha was trying hard to push Sesshomaru off of him. He hand was aimed straight towards him, and it was glowing with poison. Breaking out slowly she let go of the arrow, and watched as its purple light hit shot straight through Sesshomaru's sleeve and hit the Tetsuiga. She heard it groan with pain and transform back to its rusty form. Sesshomaru hopped back a far distance and she could see blood stain his white gown. She didn't worry though; she knew the arrow had just grazed him.

Inuyasha quickly made his way over towards her. "Hurry and get on, we have to get moving!" She mindlessly hopped onto his back and watched as Sesshomaru soon became a silhouette in the distance. After being on his back for a good hour or so, she finally spoke up.

"Inuyasha..can we stop..?"

She felt him come to a halt and sighed lightly as she got off his back. She watched as Inuyasha stood there, waiting for her to say something. "What..?" She said, kind of irritated.

"Are you okay..?"

She merely nodded and barely ever made eye contact, hoping he wouldn't ask anymore questions.

"What took you so long, Inuyasha..? You forget about me..?" she could feel his eyes on her.


Her eyes narrowed slightly, as she knew something must've happened. Something more important, than rescuing her. She shook her head, "It's fine..You don't have to answer right now.." She finally made eye-contact with him and smiled. "Inuyasha..I'm just happy you came.." She could feel the tears returning in her eyes.

"Whatcha cryin' for..?" She watched as his face started to turn red and she couldn't help but smile and blush herself.

"By the way..where'd that kimono come from..?"

Her smile disappeared completely. "A village we passed by had a very skilled seamstress and she found my old clothes strange.."

"Oh..Not bad.."

She could've fallen over from the tension that was released from that question.

"So where to now..?"

"Well.. I can't sense any jewel shards from here.. Let's keep going north.."

He nodded, and she climbed onto his back, for now they were back on track.


She looked back at him and sighed, "Inuyasha..I'm.."

"He didn't..do anything..did he..?"

Her face went red and her eyes grew wide. "Inuyasha?! What kind of girl do you think I am, huh? No! He didn't do anything!" Her eyes narrowed slightly as she turned her head away from him.

"Sorry for askin!" He yelled back. Now they were both hot-headed and refused to speak to one another.

She started to think about how upset she was when she ripped that beautiful kimono. But there was no way it could have possibly stayed in the shape that it was in, with Inuyasha carelessly flinging his sword around like a toddler….then somethingclicked in her head, he could barely lift that sword a few weeks ago.

"You had training.." Her eyes drifted towards Inuyasha as she noticed his face was starting to turn pale. "That's why you didn't come and get me.."

"I couldn't possibly take on that demon or Sesshomaru in the state I was in.. I was weaponless, you expect me to go into battle without a weapon?!"

"He could've killed me! Sesshomaru..and that demon!"

"Well, they didn't did they..? And now I am able to face Sesshomaru.."

"I could've died..And then what..? You wouldn't have your shikon jewel detector! You would've been stuck trying to figure this out by yourself!"

"You didn't die.."

"Well, maybe it would've been better if I did, then you would've been able to fight your brother to your heart's content..Since I don't even belong here anyw-"

She then felt Inuyasha grab her arm, but it was gentle. Her eyes shifted towards his hand then towards him. His expression was soft and worried. "Kagome…"

She couldn't believe what was happening. He was moving closer and closer to her, he wasn't planning on kissing her, was he? Oh no, now he was inches away from her face. "Hold on!" She shoved him away, her face feeling like a bubbling pot of noodles. "You..you.." She covered her mouth and looked at him. Now he was starting to look confused.

"What's your problem?!" He yelled, now completely embarrassed.

"I..I.." She could feel tears now streaming down her face. "I'm.." She then took off down the trail. It was dark, murky and cold but she had to get away from him. Being liked by two creatures in an unknown world, in the span of two weeks, was too much for this school girl.