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They were traveling for a good couple of hours now. Kagome's eyes were focused on the sky, it was starting to become dusk soon they would have to stop. She didn't want to stop. She didn't want to be anywhere near this beast. She wanted to go home, she wanted to rest, study for tests, be a normal girl again. This was all too much.

But due to her lack of attention she ran into Sesshomaru's back and stumbled backwards. Her face flushed and she squeeled, "Sesshomaru! Why did you stop?"

His cutting glare caused her to make this weird sound that resembled a squirrel.

"Inuyasha is nearby..."

All the blood left Kagome's face. She looked herself over forgetting how tathered her clothes were. He would only conclude the worst had happened. "I have an idea! Stall him.. please.."

Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed but never left her as she traveled a good distance into the forest nearby. Before she knew it she could here Inuyasha squawking and arguing with Sesshomaru.

No words left Sesshomaru's mouth; suddenly Kagome appeared from the forest. Holding her arm, and limping slightly.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha quickly ran over towards her, a look of worry on his face, this confused her slightly.

"Stop..I'm fine.." Her eyes averted from him, her brow furrowed in slight annoyance and imaginary pain.

"K...agome..." He stopped in his tracks a few feet away from her. She could feel a strange vibe coming from him. Her eyes slowly lifted towards him, his eyes were now on Sesshomaru. "You bastard..what did you do?"

Kagome's eye widened "Inuyasha..he didn't do wa.."

"No! He did..didn't he? He would've denied it immediately if he didn't touch you!"

Kagome took a step towards him, still limping. "Please..Inuyasha..He didn't...let's just go.." Her voice was so silent and trembled with every syllable.

"I'll kill you!" Wiping out his Tetsusaiga he charged towards Sesshomaru. Kagome was shocked at how easily he weld it where as moments ago he was barely able to stand with it in his grasps.

Sesshomaru's eyes were set on Kagome and in that instant she knew he was going to defend himself at any means.

"Inuyasha!" She yelled.

She closed her eyes as she heard him yell in pain and go flying through the field. Opening them slowly she saw Sesshomaru's hand lower to his side, his fingertips glowing green. As Inuyasha rose Sesshomaru flicked his wrist and a small stream of light appeared drifting from his hand in the shape of a whip.

"" Inuyasha rose, blood blending with his red clothing.

He charged again and Sesshomaru merely jumped back and swung his whip hard across Inuyasha's face. As he went in for a second strike Inuyasha deflected it with the Tetsusaiga.

This shocked both Kagome and Sesshomaru. She could see Sesshomaru getting more enthralled and watched as his leg went soaring straight into Inuyasha's side. Inuyasha went flying and landed roughly on the grass. Attack after attack Inuyasha went down, more rips in his clothing everytime. More blood pouring from his wounds.

"Inuyasha! SIT!" She yelled, her voice cracking.

Inuyasha had taken a leap towards Sesshomaru but went directly into the ground.

"Kagome.." Sesshomaru spoke, his brow forrowed. "Do not interfere.."

Kagome shook her head and continued to yell. "He doesn't deserve this. You did nothing!"

"I do." Sesshomaru muttered. Kagome couldn't believe the words that slipped from his mouth. Tears started to conjure, her face grew red and her hands began to shake. "What..? No! Sesshomaru!" As she took steps towards them she heard a growl come from the crater Inuyasha was inside of.

His hand flew up and gripped the untouched ground around the crater. His nails dug into the dirt as he thrusted from the hole. He landing was hard and his head was lowered. She could see his back lowering and rising as he stood crouched and injured. "Inuyasha..please.."

Inuyasha's head snapped up. Kagome gasped and covered her mouth. His eyes were bright red. Purple marks similar to Sesshomaru's, were on his face.

"What...What's going on.." Kagome started to take a step away from Inuyasha.

"It seems as though his demon blood has finally shown itself.." Sesshomaru spoke, taking steps toward Inuyasha.

Inuyasha's head slowly turned towards Sesshomaru. He bared his fangs and growled. Kagome barely caught Inuyasha's movement towards Sesshomaru and finally he got him.

Sesshomaru fell back, his right shoulder now open and bleeding. He placed his hand quickly over it, his eyes moved towards Inuyasha as his temper flared.

Kagome had to stop this. They were really going to kill each other now. Inuyasha was now a few yards from Sesshomaru. Standing slowly and licking the dark blood from his fingers. Kagome caught his movement this time and took off running.

It was quick, but it was painful. As she opened her eyes she saw her blood splatter across Inuyasha's face. Her chest slowly started to burn and when she hit the ground the pain shot through her body. She cried out in pain and rolled onto her back. Her white blouse was now a dark red. Sesshomaru was quickly at her side, Inuyasha stood there, frozen. Kagome lifted her head slightly staring at Inuyasha, she could see him fighting against his demon blood.

"I..nuyasha..." She whispered, blood filling her throat and lungs. She rolled on her side and coughed hard. This caused the pain to pulsate and spread through her body.

With that she heard Inuyasha growling and yelling. "Kagome! Kagome!" He yelled and howled. She felt the area around them become clear and could tell Inuyasha was back to his normal self. As her eyes darted around trying to stay conscious she watched as Inuyasha dropped down beside her. His hands outstretched towards her body. "Kagome..I..I didn't.." She saw tears start to form in his eyes. His face was twisted between fear, anger, and sadness.

"Inuyasha..I..I'm sorry.. I.."

"Shut up! Shut up! Just try to stay awake damnit!" His voice was wavering all over as she bled out. Her body was shaking, from what she remembered in class she was going into shock. She was going to die. In this place...


It didn't bother her...

Not as much as before.. She cared about these two..She really did..

She wasn't sure how she cared..on ant intimante level. But she cared enough to put herself in harms way so they would stop fighting. That was enough for her..

"Just please..stop..fighting.." She said, coughing and trembling. A second face appeared beside Inuyasha. It was Sesshomaru. Although there were no tears in his eyes, there was worry on his eyes. As stern and indifferent his face seemed. She knew he feared for her well-being.

"You two..look so much alike..Has anyone ever said that..?" Her shaking was becoming worse.

"Kagome..please..just stay awake.."

"Sesshomaru..can't you do something? Can't you?" Sesshomaru's eyes never left Kagome. He stayed silent.

"Sesshomaru!" Inuyasha yelled, his eyes soon left his brother then went back towards Kagome.

She rolled onto her back, her shaking was now slowing..her vision was slowly fading. Her eyes shifted back and forward. "Kagome..." Inuyasha clung to her arm. "Don't leave! I'm..I didn't mean to.. I should've listened.. I'm sorry! Just don't.. Not you...Not you too.."

She felt his hair and dog ears brushing up and down against her side as his body heaved from cries.

His warmth slowly faded as she started drift away. A hand, it drifted from her bangs to the top of her head. She knew it was Sesshomaru's, she knew his hands more than she should've but she knew it was him. A smile graced her bloody lips. They both cared so much.

Her body slowly became warm and she couldn't see it but she felt as if she was glowing.

Sesshomaru's and Inuyasha's hands were no longer felt on her. She no longer felt herself against the cold ground. She was floating. What was happening to her? Was this how people died..? Or...