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As her eyes opened, she looked up and all she saw was open sky. Stars spread far and wide across the dark night canvas above her. As she started to recollect what happened, she quickly sat up and looked around, then spotted Sesshomaru wearily peaking into her backpack.

"Hey! What are..yo.."

Sesshomaru merely ignored her and pulled out a bag of chips. He sniffed the packaging, his eyes narrowed tightly, extremely suspicious of the object. "Fried….potato…chip..?"

Kagome rolled her eyes, being humored by everyone's reactions to modern day food. She stretched out her arm and waved the bag over with her hand. She placed it in her hands and as she opened it, she pulled out a chip and handed it to him. "Try one, wasabi flavored, and my favorite. Kind of on the expensive side though, so mom rarely buys them..."

She watched as he quickly popped it into his mouth and chewed vigorously.

Must he do everything angrily?

His expression didn't change from its suspicious-state as he slowly stopped chewing, "hot..."

She smiled slightly, "Well..wasabi is spicy.." She curled up the bag and set it aside, and as her eyes returned to look at Sesshomaru he was right in front of her. Her face turned bright red as she gazed into his eyes. So gorgeous and golden, they drifted towards the purple marks on his cheeks then back towards his eyes, that were staring intensely and deeply into hers. She heard the grass rustle as his hands slithered through it and moved to each side of her. He was now straddling on top of her, his face inches away from her.

She felt him dive into her and press his slightly cool lips against hers. The mixture of his cool tongue gently moved across hers, sent chills up her spine. She felt his hand slowly press against her back, cueing her that she could fall back with his support. She could feel his smirk glide across her lips as they kissed, then her body finally touched the grass beneath them.

She felt his hand slip under her freshly cleaned shirt and gently caresses her side. She could feel her muscles start to tense up, he could feel this too and slowly pulled out of the kiss. She opened her eyes and saw him looking at her, his eyes weren't cold, emotionless, or hard they were almost filled with concern.

"Kagome..." his voice was breathy at this point, she caught a hint of a tremble behind his voice, but she could have been mistaken. "Relax.." He lifted his free hand and gently traced it along the side of her cheek, giving her a comfort that she was safe by him.

But what should he expect; she was assaulted only minutes ago and hours ago again before that. Being this close an intimate..

"I'm..sorry..It's just hard.." Her eyes slowly drifted away from his eyes, she was starting to feel weak again.

He must have sensed it in her voice and her eyes as he slowly got off of her and sat down beside her. "You must get over this feeling, Kagome.."

Kagome slowly sat up and looked over at him, "But.." She watched as his gaze turned toward the skies.

"How do you expect to search this entire land for jewel shards, face thousands of demons, even Naraku..if you cannot trust.." his gaze then shifted towards her, "me.."

"But I do!" Kagome spoke louder than she intended and felt her face begin to blush. She watched all the color finally returned to Sesshomaru's face as he finally took his cold look down a notch. "We will see the strength of your trust.." His eyes narrowed slightly as he looked her over.

Kagome started to feel a little self conscious and pulled her legs in close to her. "What...?"

Sesshomaru ignored her statement and leaned in towards her, "we have all night to take your mind off of it.."

Kagome's eyes grew wide as she stared at him, he had nothing but the look of sin written all over his face. Now, she didn't seem to mind spending a few more nights with this devil.