A|N There will probably only be a few or at least one more chapter. One of those chapters will consist of Sesshomaru's point of view. That is all I can say so far. Expect an interesting ending to this series. :] (also typos may be in here. xD Sorry! I'm lacking in the editing department lately..)

Kagome's eyes shot open and she was there standing in a open space. It was so bright at first but her eyes soon adjusted.

"Where am I..?" Her voice echoed as if she were in giant vacant room.

"Kagome...You aren't suppose to be here.."

Kagome quickly turned around to see Kikyo standing directly behind her. She jumped back and stared at her. "Ki..Kikyo.."

Kagome couldn't help but look at her gorgeous face. It looks so sullen and unwelcoming, but still so beautiful and silent. Whenever she stood next to Kikyo she couldn't help but feel a tingling feeling throughout her entire body. Almost the same feeling she got when she kneeled for too long then quickly got up, but it was multipled throughout her body.

"What are you doing here.."

"Well..Inuyasha..he stuck me..I know he didn't mean to.. I know it was his demon.."

"Kagome..you are not suppose to be here. If you are here who is suppose to collect the Shikon jewel.."

Kagome's eyes widened and she quickly covered her mouth. "I..I forgot.." She muttered under her hands. Her body began to tremble, she felt cold. The space surronding them slowly started to turn gray.

"You are useless..You are not meant for this world...Go back to your own time Kagome. Leave this task to me..I will complete it, with you or Inuyasha's help.." Kikyo started to turn from Kagome but Kagome quickly reached out and grabbed her arm.

Kikyo quickly turned arouna and glared at Kagome. Kagome didn't back down, her eyes quickly darted toward the gray under her feet. "I don't believe that.. I was put here for a reason..I will help him collect the jewel shards!" Kagome could feel her grip on Kikyo loosen and let her arm fall to her side.

It was silent for far too long, when she looked up she saw Kikyo was no longer standing infront of her. "Kikyo...Kikyo!" She started to turn from left to right. From there she started to run trying to find a way out. "How am I suppose to get out of here? HEY!" She yelled then fell to her knees. She started to bang out the ground, "I just want to go back. I don't want to die, not here, not like this. I have to help him. I have to help...!" She started to pound on the ground harder with each word. "Take. Me. Back!" With each pound she felt a pound in her chest, her heart, it was starting..

A loud gasp and Kagome was sitting up staring straight ahead into a field of tall grass. She looked from side to side and saw Sesshomaru putting his sword away, she then looked at Inuyasha who was glared at Sesshomaru.

"Why didn't you just do that in the first place, ass!" Inuyasha was growling and snarling in anger.

A smile crept on Kagome's face as she stood up, "Thank you Sesshomaru.." As she looked at him, she caught a gleam in his eye but only for a split second. He then slowly turned and walked away.

"HEY! Where are you goin? We have business to take care of still!" Inuyasha yelled, holding his Tetsuiga out and swinging it around proudly.

"Inuyasha.." Kagome spoke so softly that it was barely heard over the wind that carried through the valley.

Inuyasha's eyes widened and looked down at Kagome. She watched as his face turned red. "Why are ya lookin' at me like that. Knock it off!"

Kagome smiled and quickly lundged in for a hug, taking in his scent and embracing his body. He was so warm.


"I'm sorry Inuyasha.."

"A..about what..this was my fault.."

She felt Inuyasha's head on brush against hers, this only made it harder.


She slowly let go and took a step back. "I'm sorry..but I'm going to continue on with Sesshomaru.."

"Wha..what..?" Inuyasha's face turned pale and his eyes grew wide with confusion and fear.

"But..he'll only use it for himself. Kagome..he'll kill you.."

"No..he won't.." Her eyes drifted away from his as she rubbed the fabric of skirt, trying to wear off the tension that was coursing through her. "I'm..sorry Inuyasha, but this is where we part ways.."

She quickly turned around and ran away towards Sesshomaru hoping he hadn't gotten to far. It was a touch decision, but whenever she was by Inuyasha she couldn't help but think about Sesshomaru and how much she cared about him. She felt awful for what she did and she planned on fixing it. She knew it was going to hard for Sesshomaru to accept a human at his side, but she has to try. She has to.

"Sesshomaru! Wait!" She yelled as she finally caught up. "I.."

She watched as Sesshomaru looked over his shoulder, his eyes narrowed.

Kagome gulped hard, "I'm com..I'm coming with you! Whether you like it or not!" She yelled with her hands closed and her hands clenched at her side. Too afraid to see his expression. When there was nothing but silence she peeked open and saw Sesshomaru was now completely facing her.

"Why..?" He said, his face as sullen and emotionless as Kikyo's.

"Because..I..I care about you..Why do you think..?"

"Hm.." was all he said and he turned back around and continued to walk. Kagome tagged closely along, trying not to get in his way while also trying to figure out how to deal with Jaken for extended periods of time.